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  1. Hi. I'll add "custom drive numbers" to my TODO list. I'm afraid it will have to stay limited to 6 disks only, but I'll try to make it a bit more configurable W.
  2. I sync AspeQt's mounted folder between my laptop and mobile phone with syncthing: https://syncthing.net/ It's free and it can be used within local network only without any external servers involved.
  3. Sorry for my lame question, but keyboard in my favourite 600XL looks similar: Are the mylars in 800XL and 600XL (of this type) the same? My keyboard is still working fine but I love this 600XL and I'd buy a spare mylar just in case.
  4. Is dragging and dropping really complicated?: www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8x3E0V3brQ&feature=youtu.be&t=1m34s (sorry, I don't have better video at the moment). The same can be done on a PC and a session file with all slots already configured will make it easier for multi-disk games/programs. Cheers, W.
  5. Sure. I could try to come up with a pull request, but a nicer animation would be a good thing to start with, and it's not that simple eg. CA12 with animated tape and counter (it was my initial idea, but couldn't find anything suitable other than animated tape).
  6. Hehe, good question . I've to admit: sometimes I do not care for details that much (I'm a mechanical engineer working in a field where small mistakes don't kill people usually) and the animation was made originally by Michael Bozgounov, I only borrowed it, but i'll reverse it, eventually Cheers, W.
  7. I did such thing in AspeQt for Android: https://github.com/greblus/aspeqt/blob/android/tape.gif QMovie usage is quite straightfoward: QMovie *movie = NULL; ... movie = new QMovie(":images/tape.gif"); ui->tape_label->setMovie(movie); ui->tape_label->setAlignment(Qt::AlignCenter); movie->start(); movie->setPaused(true); ... movie->setPaused(false); //starts the movie W.
  8. Hi. Are you using latest version? When you go to higher dir ".." a few times it'll finally go back to /storage/emulated/0. That's how it works on my LG with Android 6.0. W.
  9. Hi again Castudillo. Could you please check this version of AspeQt on your Android device: https://github.com/greblus/aspeqt/blob/7edc2d76f71b326145a83233c6a8c3e1dedabbb0/android/apk/aspeqt.apk?raw=true Please set DSR handshake (or other, depending on how you attached command line) and try to increase the speed as much as you can (on my tablet I reached HSIndex 0, on my mobile HSIndex 4). It's just an experiment i did today with d2xx library from FTDI. Hope it'll work for you any better. Unfortunately SOFT handshake = 19200bps only. Cheers, W.
  10. Hi Castudillo. Most likely it's due to incompatibility of the USB Host mode in your Android device. If USB Host mode is working it'll work possibly even faster with SOFT handshake (command frame is not detected by the state of command line, but it's found by the software). The only thing I can advice is to try on another Android device. I know that it's frustrating, but USB functionality is sometimes limited by vendors (maybe to protect the hardware, business model or simply by ignorance) even despite various OTG diagnostics apps claiming that it's supported. Sadly for us, typical Android users need USB only to connect a pendrive or some other type of external flash memory. Cheers, W.
  11. Unfortunately it's not a mouse emulation (tried it with Klony 2010). W.
  12. No, it's on 600xl. See how it misbehaves when mode led is off: https://youtu.be/vFTZtYSN8bI Wysłane z mojego LG-K220 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  13. No. By default it comes pre-configured for the Amiga computer. So I followed the users manual and connected USB mouse first to change configuration: ATARI ST/TT/FALCON 1) Turn off ATARI and connect adapter with usb mouse to Port 1. 2) Turn power on and after 1 sec. (try not less not more) press and hold LEFT mouse button. 3) Next quickly press 5-6 times RIGHT mouse button. 4) After that LED should off for a second and the fastly blinks 2 times. 5) Release holded button. 6) Power off and then on ATARI again. I also noticed that it works correctly after pressing mode button on the pad (pad will remember this setting later on). And BTW it's likely that I'm wrong and the above was not necessary at all. The manual (even in polish) seems unclear and a bit confusing
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