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  1. HAHAHA! That's not alan wake gameplay. That the birthday party level in the new Hitman. Some people are douchebags. Not directed at original poster but at the uploader of said video to youtube. People kill me. Who gets off like that?
  2. Did some measuring. I have 9" of space behind the 360. Just under 6" to each side and well over a foot of clearance on top. Do I have to devote a whole room to this console? People talk about luck but I think it's just a matter of when your 360 breaks not if. That's not luck. Those who sit there and think "I have never had a problem with mine some people don't know how to take care of things" - your day will come. I just hope mine comes back before Halo 3 is released but I'm doubting that.
  3. I'm not doing anything wrong with my systems. The 360 is in the same spot my PS2 was and my xbox was and my Gamecube was. None of those died. I got my coffin yesterday so I'll drop it off at the UPS store monday and begin waiting again. Also thought it was cool I got a beta invite in my email today for Call of Duty 4. Stinks no console to play it on
  4. I don't plan on upgrading to a "falcon" out of my own pocket. Once the new hardware is available I plan on putting duct tape on the vents and wrapping my 360 in Saran Wrap. Turn it on and place in direct sunlight. Return to Microsoft after death. Repeat as necessary until I receive a "falcon" unit in return. There is a guy on teamxbox forums who does nothing but this with one of his xboxes. I think he's on number 10 or 11 right now.
  5. Well I downloaded the Skate demo and played around a little bit. An hour or so later I tell my wife that I'm going to go to the Mall and pick up Bioshock. I turn on the 360 so my kid can watch the Cars DVD while I'm gone and there it was...three red lights again. Pretty sad when the xbox rep on the phone assumes it's happened before - "So this has happened before you know the drill right". Thank goodness it happened before I got Bioshock. If I had the game in hand and couldn't play it I would go crazy. In all seriousness when is PS3 going to get some good games so I can get rid of this crappy piece of hardware? Luckily I should have my 360 back before Halo3 but after I beat single player I'm thinking of trading my setup in on a PS3. At least the system will turn on for the two games or so I'd like to play. I'm just bummin because I can't play Bioshock. Stupid junky console.
  6. Now that Paramount and Dreamworks are going exclusively to HD-DVD is the format still doomed.
  7. I read that Toys R US broke the date by a week. If I wasn't stuck working I would have ran out an got a copy.
  8. If all you did was run around and hit stuff with the wrench until the demo ended then I'm not surprised you didn't have much fun. I think for the people that take the time to enjoy the stuff in this game it will be fun. Not ground breaking or GOTY material, but a good romp nontheless. Those who play it like Serious Sam will get a Serious Sam like experience. You could probably solve Oblivion in right quick order if all you do is the main quest. It doesn't mean the other 100 hours of material are worthless.
  9. I was a little worried that the combat would be too hard, what with all the different things to do and use. I like the setup with the left and right triggers though. It's pretty easy to get the hang of. Anybody else here digging how they hid the audio diaries all around. I like games where you can take your time and search through the nooks and crannies and find more immersive stuff. It's one of the reasons the elder scrolls games suck me right in.
  10. I was planning on getting this game. After playing the demo I'm positive I'm getting this game. They did a good job on Bioshock.
  11. GoW is actually one of my favorite games. I liked just about everything about it, which is unusual for me. I didn't get all emotional or whatever like some I guess, but the gameplay was great and anytime buckets of blood get strewn about I have fun. Have not yet had a chance to get the sequel but am looking forward to that as well.
  12. But come on Moycon, check out that 7.1 sound. Now I can hear when the actors farted during a scene. Once Blu-Ray masters Surround Smell 5.8 it'll be like we're right there. Gotta watch out for the "Silent but Deadly" ones.
  13. Does this update work with the Jet Set Radio combo pack? WOW. I'm gonna try it out now. That's what I've been waiting for. Good deal on getting morrowind in there too.
  14. According to bungie that there is in game. Nice.
  15. 1. PS3 price drop. I'd like to get one for a Blu-Ray player and for the eventual good exclusive but not at the current price point. 2. Xbox announcing some way to keep downloadable content without being on Live when my system dies the next time. Or just start making ones that don't quit on me. Either way. 3. Somebody makes game for the wii that I actually want to play. No not a party game where 4 people wave wii-motes and drink beer, but an actual game I can sit down and enjoy playing alone. 4. I'd like either Blu-Ray or HD-DVD to die and die quickly. I'm tired of this two format crap. It sucks for retailers. It sucks for customers. I don't care which one it is. As far as my pea brain is concerned they are both close enough to the same thing they might be identical. Just one of them die already. 5. I'd like a MMORPG for the 360. It also has to have no extra fees. I already give $50 a year to play on Live and that's al they are gonna get.
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