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  1. Can anyone direct me to a place where I can buy a trak-ball controller for the 5200? Or point me to someone with the technical know-how to fix an old one? Best Electronics used to have them but they're out, and I guess the guy that did repairs has retired. Help! I need a working trak-ball!
  2. This is just one of those games I never play anymore...and would be willing to sell for the right price....but I'm not sure if there's a demand for it or not....
  3. OK, auction closed....thanks for bidding.
  4. Auction will end Wed, May 18th at 2 pm U.S. Central Standard Time if there are no more bids......
  5. The bid for $475 has been withdrawn, as of right now the top bid is the $425 bid.........
  6. The auction will end on Tuesday, May 17th at 12:00 noon U.S. Central Standard Time if there are no more bids......
  7. Hi guys.... I'm putting my copy of Battlesphere up for sale in the Marketplace section of this site. Silent auction style. But I don't want to sell it unless I can get at least what I paid for it. So I've set the minimum opening bid at $300. Just wanted to let everyone know.....
  8. So I've finally decided to put my copy of Battlesphere (original) up for sale, silent auction style. The box shows a little bit of wear and tear, but is in generally good shape if you're one of those hard-core collectors. Manual and cartridge are both like new. I can provide more pictures if requested. I won't sell it for less than I paid for it, so the bid will have to start at $300. Just add your bid to the post below, the auction will end once the bidding stops completely. Good luck. Bidders should also be aware that I will not accept PayPal and will require a check or money order as payment.
  9. The game has no more than 54 levels. Make sure you keep the "Slow Energy Loss" powerup maxed up all the time. It's key.
  10. H'lo all... Just thought I'd let everyone know that there's a copy of Battlesphere on ebay right now....I think there are about 3 days left and the bid right now is around $150-$160
  11. Brian


    Does anyone know if this game ever ends? I kind of enjoy it and have played into it pretty far and it shows no sign of ever ending. Anyone finished it?
  12. Cool, thanks for your help!
  13. Brian


    This game actually does end - it has I think just over 50 levels - 52 or 54 I think. I've beaten it a few times and it is kind of hard. It is key (but not obvious) to buy the SLOW ENERGY LOSS powerup every time. Also, you should always have it maxed out. Most items that you buy between levels work the same way for that one level no matter how many you have in stock. But the SLOW ENERGY LOSS powerup works a little differently. If you have 4 of them, your energy runs out more slowly than if you had say only 2 of them. Hope this makes sense. I found that this made the game a ton easier to get through.
  14. I have an old 4-port 5200 system with a power supply and have one small problem: I CANT FIND WHERE THE POWER SUPPLY PLUGS INTO THE UNIT!!! It's the darndest thing I've ever seen! I can't find where the unit is supposed to be plugged in. I know that on the two-port system, the little power pin/plug is on the back left of the unit (looking at it from the back) Does anyone know what the deal is with the 4-port model and the power supply?
  15. Brian

    Castle Crisis

    Thanks for the feedback! Anyone know where I can buy some paddle controllers for the 5200? I didn't see any at Best Electronics' Website.
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