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  1. I agree with you. But I would like to take it one step further. We should all take a stand to protect kids. Its getting so hard to keep kids away from things they shouldnt see. Even cartoon channels now cant be trusted. You cant hand a child a device you think is safe anymore. All my kids are grown now but we are also foster parents and some of the things these kids have seen and experienced is terrible. Yes its the parents fault but it takes a long time to repair the damage. It would be nice for us parents to not have to constantly monitor everything.
  2. I’d say most gamers are not over 18. When I play call of duty everyone is about 10. Sony taking a stand that benefits kids is their choice. Don’t like it don’t buy their stuff. Simple. Of course I’m probably in the minority here. I believe in God and try to lead a life that reflects that. Watching naked cartoon characters just isn’t something I care about. It doesn’t make the story any better to show women naked so what’s the point? To make sure that the pervs are protected?
  3. I think it's good. Kids are exposed to too much already
  4. Donkey Kong, Defender, Asteroids. And that was the order they sat in the convenient store I lived near.
  5. Looks like a Quickshot/Competition Pro knock off from China. There are a lot of unknown brand sticks floating around. 15pin is for an old IBM clone and I think enhanced ports from some Atari PC's?. This might help. http://www.epanorama.net/documents/joystick/tvgames.html After looking a little further, it looks like a blaster, made by some company named Leader in Italy? One sold on an auction site and looks identical.... Here is the picture.. Here is the sale...scroll down a little bit. http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?90652-Selling-8-joysticks
  6. Not sure where CL ads go, but I was browsing today and came across this. If this is inappropriate you are welcome to delete it. This person is about 40 miles from me. https://nwga.craigslist.org/vgm/d/biggest-vintage-and-other/6343197890.html
  7. What are you looking for? I have a lot of stuff that Im trying to get out of the attic and sell off. Im not far from you either. Ill make you a good deal on the whole thing.
  8. My PS3 with PS2 backward compatibility is very loud. The fan runs on high almost always. Drives me nuts. I guess that is what killed most of them.
  9. Sorry this is going so slow, but I stay extremely busy. I will try to do better. This is just a small bit of stuff that I was actually able to dig out. My daughter has the basement so full that I can hardly get to my stuff. 7800 games boxed: 2600 Boxed: Virtual Boys(need work): R.O.B the robot(probably needs work): Atari Force Comics: FFXI never played. I have the HDD inside my PS2. Didnt use it either:
  10. haha.....well the attic filled up quick when we moved in. Plus, the attic doesn't seem like the best place to store vintage electronics. The new bedroom will be for my daughters baby. I still love video games, but we moved out in the country to a smaller house that just doesn't allow for displaying all of my stuff. These days I just want to grab the controller and play......without making a trip to the attic to find the system and cartridge. I know emulation doesnt get me 100% replacement, but its getting close.
  11. I got sick over the weekend, plus had to wire my a bedroom my son in law is building so I wasn't able to do much with my stuff. Luckily though, I found that a lot of my systems are in the basement beside the room being built. So maybe it will be a little easier to get pictures of.
  12. Game boy is one of the things I don't have. Well, I do but it's crappy looking. The protective cover is off the screen and the old glue looks awful. Probably doesn't work. It was my brothers when he was a kid. It's scratched all up too. The dream cast works fine. I know I have crazy taxi. Shen mu I believe. And a jet game or two. A couple of things I know I forgot is an N64, Nintendo ds, and a psp 1000 running emulators. The last two I will probably hang on to. They are mint complete in box.
  13. Yep....got it. Let me get this stuff unpacked and get a few pictures. I will keep everyone in mind in order of who contacted me. I just dont want to get too overwhelmed as I work a lot. The other problem is where to put this stuff once I get it out of the attic. When we moved, we sort of downsized. I will get it worked out.
  14. As I said, I have games for all systems. It just isn't as easy to remember the individual games. I will get a picture of some of it when I get it out of the attic. This was just to give an idea of what type of stuff I have. For NES, I know I have common games such as: rad racer zelda super mario bros metroid etc...... I just didnt see any point in trying to remember those. Sega was never my number 1 system so I dont have much for those. But I still have a few for them. And you are right. It might be better for me to make small lots. I dont really know how to price a lot of this stuff. I am not a hardcore collector, so some of my stuff may not be desirable to real collectors. One of the NES systems I bought when I was 14. It was the deluxe version with ROB. I kept it clean, but I played the crap out of it so it endured a lot. Then life happened and it got stored in less than ideal conditions so the box got destroyed. ROB started to yellow, as did the console. I started collecting old cameras several years ago, and now they are in storage also. Sucks to admit that life doesn't always allow for collections of child hood memories.
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