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    Got my kit this week and assembled it. Haven't had a chance to try it out yet though. My only suggestion is to include sockets for the ICs (even on the ones you sell assembled). Would only add maybe $1 to the over all cost. Personally, I like to avoid soldered ICs for a couple reasons. But to each their own. Luckily I had exactly 4 sockets on hand for this. Edit: I lied, one more suggestion. Use proper tapered/tapping screws (preferably philips instead of hex) for holding the PCB inside. Starting those machine thread screws was a PITA.
  2. Midwest Gaming Classic is still planning on doing their show in the fall/early Nov (instead of the usual spring slot) this year. Of course that could change as the year goes on depending on vaccine roll out, new strains appearing, vendors willing to show up, etc.
  3. I thought the MegaSg had some issues with some CD games. A timing issue or such. Pretty sure it does for sure with real cd hardware, and I thought it also affected MegaSD (and presumably MedPro). But I stopped following Analogue stuff a while ago, so maybe that's changed. But the way they tend to drop support for older products, I doubt it.
  4. TO has not stopped supporting it. They have multiple products, and one guy who does the firmware. He has been focused on PSX support for MODE lately. But he has a new firmware almost ready for MegaSD. Based on prior comments I believe it will be increased number of save slots for Genesis, some cheat feature, the updated sms fm instruments, rom+cd games will now boot with cd hardware enabled by default, without rquiring a header change, and Sonic Delta fixes. He has SMS saves working. But he was having some issue with restoring them. Also, pretty sure there is some hardware incompatibility with some consoles where sms saves won't work. I think model 1 and MegaSg will, but model 2 won't. Or something like that. It might be in game menu for sms though, not save states. So don't quote me on that though. But there is some hardware issue.
  5. I thought you posted in the Dead Tomb thread that the cart did not work in your F18A console and only your Phoenix? So how could the ROM work in a flash cart on a F18A console? edit: Thanks for the breakdown on the roms, BTW
  6. Looks like Fred has more ready to go. I reserved a copy on 12/13. Just got my order link over night. Now I need to remember where I put that pokey I bought like 4 years ago...
  7. Wasn't the CV core also being rewritten to address some issues with some TVs as well? I think it had something to do with a timing issue. And I thought the hope was to have it done this past fall.
  8. I'm in the air on re-upping after 2 years personally. The rom vault is more or less very stagnant after being in the club for two years (even after one, really). So there is little value there in re-upping. A discount to previous members would be nice, as the perceived value drops after the first year you get access to the vault. Also, we used to get a $10 discount I think on A CV purchase. I didn't see that mentioned this year, unless I missed it. Which is entirely possible. But it's not listed as a benefit on the order page. But that decreases the club value even more if that's gone. It would also be nice if we didn't use that benefit on a physical cart purchase to use it towards next years club (as per my previous complaint). The 2019 game was iffy at best. The 2020 game was very good though. Who knows what the 2021 game will bring. I also somewhat have an issue with CV's support model here. Retrolucid heavily promotes the club here on AA. But any time you have a question or issue he tells you to deal with Toby directly. If he is promoting it, he should also be able to speak to it without having to make you message someone else. Or at least he can tell Toby to proactively reply here. The onus shouldn't be on the consumer to track down Toby outside of this thread to get answers.
  9. Mine is in USPS limbo for a couple days now according to informed delivery. But looking forward to it. Eventually.
  10. Yes, C201 is a 4.7uf electrolytic. You installed a .1uf film cap in its place. You will need to replace it with a proper capacitor. As for the trace repair, I can't say for 100% without having it in front of me. You can also take a look at the schematic in the service manual (it has 2 schematics for 6sw switchboards - channel 3 only and channel 2/3 switchable) and use a DMM to make sure the cap lead has continuity to the other components it should.
  11. Those are film caps. Film caps do not have polarity the way electrolytic capacitors do. You can't install them backwards. Only certain caps are known to frequently go bad on these units. The one in the 3rd picture is not known to have issues often, if ever.
  12. I am not an EE, but I'm fairly certain swapping 5v leads will not work in this case to get you a usable -5v. The ram chips are going to want that -5v in reference to the ground pin on the chip. And that ground pin has to be common to all voltages going in to the chip. If the chip had a separate ground pin for -5, this might work. But since it's common to +5 and +12 as well, I don't see how that will work.
  13. If it's not powering up, first thing to do is check that the power switch is actually working. They are known to get dirty and fail. The vectrex is a double pole switch that switches the two wires from the secondary side of the transformer. Which is around 18vac I think, I don't recall exactly off hand. Which means the 120vac is always live to the transformer, and 18vac is always live to the switch. The switch then controls the 18vac to the vertical power board. In the lower corner of the vertical power board you should have 3 wires soldered on coming in from the bottom of the vectrex (red, white, red). The reds are the outer ends of the winding, and the white is the center tap in the middle of the winding. So if you switch it on and measure red to red, you should see the full 18vac. If you measure from each red to white, you will see half the voltage, around 9vac. If voltage looks good at those wires, your problem lies somewhere else in the circuit. If you don't have the voltage there, then trace the red wires back to the switch. Check the Two red wires on the other side of the switch. If you have the 18vac on the other side of the switch, you need to clean/repair your switch. If you don't, then the issue is your transformer, or maybe the fuse.
  14. If you are looking for a new rechargeable battery pack, laser bear is working one. But apparently you have to supply your own lithium cells. https://laserbear.net/shop/ols/products/sega-nomad-18650-lithium-battery-pack Here is a video of one of his prototypes from about a month ago. https://mobile.twitter.com/collingall/status/1308049069370204162
  15. Plug with pigtail: https://console5.com/store/dc-pigtail-plug-cord-for-atari-5200-intv-ii-tg16-cd-dock-twin-famicom-dc.html Plug only: https://console5.com/store/turbografx-16-cdrom-dock-power-connector.html
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