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  1. Not sure if you are aware, but there is a slightly less intrusive option for using the floppy emu on a //c. You still have to open it up and plug in a small board with 2 wires out the back. But it allows you to switch which drive is 1 and which is 2 without having to keep opening it up. https://www.bigmessowires.com/shop/product/internal-external-drive-switcher-for-apple-iic/
  2. You won't "receive" it. They just added it to the 2019 vault link. So you have to go get it yourself. If you don't have your link anymore, contact CollectorVision.
  3. For the price of getting your system modded, you'll probably be at least half way (if not more) to the cost of the MegaSD. And the MegaSD won't die on you any time soon like a mechanical CD drive will. Plus it takes up a lot less space and only needs one power brick. But in the end - your money, your call. At least check into before you dive into modding your SegaCD. If your SegaCD is CIB from a collectors standpoint, keeping it stock might keep the value better than if it's modded. But value is a whole other discussion along with how mods affect value. Just my 2c.
  4. Opinions on games to play/collect will vary depending on who you ask, and nostalgia from people who owned the games, no matter how bad they are. It's easy enough to google "best sega cd games" and get a bunch of different Top xx SegaCD Game lists. If you want to play imports, you'll have to replace the bios chip with a multi region chip. Which is not necessarily a task for novice soldering skills or those who lack the proper tools. If you are really interested in playing imports, get your self a MegaSD. It's a lot easier than messing around with swapping your bios out.
  5. You say you thoroughly cleaned the cart, and "deep cleaned" the system. But you didn't say if you cleaned the cart slot. If not, make sure you do. My go to method for that is to take an old credit/debit/gift card cut to size and wrap a nice thick piece of paper around the edge, cut to the same width. I personally prefer to use card stock. Be wary of "economy" printer paper that may be really thin and tear easily. Then soak the paper in some IPA (not the beer and higher the alcohol %, the better) and insert and remove the card/paper combo over and over until it starts coming out clean, replacing the paper as needed. Also make sure you hit all the pins if the connector is wider than the card you are using. This method has done wonders on systems before. As for the plastic power switch, you won't find a replacement without cannibalizing another unit. Next best hope would be to get someone to recreate and 3d print one. I don't actually own one or know exactly what it looks like, so I'm just assuming it's some plastic piece that you are missing.
  6. That's due to Mattel deciding to switch the secondary on the transformer instead of the primary. So AC is constantly flowing in the transformer wasting a small amount of electricity which is turned into heat. Probably for cost reasons. A 16v rated switch is smaller and cheaper that one rated for 110 or 220 depending on your country. For safety and longevity it's best to switch the primary (preferably the hot side if the cord is polarized). Next best thing is what you said, unplug it. Most consoles of that era had the wall warts that would also get warm. Unplugging then was the only option. My parents always made sure we unplugged them when not in use.
  7. You generally can't use automatic switching RF switches with anything pre NES/SMS. These switches rely on seeing a small voltage signal on the RF line from the console to trigger the switch. Older consoles like Intv, Coleco, 2600, etc. don't output that voltage on the RF line. So the switch doesn't operate correctly. With the older systems you are better off picking up the appropriate adapter to connect the RF cable from the console directly to the the antenna connector on the TV.
  8. That's my preferred method as well. Just don't use some kind of economy printer paper that is too thin and could tear when wet and you have to clean it out of the slot. I picked up some 65lb paper/card stock for something many years ago and have a lot left. That has been my go to for this kind of cleaning. It also feels a little more coarse than regular paper, so in my mind it cleans a little better.
  9. Most likely you are using a cheap/incorrect patch cable between the Genny and 32x that has the 5v pins connected on both ends, causing the power to be back fed.
  10. I don't think Mobius has them in stock anymore, unfortunately. If you have the composit mod, you can use the retrotink 2x along with the ossc, though. Looks pretty good in my setup. He's working on a new revision to the boards. So I doubt he will restock the old ones any time soon. But he's been doing that for quite a while now. And the last time I even saw him mention the revision was back in Oct.
  11. That would be a question for Steve. I noticed his cart also had an issue with the Pixelboy Ghostbusters rom recently released, even though the Phoenix plays it fine. Was going to try and reach out to him, but haven't yet. Mostly because I know he's a hard guy to get a hold of. But maybe now it's worth it considering it's more than one issue to look at.
  12. I feel like kiosks are falling by the wayside. I'm trying to recall the last kiosk I saw. Maybe a Wii? I certainly don't recall any PS4 or XB1 kiosks around me. Demos running on a loop on a tv, for sure when the consoles were new. But not playable kiosks. And I live in a suburb of a fairly large metropolitan area. So it's not like I live in Hooterville.
  13. I believe those switches are sealed in nitrogen to prevent corrosion. Do you see any cracks in the glass that may have allowed air to replace it causing it to corrode?
  14. And now the email came in. 51 minutes late. Guess my email provider fell asleep. Good thing this wasn't something super critical or rare that sold out right away.
  15. Thanks to a couple of you who reached out. I was able to put a deposit down. Still odd I've been getting all the other emails the entire time. They are all in my inbox too, they never hit the junk folder.
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