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  1. The linked VDP routine is just a blwp into the ROM routines. The actual code is: LI R0,xxxx LI R1,yyyy LI R2,zzzz BLWP >wwww B *R11 Then each subroutine, patches this code! 🙂 With particular values for x,y,z and w suitable for VMBW,VMBR,PEEKV and POOKV. Then there is simple test case: Line 30: fill screen memory with a pattern. Line 40: Use VMBR to copy 768 VDP bytes into console expansion memory at 9478. Line 60: fill screen with a different pattern. Line 70: Use VMBW to copy the screen into offset 10246. Loop 80-90: Copy the two saved screens into the VDP memory using vmbw, flipping back and forth. The flip is quick, since the ROM routine is pretty quick, at least in comparison to the basic CALL VMBW, which is sloooow, and of course the LOADS to patch the code takes time as well as the actual LINK call. But I have forgotten why I do a CALL POKEV(-30971,0) maybe I set some color?
  2. In 1988 I wrote a CALL LOAD/LINK implementations of VMBW, VMBR,POKEV and PEEKV for normal Extended Basic + Memory expansion. You can read the X-basic program on page 9 in this pdf: http://nivelleringslikaren.eu/nittinian/nittinian_1988_nr3.pdf
  3. Here you can find plain and extended basic games in bin files format, suitable for uploading into the editor directly: http://nivelleringslikaren.eu/nittinian/Spel/index.html
  4. Hi Nateo! As Acadiel said, you can try my web page from a computer: http://nivelleringslikaren.eu/ti994a_basic/ Just press "Play Tape" and OLD CS1 on the TI. (Firefox or Chrome works) A Computer might be able to raise the volume higher than your phone. When the volume is enough, the beeps through the TV speaker when starting the TI should sound approx the same volume as the tape sounds through the TV speaker. You can find basic programs in TIFILES format that you upload into the webpage and then send to the TI through the audio cable. If you find a disk with basic programs you can extract the TIFILE from the disk image using for example the mame tool "imgtool".
  5. That is nice! What tech do you use to get them side by side on the same display?
  6. When I did my first programming course at university 1992, I did this in an interesting way. The assignment was to extend an Eliza program written in Scheme (lisp dialect) and I accidently pasted parts of the source code at the running prompt. To that the program responded: Maybe in our fantasy we quote each other?
  7. Ah, this is indeed very interesting!
  8. Swedish ad from 28 nov 1982. The price was 2995 SEK inc tax for the console only, I think. 6SEK~=1USD in that year so 500$
  9. I can't find them on whtech yet. Did someone upload them?
  10. I fixed the link to 1991-3 and made sure 1979-3&4 is there as well. I scanned 1983-1989, apersson850 (Atariage member), Jan Alexandersson and Claes Schibler scanned the rest. Whew, a lot of pages. Apersson850, Jan and Claes were also long time contributors/editors to this magazine. Will they be available here: ftp://ftp.whtech.com/magazines/Programbiten ? You can actually play some of the games published in the magazine, if you follow the game links from the list of contents, you get here: http://nivelleringslikaren.eu/nittinian/Spel/ I put a slightly modified js99er behind a picture of an old TV that I have. It autoloads the basic program.
  11. The archive http://nivelleringslikaren.eu/nittinianis now complete. I would love to see all the Programbiten/Nittinian magazines archived at the whtech ftp as well. Can someone help?
  12. If you have a wav file that you can post here, I would like to try to convert it.
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