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  1. The MSG seems to follow the timing of the affected model 2 units more than a model 1, so you probably will have issues through the expansion port until the timing fixes are done.
  2. Supposedly he released some statement that he's working on porting this to Switch. And still promising delivery to everyone who ordered the original cartridge a copy. I saw a copy of it back then, but don't recall the exact details. A couple weeks ago TerraOnion publicly offered to work with him so he could sell digital copies that would be locked to a single MegaSD flash cart. A couple days later he went on a crazy tirade of tweets not only shooting that proposal down, but also seemed to sour many people in the community. The guy is clearly unhinged.
  3. Msdexp use of the MegaSD is hit or miss on model 2 units right now. Model 2 Va4's seem to work ok, but va1.8, 2, and 2.3 can have issues. There is some timing issues depending on which ASIC is in the unit. Model 1s all seem to be ok as well. They are working on the model 2 issue, but haven't found the magic bullet yet. Unfortunately Sega bodged and modified the Genesis hardware a ton, and no one really knows what actually changed in the way things worked.
  4. The 2600 just outputs RF. Feed the RF into the antenna in jack on the VCR and the output RF/composite from the vcr to your TV. Then tune the vcr to channel 3 or whatever the console is set to. Then press record. I don't see why this wouldn't work?
  5. If you don't want to desolder or don't have the tools to do so, I've come up with an alternate method that works pretty good. I take some card stock and cutting it into thin strips to fit under the tabs, spraying Deoxit under those tabs, putting the strip under the tab, push down in the tab with my finger, and pull the strip out. Keep repeating the process till no more black marks appear on the strips on both sides. Card stock is thick enough that it doesn't tear easily when wet. And the paper fibers act like an extremely mild abrasive for helping mechanically clean the contacts along with the deoxit.
  6. I'm 99% sure that power supply is sold by the resident wall of text poster and sd wafer/SGM scalper.
  7. Retro Access makes high quality cables. But they generally have a large backlog, and only accept new orders for like an hour once every like 3 months. Keep an eye on their Twitter account for a heads up when the next order window is. Last one was end of May. I can't say for sure this will work with that specific monitor. But these are the cables. Model 1 cable: https://retro-access.com/collections/video-games-consoles-video-game-accessories-cables-adapters/products/genesis-1-bnc-and-rca-cable-pro-coaxial-multicore-for-pvm-monitor-and-extron model 2 cable: https://retro-access.com/collections/frontpage/products/genesis-2-bnc-and-rca-cable-pro-coaxial-multicore-for-pvm-monitor-and-extron
  8. Curious, which revision manual talked about adding zeners to the switches? I've only seen the tech tip that talks about adding the zeners to the joystick ports on 6 switchers to protect the 4050 hex buffer chips that are not present on 4 switch units. And they recommended the foil strips for both 4 and 6 switches. But I've never seen a recommendation to add zeners to any switches on either model.
  9. I got a //c for Christmas of '84 when I was around 6 or so. The teachers my family knew recommended the Apple II line. And they probably went with the //c since it was basically an all in one solution. Plus it was shiny and new back then. By the time we started having computer classes in school (my district was all Apple II and eventually Mac until probably the mid 90s), I was irritating our computer instructor because I knew as much (maybe more) than her due to all of the time I spent on it. I'd finish her assignments in lightning speed and always knew the answers to her questions off the top of my head before anyone else could answer. Fast forward 30 or so years, and I finally picked up a IIgs that I always wanted back in the day. But my childhood //c is still my go to for nostalgia reasons. I also picked up a ColorMonitor IIc last year. I had always wanted one. To fill the void back in the day, I frequently used the RF adapter and an old color tv next to my //c growing up. But there is something to be said for that 9" green screen.
  10. As this isn't listed on the FP with a change log, what changed in 8?
  11. Looks like it says "new sync 4/29/84 E8FA"
  12. The //c+ has a different psu for sure. They dropped the external brick with the linear transformer and rectification diodes and ran the mains directly into the //c+.
  13. I just got this kit myself. If my el-cheapo DMM is to be trusted, the one marked AS76 came in at 50uF, so it's the 47. The other one rang in right at 10uF.
  14. How well does this work with the roller controller? That would make it feel a little more like the original.
  15. As originally mentioned, I'm willing to buy the whole set of 4 and 2 port boards. And I will gladly reverse engineer and publish the results for the community, for both the 4 and 2 port boards. I have no problem if needed to desolder the jacks of boards I own to make sure they can be reproduced going forward. And I'd be lying if I didn't want to add the boards to my collection. But I'm also willing to sacrifice them (although I have the proper tools to desolder them so it shouldn't be an issue) to make sure the info is published for others.
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