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  1. I kind of find it interesting CV doesn't want to discuss it. They've basically been radio silent in that thread after early on they spun it that it's not a partnership, and that it's just Cardillo buying 50 units. Maybe the non-partnership has a non-clause that prevents them from discussing the non-particulars of the non-partnership? Then it came up in the other Phoenix thread and Retrolucid was quick to shut it down by saying they just "bought a couple". Which, in his defense, he's just trying to keep that thread on track. But 50 is just a little more than a couple. It was a pretty weak reply IMO.
  2. I highly doubt Cardillo is paying retail prices, I'm sure he got some kind of volume discount. There is no way he would buy them for retail price, then turn around and sell them for higher than retail. Who would pay more for the same thing?
  3. Well. We are operating off what CV tells us. They say Cardillo bought 50. How do we know? 50 seems like a low number for them to sell. Maybe it's actually 100. Maybe more. CV is not a publicity held Corp. they don't have to tell us so we have no clue. They do operate oddly. Retrolucid/JF tends to pretend to be the face of the company. But when you ask him stuff, 95% of the time he will tell you to contact Toby or Brian directly. Instead of asking them to weigh in on their own. Which you would expect from a company working together. I shouldn't have to seek out others when someone is speaking for them. My 2c. And I'm not anti CV. I bought a Phoenix and several games before the Phoenix from them. I just question their operation and business strategy in general.v
  4. Time will tell. If he's sells a single unit with the firmware and name plates changed to ColecoVision, then CollectorVision is in bed with him. Which is what the press release is implying.
  5. I knew about said thread and so. But I know not everyone follows both.
  6. I'm a fan of the older 1970s Nick. But I'm biased.
  7. Yeah. That makes sense. It's not like I could buy a Chevy and rebrand it a Nick and sell it. Which is why it's BS that CV is trying to claim they aren't in bed with Cardillo. They had to agree to let him rebrand. But they are denying that.
  8. Yup. When he took the trademark at first, it was sketchy. But then suddenly he started cracking down on the community and fan sites. That's when the issues started.
  9. That may be. I fully admit my exact recollection is a bit hazy. It just involved him, his portable, and Ben recreating the logo. Somehow Cardillo capitalized on that.
  10. The best I can summarize it in short is they got Ben Heck to make a portable, then used it to claim the name/trademark, then started attacking fan sites. This was at least 2-3 years ago, but my recollection how it went down.
  11. Well, I'm no lawyer. But buying something, taking the original manufacturers name off and putting yours on is sketchy. Also, read up on the history. Cardillo conned Ben Heck into making a portable ColecoVision, and even recreating the logo so they could go to court and claim the name.
  12. CV didn't start the poll, I did. CV clearly had no problem with the crap Cardillo did. But I did. And most of the community agreed. So they backed down. Now 2 years later, they are back at it. You can read in their sub forum that CV says they aren't in bed with him, they are just selling him 50-some units. But if Cardillo is doing any kind of re-branding (which that press release he did says they are), there is in fact an agreement in place, and it's not just someone buying 50 units. You want to buy 50 units and then sell them on eBay or whatever as is, fine. Not a partnership. You buy 50 and rebrand them with the creator's permission, then it's a partnership.
  13. It sounds like CollectorVision crawled into bed with him too, even thought they claim they aren't. They are selling him a bunch of Phoenixes, and he's going to re-brand them ColecoVision. Further solidifying his illegitimate claim on the ColecoVision brand. CV is saying it's no different than anyone else buying their product and turning around and selling it. But in this case it sounds like they are re-branding it. Which I imagine CV would have had to sign off on. Which is climbing into bed with him.
  14. Eh. Even if it isn't a "partnership" it's still giving Cardillo more undue credit to the Coleco brand. I get you guys want more sales. But this is a terrible way to do it. I was the one who stirred up the crap storm the last time. I'm not going to again. But I feel like this is a slap to the real Coleco community.
  15. What I quoted earlier was actually from the classic gaming discord. There isn't a dedicated Phoenix section there. But occasionally the topic comes up, and occasionally Brian chimes in. I don't think I've seen anything posted to the actual Phoenix discord in several months.
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