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  1. The in-app purchases can be spread over days, weeks, or months too so that nickel and dimeing doesn't seem so bad to the average user I suspect vs. the big lump sum of $60 or whatever for your average AAA title. "Well it's only 99 cents for this doodad! that's not bad!" times 50 or 60 over the course of 3 months. I totally get why they have it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. It definitely is killing a lot of modern gaming for sure. I was bemused when I watched my friend playing the latest ass-assins creed, which added microtransactions. booooo. I hope the new elder scrolls game doesn't turn into a microtransaction crapfest but I bet it will.
  2. I am guessing for the $5-10 per game, there won't be enough development budget per title to make them really long and in depth like the original EWJ titles were. So a collection of the EWJ style minigames might be what it ends up being. The development budget is what's going to dictate the kind of games we'll see on the system. Only so much game can be created with the budget.
  3. Yeah... Android IS Linux though which is the funny thing 🙂
  4. Has there been any theories on the exact SOC that is going to be used on the Amico? I have a few theories and figured I might as well post 'em. My first guess is the Allwinner A83T. This appears to be an extremely close fit to the information released so far: * 2GB Maximum RAM * 1.8MHz, 8 CPU cores * Raw NAND flash support (for the 16GB of onboard flash) * Ethernet, Wifi, USB * HDMI port * Can run Android/Linux The A83T is available on the "Banana Pi" board which is an obvious take on the "Raspberry Pi". Banana Pi: http://www.banana-pi.org/m3.html Quickie data sheet with some basic specs and such: https://github.com/allwinner-zh/documents/blob/master/A83T/A83T_Datasheet_v1.3_20150510.pdf Info on the included GPU: https://www.imgtec.com/blog/the-powervr-sgx544mp-a-modern-gpu-for-todays-leading-platforms/ The second guess is the Qualcomm SDM450. It isn't as close of a fit but still fairly similar. * Maximum RAM is not specified * 1.8MHz, 8 CPU cores * Ethernet, Wifi, USB * Not sure if it has HDMI * Can run Android/Linux This one is really designed for cell phones and tablets, so it has things like a cellular radio that the Amico most likely won't use. Qualcomm's page on it: https://www.qualcomm.com/products/snapdragon-450-mobile-platform So I'm leaning towards the A83T, especially since the dev team could just use that Banana Pi dev board as their base and plug everything they require into it. That'd make development a snap. The Banana Pi board costs $59.99 on amazon. Throw on a USB hub for the multiple devices they want to include (multiple USB ports, RFID), and the board has everything else the Amico requires by the looks of it- HDMI out, ethernet, wifi and bluetooth. It also has 8GB of NAND flash (the Amico will have 16GB but this is an easy upgrade when transitioning to final hardware), The 2GB of RAM is already on the board as well. It's almost a tailor-made Amico board as-is. There's some general purpose IO and probably I^2C/SPI which would be quite easy to connect to the RGB LEDs on the base unit. It comes running Android by the looks of it, and going by the Night Stalker video, they are running the games on Android (you can see the Android buttons pop up at the end on the screen at the bottom). They could be running it stock just to get development rolling. It will be interesting to look back on this when hardware info is eventually released.
  5. it's interlaced like the genesis does it, with the same timing
  6. yeah the DAC doesn't care what powers it, so long as it's 5V. It does not have to have anything connected to USB out- that is there so you can daisy chain power off one adapter and not need two.
  7. The DAC uses non-standard HDMI signaling so the switch probably doesn't like it.
  8. As it ships, the adapter needs some parts added to use the RF input and/or get audio out of the tuner. These were not added since the tuner isn't officially supported. The composite video input WILL work though on the adapter as it ships. I used a dual RCA to 1/8" stereo cable to feed the audio/video into the tuner, and plugged it straight into my NES. For audio, a few resistors/caps and an op-amp are required. This matches the high impedance output of the tuner to the low impedance input of the Genesis. For RF use, a boost regulator is required; this boosts the 5V up to around 35V(!) to run the tuner. Later I will post a list of the required parts for each.
  9. Getting it done! That's so far the biggest thing I think. Getting it to the finish line is pretty difficult I think. Production requires money and connections though, which could be considered difficult also. But if you have a finished product ready to go and can demonstrate such, getting funding is a lot easier. It is relatively easy to get 90% of the way done, that last 10% is the killer.
  10. I have never been to convention, so nope probably not met. Yeah I understand that there are differences. Thanks for the kind words! The Pocket will run genesis and SNES cores, so it can play those things, along with the gb/gbc/gba functionality. We are allowing homebrew cores for it, so anything is possible.
