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  1. Ok, how do I get one of the analog systems. Saw the Super NT came back in stock at 8 am PDT today. I set my alert at work, hoping to buy one.  I couldn't get one in my cart for 15mins... by the time I got my cart up it said they were sold out. Soo disappointing as I've been wanting this and the mega SD for quite some time now. 


    Can we get on a pre-order list? 

  2. yeah I didn't know about that until now. I can add this. thanks for the bug report
  3. do you have a ROM or something I can test out? also, it could be the YM3438 busy behavior checkbox might change things. If not I will look into it. This is the first I heard of this problem.
  4. I could not reproduce the sms tearing during scrolling in games. I set up a 1 pixel/frame horizontal scroll and saw no tearing. what game(s) did you see it in? also if you feel so strongly about mister, there is a dedicated mister thread.
  5. not to toot my own horn too loudly, 📯 but the mega SG can play game gear game cartridges on a TV using the game gear adapter.
  6. yeah I was going to add it in on the snt at some point
  7. the super gameboy 2 uses its own crystal and doesn't have any use for the 21MHz clock coming from the system, so the GB cart will get the proper 2^22MHz signal it expects. I think the RTCs on the carts have their own 32KHz crystals anyways, and will always run on that regardless of what clock you're driving into the GB itself. Thus, using the RTC to check the system clock accuracy won't produce meaningful results I wouldn't think.
  8. it's not that I am "laughing at ignoring the thread lol" but I work many hours every single day on this stuff. I don't ignore complaints, but there's not a lot I can say about internal operations so I don't say anything.
  9. this could be because the gg everdrive starts up in SMS mode maybe.
  10. yeah this is a known issue. press reset or change settings to "boot to menu" to fix it until an update is released.
  11. they aren't, but I will accept flowers instead! people are paying it all day long on ebay. right now there's dozens of auctions selling the nt mini. remember too that it's a lot more than NES, does 1080p, and there's 17 other cores to play with. the nt mini has the best 2600 FPGA core, and some really obscure things (gamate, supervision) that aren't available elsewhere. the AVS is fine if you want bare bones. but if you want some meat on dem bones, you move on up to the nt mini. if it wasn't worth the price, it wouldn't have sold out so fast, and then go for double the price on ebay within minutes.
  12. Why they are they opening it up for orders? They have to still ship it to all the suckers that paid them. The thing's almost a whole year late at this point. Maybe they want to rob peter to pay paul, kind of like a videogame pyramid scheme. They need money to fulfill current orders, so they will use the money from new orders to build the stuff for old orders. They've wasted an entire year's worth of money without shipping anything, so that cash has to come from somewhere. I guess shipping out a few "beta units" will show that yes, it does theoretically exist, so place those orders now!
  13. Actually I think the answer is much, much simpler. ROM got cheap. Games got a lot more linear simply because now you weren't restricted to a simpler "Arcade" style high score game because you had room to introduce new game elements like stories, characters, places, maps, etc. Add on battery RAM or similar technology and now you could save progress, too. I don't think it's such a bad thing that a bunch of games ended up being like this, and in fact I welcomed it. Metroid was the first time I really felt like I accomplished something when I finally beat it, spending weeks mapping it out and exploring every nook and cranny. Even though I thoroughly beat it, I enjoyed playing it over and over, trying to get all the items, or beat my previous time, or whatnot. It's kind of like reading a book. You are allowed to re-read a book you really enjoy. The Fun Police(tm) aren't going to come and tell you you can't. I actually tend to prefer games with a defined endpoint, so you can beat it, put it down, and then pick it back up and try to beat it again, but faster or getting more items, finding things you missed the first time, etc. The extreme end of this is speed running. I seriously doubt giving a game a defined end point is done to sell more games- it gives the player a sense of accomplishment which was always missing for me on arcade style games. Back in the day, Adventure was my favorite 2600 game (on game 3 of course) I think because you could win and then try again. Being able to nose around in every corner and crevice of a game like Zelda or Metroid is intensely fun and rewarding when you're a teenager, or at least it sure seemed that way when I was one. Truly mastering the game and spanking it hard when you finally get it all figured out.
  14. Well there's a reason why most FPS games don't allow mixing of PC and console gamers- the PC players just absolutely clobber the console ones because they tend to use mouse+keyboard instead of the console game controller. The mouse is by far more precise for aiming and being able to bind keys on the PC just finishes the job. Personally, after playing fps games using the keyboard+mouse and trying to play a similar game on a friend's xbox was pretty limiting feeling. why can't I turn faster dammit! why won't my aim point change faster! The lack of precision was pretty striking after using the mouse for so long. It reminded me of how back in the 90's I would use the keyboard only to play quake, and got trounced by all the mouse+keyboard players. Learning to use the mouse opened up a whole new world.
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