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  1. Hey all. I know most everybody here already knows how awesome Best Electronics is but I just wanted to plug them and tell about my recent experience. I put in an order for some parts for several bad 5200 joysticks last week. They made a small mistake on the order that was easily corrected but ended up delaying my order a couple days. It wasn't really a big deal. So imagine my surprise when I opened up my package and they had doubled my order as a way to make up for it! These guys are really the definition of "professionalism" and have won me as a customer for life. Anyway, I felt like I at least owed them 5 minutes of my time to tell others about them.
  2. Great buyer. Bought some 2600 games. Paid fast and communicated well.
  3. Bought a box of games from me. He made it very easy for me, paid instantly, and kept me informed. Thank you very much!
  4. Purchased a VCS game and everything went smoothly. Pays fast and communicates well. Thank you very much!
  5. SOLD DK Red Venture Red Fun With Numbers Double Dragon x 2 Cosmic Corridor Superman (Telegames) Dishaster Ghost Manor Cosmic Swarm BMX x 1 Concentration (picture label) Smurf x 1 Commando x 1
  6. Let me know what you want and what you will offer. The catalogs aren't worth a whole lot so please buy a few or mix and match with other stuff. The heavy sixer manuals are rev B and C.
  7. Going through all the carts and organizing them. I will go through and price them at some point but I wanted to get them up and let people make offers on the good stuff. Nothing extremely rare, a few 5's and 6's but mostly commons. I would like to get $1 apiece for the commons and 60-70% retail for the others. This is about 80% of the loose 2600 carts I have. I have a few bins here and there but most of them are repeats of what you see. But if you are looking for something in particular just shoot me a msg and I can check. It's really no trouble.
  8. I have a sealed Asteroids if you are interested. Top and bottom flaps have collapsed.
  9. I snapped a couple pics of games people have been asking about to show they work. Pardon the mess. The Tandyvision is also available if anyone is interested.
  10. Yes, I tested every one. I can post pictures if needed.
  11. adding asking price Beamrider- $10 Dreadnaught Factor- $8 Worm Whomper- $35 Diner- $30 Dig Dug- $30 Thin Ice- $12 Body Slam- SOLD Chip Shot- $9 Slam Dunk- $20 Buzz Bomber(s)- $3 Popeye- $10 Zaxxon CBS- Make offer River Raid- $20 Centipede- $6 Pac-Man- $15 Defender- $10 Triple Challenge- $30 Mountain Madness- $35 Super Pro Decathlon- $13 He Man- $5 Kool Aid Man- $8 Swords and Serpents- $2 Learning Fun I- SOLD Learning Fun II- SOLD Commando- $25 Hover Force- $15 Tower of Doom- $20 DK Jr- $8 Stadium Mug Buggies- SOLD Thunder Castle- $15 Slap Shot- $15 Pole Position- $10 Spiker- SOLD
  12. I guess I should add that if you see anything that you can't live without, shoot me a PM. I will pretty much take the 1st reasonable offer.
  13. Thanks for the replies and PM's. I think I will break this lot up. I don't have all the manuals but I'm still going through boxes. Unfortunately the missing manuals appear to be on the most coveted titles.
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