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  1. I see the AtariVox+ is back in stock now. Have the issues been worked out of it? I thought the plan was not to produce more until they were.
  2. Is the unit recognizing the lid is closed? I think the bios screen says something along the lines of "checking disc" when you close the lid as it spins up the disc. If that isn't happening, then it could be the lid switch not closing/making contact. They use a switch which is two metal tabs in a tallish clear plastic tube. When the lid closes, it flexes the plastic tube causing the two metal contacts to touch and then spin up the drive. I've had to *carefully* adjust/rebend these types of switches in the past as they tend to bend out of shape over time. I've also put a few layers of electrical tape on the tube to make it make contact sooner when it's out of shape. The CD laser head has a similar switch to tell it when it reaches the travel limit. If the switch doesn't close in that case, you'll hear the gears grind something fierce as it tries to move the laser past the limit. I cringe every time that happens.
  3. I was afraid I was the only one who thought this. I was excited when I saw the game. Less so after playing it.
  4. I believe Saint said on Twitter at some point that he was rebranding his products just to avoid any potential legal issues from using the SD trademark/name incase the SD Association gets sue happy. He may have also mentioned it in some other thread here too, not sure off the top of my head.
  5. Not if you were used to playing the original version with SAC. It became second nature once you played it a few times. Like I said, ideally you could select when starting the game if you wanted to play SAC or SCE style. And if there is a way to also include a spinner of some kind on port 2, great.
  6. That's a bit disappointing. While they may be considered unreliable, I don't think they are that unreliable. I still have my childhood SACs. A quick spray or two of Deoxit in the buttons probably 5 or 6 years ago and they were working as good as new. And I had to do the same thing to pretty much all my standard controllers too. it would have been nice if it was at least an option to use either or controller.
  7. Current cores are in the 1st post of the thread. Whether they are newer than what you have is unknown, since there appears to be no versioning based on the file names. All you can do is check the version you have now, install the new core, and check the version to see if it changed. Or you could probably do a checksum on your existing core and the new one to see if it's a different file. and if it is, then update and check the version.
  8. I see someone logged an issue on github about the reset button generating random noise and screen artifacts when pressing it. I agree that should be at a minimum quiet, and preferably a plain black screen. But I'd be happy if at least the noise was suppressed. I was going to bring that up, along with one other minor annoyance. When the unit boots to the blue Phoenix screen, and then again the red Phoenix screen or SD menu, there is a 1 second beeping noise. It would be nice if that were suppressed either permanently or via an option. And slightly related, what is the little green rectangle I see sometimes in the upper left hand part of these screens? Looks like there maybe some kind of text or something there that I can't quite make out.
  9. The only available cores right now are Coleco and 2600.
  10. Might be a long shot, but for those of you with symptoms of the power backfeed, try turning HDMI CEC off on your tv. Some manufacturers have their own name for it, like I think Samsung calls it Anynet or something like that.
  11. Along with Ikrananka's suggestion of including a changelog with the cores, could we get a known issues list of things that are being worked on? Could deflect some error reports of things already being worked on. An organized list of planned new features would be nice too, instead of being spread out over multiple posts in a thread.
  12. I flashed the june 2019 version on my cart early this morning. The reset on the cart works maybe 1 out of 5 times since it's been updated. It's been a while since I used it on real HW, I don't recall if it was as finicky. And my console isn't readily accessible at the moment to test with. Sort of a moot point since the Phoenix already replicated the function of the ultimate SD. Just mentioned it in the event it possibly points to something not quite accurate in the Phoenix. But it could be fine and it's just as finicky on real HW.
  13. Interesting. I'm still using the shipping firmware (rc7 I believe) for now with no sound issues that I have run across yet.
  14. I do have the Mappy rom, and it does play music both from the SD slot and my Ultimate SD cart.
  15. If he released it in one of his Christmas posts, then I probably do. I'll check tomorrow. Honestly I don't get the hatred for the original Coleco controllers. They have their pros and cons, like any controller. But they aren't as bad as some people make them out to be.
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