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  1. This game even got a sega megadrive/Genesis port, A8 version would be cool to have also..😉
  2. Thank you very mutch for including my game Rocket Rescue 2020 in this competition , First time i seen this thread today. Some good scores in there. The Jon Williams games are Amazing. My favourite is Major Blink 🙂👍
  3. Anyway I changed the theme of my simple game to some sort of Tax Man theme. Hey i'ts only a game right ?
  4. Thank you. Well i wanted to create something simple to practice programming assembler code, Score routines etc.
  5. Game Rules : The litte taxmen are after you to kill you. Try avoid them and pick up moneybag to score points, When the moneybag is picked up the little taxmen have to work on your new tax and thus move a bit slower and blink for a while. Then you can escape them more easily for a while. When the border color flashes the diffculty increase and the taxmen will move a bit faster. They wil follow you most of the time , Try to lure them into the corners to go around them. Tax Run 1.0.xex
  6. Sounds about right, i'l look at it..
  7. My game is almost finished but when i try it on SIO2SD the name of the game xex file actually is show in the upper part of the actual gameplay screen, As if the SIO2SD interferes with the actual screen adress that is used in the game. When i try the game in emulator or Mist FGPA everthing is normal.. A note about the game. I changed the theme, So it's not about virus etc..
  8. Mabye "Virus run" would be ok then afterall ? I Dont want to use the Corona word..
  9. I Always like vampire type games so i think "Vampire Run" would be a fun title, change player sprites to dracula with is controlled by the player and then some hunters after him.. Its proably the way the game gonna be released........
  10. In the game you can't kill the virus but you can try to avoid it to survive longest possible to get the highest score but as the difficulty increase you sure to end up "Game over". But i can change the theme to something else, Any suggestions anyone ? some sort of alien ? i don't want to have insects. Gameplay is simple like Some sort of creature trying to catch you..
  11. The game is quite simple, And more like a karikature on the real thing, But it seems i have to change the Game and the name as well, The Corona situation is no good for anyone and we still don't know how the situation is gonna be in the future.. I wanted to create something simple in 100% assembly to learn about score routines and setting hiscore using decimal mode in assembler , And achieved that. I have to change the theme and name of the game before any release..
  12. Well maybe the name could be changed to something else.. i'm open to suggestions on the name.. thanks.
  13. A image from the game , Just a simple game . 100% assembler.
  14. The name was planned to be "Corona Run".
  15. Do you think a game about Corona Virus would be Appropriate at this time ? , I mean many people are still suffering the consecuences of the corona virus and maybe it it's not the right time for a game about the Corona Virus ?. I may or may not have something soon ready to release...
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