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    Intellivision, Atari, NES, UT2004, Wii, Wii U. I enjoy both collecting and playing games!
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  1. If you have this on your watch list, they just dropped the price to $80, which is a better deal than $100.
  2. I'm at 123 CIB missing only LF2 and Spiker. I have both loose carts with repro boxes/manuals/overlays. I'm pretty happy with my $10 repro box and the $100 I paid for my loose LF2 cart. Not sure if I could justify $900 more to get a box and a B&W paper manual.
  3. It's not terrible. The box isn't great, though. A sealed one recently sold for $120 A CIB one sold in Feb for $53 A CIB one sold in Jan for $150 A CIB one sold in Feb for $77 (rough box) Personally, I wouldn't pay more than $60 for that one. For VG condition, I'd pay $80-100. $100-125 sealed and minty. Just my two cents.
  4. Dear Penthouse Forum, I never thought this would happen to me, but my Intellivision order has gone...trilateral 😲
  5. Well, both the Sears and Imagic sets (and the Atari 5200 set) are very cool. Honestly, they haven't inflated too much, if you can find a set. I believe they sell for ~$100...much cheaper than the Orphan Overlay sets.
  6. Four years ago, I tried to warn the future about passing on one of Phil's projects.
  7. Yeah, this pretty much kills it. There was a promotion today (1 day only) for 5% eBay Bucks, but auctions end when they end. Guessing they'll never do a Sunday 5% eBay Bucks deal 😠
  8. Looks like eBay is gutting its eBay Bucks program 😒
  9. 1. Sign up for the Intellivision Revolution newsletter 2. Sign up for this club 3. I thought Collectorvision had a newsletter, but can't find it. 4. Be aware of these publishers. Some aren't currently active, but most advertise/announce here. 5. This is helpful too.
  10. Lol, I stand corrected. Basic carts aren't THAT tough to find, are they?
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