  11. the tuner has an ADC. It outputs data in the format the LCD on the GG takes, which is... terrible. It is actually checkerboard interlaced. I played megaman 2 on the tuner and it was... rough. looool. But it's in there. So you could play skyrim on the mega sg in 160*144 pixel glory (or gory).
  12. I purposely didn't mention what I do because I didn't want to be seen as advertising, but since you asked... Unfortunately I can't talk about numbers but they are quite good. We got our stuff on all the big videogame journalist sites, all the big youtubers, and seen by millions. My thread over in classic gaming general on here has over 1.3 million views. Here's some videos. I did all of the electronics, programming, PCB design, firmware and HDL code. These systems have a pretty decent amount of relatively modern hardware in them, and are not some simple clone boxes. They are a ground-up recreation that I have done by reverse engineering the original hardware using custom fixtures and such. So far, I have done the Analogue NT Mini, Super nt, Mega SG, and currently the Pocket. These are NES (and 17 other things), SNES, Genesis/SMS/game gear, and Gameboy/GBC/GBA respectively. What sets them apart is modern HDMI with zero lag scaling, various enhancements, and no compromises on quality. These are ground-up and do not use clone chips or anything like that. It's a 100% new recreation by me. The pocket is the world's first handheld FPGA system with an extremely insane LCD, which can be docked to output HDMI. Super nt: Mega SG: Pocket: Some of these videos have over half a million views, and there's tons and tons more of them on youtube. I just picked some of the ones at the top of the list. If you search, these products have been featured on dozens and dozens of the top news sites, and the Mega SG made it into Time magazine's top inventions of 2019. These products have appeared in several print publications also.
  13. yes, the game gear tuner works. such as it is
  14. It isn't an "easy response". It's just the facts. If your project hangs on the balance of having absolutely no negative press anywhere on the internet, maybe it isn't as solid as you think it is. A truly great product doesn't need to have everything slightly to the right of 100% blowout fawning praise scrubbed from the internet. There will be many more "Pats" to deal with that won't play ball when it comes to correcting the record. I understand fully what goes into making a modern videogame product, and how much money it costs. I am on the fourth one in 5 years. It is very expensive, and it takes a long time. I estimate you're going to need to go into production by mid-July at the latest if you want to get it in stores by 10/10. It is gonna be a tough row to hoe. Fortunately the games don't need to be done in a few months, but the hardware will need to be finalized by then for sure if there's a hope of getting is done in time. Sony/MS probably get some consideration for their logistics and manufacturing that you won't get, allowing them more time for production and less time wending its way through the system to final retail endpoints. I totally understand what you are trying to build and all the hassles that go with it- I have been there multiple times! You just need to concentrate on building stuff and writing games, and less time spent constantly looking for the glitches in the youtube Matrix. IMO. Feel free to disagree, but I am probably the other most qualified person here that knows all the trials and tribble-ations that go into it.
  15. As a CEO of a corporation you should just ignore these things. This is like the most obvious lame attempt at trolling. I would give it a 0/10 for effort. When I saw it, the video had like 50 views. I doubt the CEO of Mcdonalds searches youtube every 10 minutes for videos bashing mickeyd's. If I posted in my thread about every single little affront to my stuff I'd be posting non stop every day about it. You just need to let it go and not bring it up in multiple threads every time it happens. They posted a video in an attempt to get a rise out of you, and judging by the posts they sure as heck got it. The Amico is pretty small time right now (compared to what you want it to be) and while you can control the narrative right now, once it gets bigger that will become impossible. So far it seems that when a small youtuber posts something deemed "negative" or wrongthink, the current solution is to post a comment, then send them t-shirts and hats, and then they make a more positive video afterwards. I have seen this several times now. Whether this is what really happens or not, it sure looks like it. While this is good viral marketing, it makes me wonder what will happen when larger outlets start reporting on it that can't be so easily swayed with swag. I have been at ground zero of three console launches of my hardware/software/HDL design so far, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. There's plenty of "haters" and true haters out there to go around, but the difference is I. Just. Don't. Care. At the end of the day, my stuff has to stand on its own merits, and no amount of hand wringing or wishful thinking will change that. Like the Amico, my stuff was a huge gamble too, and the livelihoods of many people hinged on how well it did in the market. There's no real way to know how well something will do until it's released and for sale. I can say that the projects I worked on have vastly exceeded my wildest dreams. Instead of worrying about what some random person thinks about my stuff, I am here every day working on code for 6-8 hours a day (in addition to my day job!) and more like 10-12-14 hours on the weekends. I haven't even really done a search on youtube for my own stuff! Maybe 2 or 3 times since it launched. I certainly don't troll youtube multiple times a day looking for any glitches in the Matrix. Just relax and let things flow. If not, you'll end up dying of a heart attack or something when the coverage really gets rolling. Since this is the bacon thread (right?) I will provide some!
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