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    Intellivision, Atari, Colecovision, NES, UT2004, UT3...both collecting and playing
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  1. The shelf finds what it loves when the heart is ready, not when it's lonely 😉
  2. Ooh, I miss Snood. I recently downloaded Chuzzle 2 to my phone and I'm pretty addicted to it. It's a sequel to Chuzzle from 2005. I've never played Candy Crush. Kinda afraid to. I also recommend Match 5... and Blix and Same Game & Robots for Intellivision.
  3. I don't know what's real anymore and I'm freaking out 🤯
  4. Maybe they'll bring some to PRGE.
  5. I've done well shopping the sales at GameStop for most of mine. I'll see if I can put together a list.
  6. No, I think I've picked up most of those. I do still need some horse games, though. So that should be fun.
  7. Very cool. I definitely recommend aiming for non-completism, for sanity's sake. As for the CIB 125, I'm still missing Spiker and Learning Fun 2. For Intellivision Inc, I'm only missing Super Series Big League Baseball. For French Canadian, I'm up to around 36-40 of a complete set. As for Wii...I'm sadly going for a complete set. I have a decent chunk of the "good" games except a few wiishlist items such as Shiren the Wanderer, Castle of Shikigami, the Data East Collection, the Ultimate Shooting Collection, Sakura Wars, Fire Emblem, Mario Party 9, Kirby's Dream Collection, Pikman 2, and the Pokemon games. I'm hoping to complete the Wii library in the next two years. I'm sure the last hundred or so will take some time. It's been a fun, but challenging endeavor.
  8. Cool find and greetings to a fellow Intellivision and Wii collector! Possibly a tad of topic, but what is your collecting focus of each library and how are you progressing? My Intellivision collection is largely where I want it and complete minus a few super rares and many variants. I (foolishly) decided to go for a complete Wii collection, and still need hundreds of games. I'd take a picture, but it's mostly packed away in boxes.
  9. AD&DD Advanced Dungeons and whatever this is...
  10. Spiker Listing (unsold @ $799; Relisted @ $999) It's a combination of factors: Missing manual Shipping from Venezuela Non-mint box and discolored label Announcement of non-scarce reissue Also, that lot with the loose Spiker cart sold for $450 today.
  11. We asked in a Twitch interview with Keith years ago. I believe the number was between 5-10k. If my memory serves me well.
  12. I'm also disappointed that it was very well established that Intellivision membership clearly included BOTH ROM vaults, but was later written off as a misunderstanding. Considering the price of admission and the fact that the individuals involved clearly stated that BOTH libraries were included, I think they should honor their agreement...at least for this year. As for the bonus game, I'm eager and excited to see what they have in store 👍🏻
  13. I think it's a pretty impressive score any way you slice it. I barely broke 22k after a few weeks of playing, so I'm definitely impressed.
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