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    Intellivision, Atari, NES, UT2004, Wii, Wii U. I enjoy both collecting and playing games!
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  1. I've found more beyond those. More to come soon.
  2. While we're discussing variants, if anyone has heavy shielded pcbs for these games, I'd like to know if they exist. Golf Tennis Word Fun (the1hatman has confirmed existence) Star Strike (unlikely that it exists, but maybe...) For reference, they look like this:
  3. William needs to stake out the premium spot in front of Walmart for his next release. Don't be afraid to knock down a few girl scouts if they get in your way. Sweep the leg 😉
  4. Everything in there, except for the box, is easily replaceable. Let me know if you can't find a cart. I probably have an extra. Hank has a pretty decent ironing technique for box repair. Or, you know, Eric has been known to repair boxes 😁
  5. That sucks. Years ago I tried to upgrade my Chip Shot (also in the package were Super Pro Football and Thin Ice): Here's what they originally looked like:
  6. Experts of the Brotherhood! I need help identifying a genuine factory seal. Please help!
  7. I'm pretty sure I've seen Shark! Shark! I'm still missing it, though.
  8. I have a Spiker is like to open up. Should I just manhandle it with a screwdriver or just smash off the shell with a hammer and get the SN off of the shattered pcb parts? 😁
  9. Honestly, I need a break. My last 5 years of collecting has been Intellivision homebrews and AGGRESSIVE Wii hunting. The library is just so huge. It's not just looking for games, it's: • Maintaining lists & spreadsheets • Becoming an expert on pricing & variants • Monitoring online sources (eBay, etc) • Monitoring local sources (thrift, Goodwill, etc) • Cleaning, testing, logging, etc • Building shelving because you ran out of space I love it, but I need a break. Eventually, I'll choose something else to dive into. Ideas of projects I'd like to continue/finish: • NES, but it's been cost prohibitive. • M Network (making decent progress) • Atari 2600 Activision (loose carts) • Wii U (need around 37 more for complete NTSC) I'm not sure what my plan will be for the Amico. It's too early to commit to anything. We'll see.
  10. I suppose it's a little of both, and neither. It's nice to see the value of my collection increase to help justify the investment (though my primary motivation for collecting isn't as an investment). That said, I still have plenty to collect. My Wii collecting has slowed substantially because I'm getting down to the wire and the prices of the remaining games I need have climbed. I'm hoping those get cheaper so I can buy them. I'm largely done with Intellivision, but still might continue with variants, but those are climbing as well, so that's financially discouraging. In the end, I can't control it so I just put up my sails and let the wind blow.
  11. I think there's some room for improvement in the voices from the video, so this is good news 👍
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