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  1. Grevle


    what memory locations does this cart occupy ? the usual left cartrigde 40960 to 49151 ($AOOO to $BFFF) ?
  2. In the book "Mapping the Atari" certain memory addresses are given certain names, Like address 53278 (DOlE) has the name "HITCLR" -- adress is used to clear the player missile hit register. And address 53248 (D000) named "HPOSPO" - adress is to control horizontal position of player 0. When programming Atari assembler and then assemble with atasm or similar, then it,s nice to have a set of equates for memory addresse in the source code. So those memory addresses Nicknames that are in the book "Mapping the Atari", Are those names generally used in the Atari 8 bit community and also in other books, Like a usual standard to more easily learn the assembly coding or communicate some coding with others and so on..?
  3. I was wondering if just setup the equates actually use some memory at all in the compiled assembler code in Atasm. Like this: ; set som equates 1600=variable1 1601=varable2 So here is 2 equates set at adress 1600 and 1601, So when the code is assembled does this use 1 byte per Equate or is it just the source code that grow when setting equates in Atasm ? Is it a internal thing that tells Atasm what adresses to use only ? Putting data in the equates uses 1 byte i know. But i mean only the setup itself.
  4. Thank You, I've been waiting for this one. Looks nice and original gameplay. 👍
  5. The same for JSR ?.. I believe so. I was trying something like this. 1600 = VAR ; EQUATE for changeable varible LDX 35000 STX VAR ; later in the program JMP VAR ; So this is a try to reach the adress stored in VAR but my guess is it doesnt work this vay Gonna have to do something like this I think. LDX #184 ; low byte STX $43 LDX #136 ; high byte STX $44 So then, Possible to JMP or JSR $43 to reach adress 35000 in this way ? Point for this is having a changeable variable to control program flow , when its needed in certain routines etc....
  6. I think this game look very nice, but are lacking in the sound fx. I had this game back in the day and while the the starfield and galaxians look pretty good,the sound fx doesn't really fit the game very well, dragging down the game i think. I think the Galaxian clone "galactic chase" has better sounds. Would be nice to see a sound hack of the Galaxian game to improve sound fx as this game is often overlooked it seems..
  7. OK. Im looking in the book "Mapping the Atari" and the free user ram in the Zero page seems to be small, Only a few bytes avaible there ? Whats the most common user adresses to use in the Zero Page ?
  8. Is the Zero Page type of indexed indirect adressing uniqe to the Zero page ? Put a value into adress $43 for the low byte and then a value into adress $44 for the high byte then use with a LDA ($43),Y or STA ($43),Y to acces the resulting adress from locations $43 and $44. Is this uniqe for the zero page or is it possible to use similar adressing mode in the other memory pages ?
  9. Very nice. I enjoy playing it. I was thinking on a old Favorite of mine, the Gunfighter game for Videopac/Odyssey 2 console. Just imaging have that old game with these very nice sprites and graphics style. Could perhaps be like a evolution, like the lady gunfighter 2. hehe...😎
  10. Some real Arcade quality right there. 🙂 Great 👍
  11. I try for the first time using this and when i try compile i get this message always "operation compile is not possible because the file in the editor is not located in the worksapce" yes it says "worksapce" but should be "workspace" ? . I try loading the *.asm file from the workspace directory but i always get the same message. im trying to use atasm for now. Eclipse version : Version: 2020-09 (4.17.0) Build id: 20200910-1200 For win x64 -------- Never Mind ----- i got it working
  12. My very first home computer was the Atari 400 back in early 80's. The Membrane keyboard was not bad in my opinion, I liked the look of it and back then it look kinda futuristic to me. I did learn program BASIC on that Atari 400 and did write several games on the 400 back then. Sadly all my old programs from early 80's was lost due to data loss on old cassette tapes..
  13. This game even got a sega megadrive/Genesis port, A8 version would be cool to have also..😉
  14. Thank you very mutch for including my game Rocket Rescue 2020 in this competition , First time i seen this thread today. Some good scores in there. The Jon Williams games are Amazing. My favourite is Major Blink 🙂👍
  15. Anyway I changed the theme of my simple game to some sort of Tax Man theme. Hey i'ts only a game right ?
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