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  1. Seaquest was also ported , wasn't Adventure ported also ?
  2. Probably som sort of artistic choice being made when the game was created, Probably, but it may be some other simple reason that is not known at this time.
  3. Hi there . That looks like a fun classic ski game, you have clearly put some effort into it. Love the scrolling , I need to learn how to do that myself someday. Nice. Thank you.
  4. Looks Great . In the Caves sometimes maybe som flying bats would be Nice..maybe som moving platforms With and without spikes or similar that suddenly pops out. Maybe some doors that needs keys to be found.. etc etc. Maybe some chance to get extra lifes sometimes.... some optional bonus treasure chests.. etc.... Have a small hiscore list so that catching the optional treasure chests makes it worth it.. and so on.
  5. I also prefer playing the old classics in NTSC for the 60 khz speed , Afterall Atari is a American brand. But i also love the newer PAL stuff, many from ABBUC contest, Lots of great PAL Software also, and im using PAL for that. Some Pictures of Thomson Life 14 crt. ITs a cutie. These Pictures are from the net, But i have a white one like this also a yellow grey one and a black one. Pal tv that Supports NTSC and S-video via the scart input, And composite. With Service menu via the Remote.
  6. Some Pal 14 inches crt tv support NTSC and s-video and composite as as well, Most noticable is Thomson Life 14 inch crt, it also have easy acces to service menu. Some Panasonic 14 also supports NTSC but only composite video. And some JVC 14 supports s-Video, Not sure about NTSC on that one. All these are Pal 14 inch CRT tv and all have service menu via the Remote. I have saved a number of these Tv,s , Keep them treasures safe.
  7. As i named them for mostly Mist FPGA use, they most likely need OSB when run in mist FGPA, But altirra might be able to run some of them With XE/XL OS. I knew i tested each rom so i know all of them should work, I used the Cart Studio to convert the Carts to Car, If i remember that correctly.
  8. Hi Larry. I got Your Archive as well now. One question What does the (cr) abbrevation mean that is in some carts name. ? And (H) is hacked Versions ?
  9. Yes. Actually made a conversion of 232 carts to car. also have (OSB) in the name where OSB is needed to run. And (XEGS) in the name of the XEGS Carts. I did this Project last year Mostly for the Mist FPGA Atari 800 Core. Im sure its not every Atari Carts released, But i believe all XEGS carts is there. I belive all the game carts is in there, maybe missing the more obscure ones only. I would gladly make this avaible to anyone. im not sure how to link the Archive to this page. Can send it by email if you private Message me Your Email adress
  10. Would like to see these games on A8: 1 - Moon Cresta - Wasn't this under development ? 2 - Scramble - Maybe someone can use the Super Cobra engine and make a proper A8 Scramble port ? 3 - Moonstone. (Amiga Game) I wonder how a A8 port could be like ? would be interesting to see. 4 - Legend of hero tonma - Arcade platfomer. 5 - Space Invaders Arcade Port. A8 already have many Space Invaders, Best one is probably Deluxe Invaders, But its not exactly a true arcade port.
  11. OK . I did not know that, I was under the impression that Light gun would be hard next to impossible to implement. Sorry about that. About that wiring ? could it be wired on mist fpga board and how many wires and where on the board ?. is it only possible on the Mist version with midi port ? Thanks.
  12. I also believe that Windows 8 and windows 10 USB Routines is more optimized , so using usb controller with windows 10 would work better than using USB controller with win XP, so then its like these two things works against each other like this, Win 10 better for USB controllers , But win 10 does not have proper support for Directdraw, Versus Win XP have full support for Directdraw, But the USB routines is not as optimized., The solution ? Well after extensive use and testing of emulators, Using WinXP With A PS\2 keyboard adaptor like the I-PAC, And a emulator supporting Directdraw gives the best input response, for me, other may have other solutions. The newest I-PAC doesn support PS\2 anymore, only USB. The keywiz is the only keyboard adaptors still supporting PS\2 i believe. Such keyboard adaptors makes it possible to connect various joysticks via the PS\2 Port. Still mist FPGA comes out better that any emulator i tested for Input lag. Using mist with a flat screen modern monitor is a different story, Because the monitor have to scale to the resolution used by mist and this scaling takes a litte time with then means it adds lag to the controller. A Crt screen doesn't need scaling , Mist can output native resolution and the CRT screen support it native without no scaling, and support both 60hz for NTSC and 50hz for Pal properly, And the crt screen have real scanlines.
  13. My biggest problem with Emulation is the joystick input lag, Direct 3d always seem to add some noticeable input lag, If you can use Windows XP and have a emulator that supports directdraw fully then the lag is lesser but Still the Mist FPGA specially when used in 15khz connected to a Crt screen the input response is very close to the real Hardware. I have done some tests on CRT Screen and came to these conclusions about input lag: Real Hardware = Spot on as you would expect. I believe real Hardware have only one frame lag. Mist FPGA = Close as you can get to the real thing. I tried comparing Real Hardware and Mist FPGA and its very close. Emulator on Winxp with directdraw = Can be petty good if the emulator supports directdraw. This is on Flat pc Gaming monitor, the monitor itself adds just a very tiny bit of lag it seems. Emulator With Direct 3D. There is more noticeable lag, Specially if you appreciate Retro gaming at its purest form. Heres some facts : Mist FPGA Atari core cannot support Light gun because the way the input port need to be read is to demanding. Real Hardware is champ with light Gun and Paddles. Mist Can support paddles via USB using the 2600 daptor, Which i also tested and it works pretty good but there is a noticeable difference between Real hardware and mist. One big advantage with Mist Atari Core is the ability to support PAL and NTSC cores, So you can switch between PAL and NTSC when using software designed for one or the other. For PAL having real 50hz on a CRT screen makes it very authentic. Also the is many other good cores for Mist, The C64 Core have come a long way, The Nes core is very good, Atari 2600 works good, but need more work. The Amiga Mist core is probably the most advanced one and its pretty awesome. The Atari ST core works good. Coleco core and so on. All these support 15khz for CRT tv. I'm bit of a CRT fanatic and wouldn't use it any other way. So Mist FPGA is pretty close to perfect, For Atari 8bit core the sound could be better, and then Light gun support totally lacking, for that probably a more powerful FPGA would be needed, Maybe Mister have the capability.Paddles support via 2600daptor USB works but leaves a little to be desired for perfection. Still i really enjoy the Mist FPGA Atari core and the other system cores as well.
  14. I use to hang out in the arcades in the late 70,s. Playing arcade games, Atari was in the arcades, As a teen playing Atari Lunar Lander and Asteroids and Missile Command, also Gravitar and space duel in the 80,s. So Atari was always inspiring to me. Loved the atmosphere in the arcades back then. There was no commodore in the arcades as far as i know. So Atari is part of history as mutch as any other home computer. i think History is not uninspiring. Every new generation of home computers usually involved some new technology witch in the end brought where we are today, Today we have powerful smartphones, powerful gaming consoles like Ps4 pro and soon Xbox X. And if one want to spend the money one can have a very powerful gaming pc. These days maybe Atari home computer is more like a historical document, Anyway i like to play games on the Atari Home Computers, and program games on it. The c64 become very popular, One of the most annoying thing is the 2 different sounds chips that was in the "breadbox" and the C64c. Slow loading from diskdrives another thing. The display also had a border around it, even though some software could bypass this by triggering certain adresses at specific timings But yeah C64 is also part of history. and its also inspiring.
  15. So the same mod that worked on the NTSC XEGS should work on a PAL XEGS too. Hmm i going to have to try it out sometime...
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