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  1. Yes there is a self-test switch on the back but that doesn't seem to make a difference. Looking at the manual for the Commodore equivalent it suggests a bad transformer, but as the thing is getting warm it could be something else. When I get a bit more time I'll try and open it up more. Hopefully it is a loose connection somewhere.
  2. We've started a YouTube channel for Atari User, as it is 2020 after all. We've invested in a ring light and a tripod so hopefully things aren't completely terrible. We'll add more videos as we gain confidence. If there is anything that you'd like us to feature then let me know. Atari User YouTube Channel
  3. Left it on a bit and the motor housing is getting warm... so it is getting power just not cooperating.
  4. Does anyone have experience repairing or troubleshooting an Atari 1029? The printer is cosmetically fine but is dead. I've checked the wiring in the plug and replaced the fuse, and also replaced the fuse in the printer with a new 1.6A even though it looked OK. No sign of life, no power light, motor housing doesn't seem to be getting warm. If it can't be resurrected then I'll probably sell it for spares as it has had little use.
  5. I think that 1029 has perhaps been resold a couple of times, the photos seem familiar. I'm all for Empire printers.
  6. It's a fantastic port and the Atari version holds its own against the original releases, that's why we gave it a solid 10 out of 10.
  7. This is terrible news and my condolences to his loved ones, family and friends. Curt was extremely talented, a fellow pug-daddy, and he's going to leave a hole in this community that will be hard to fill.
  8. So a quick update; first drive which has some cosmetic damage and doesn't have the analog board is working but slow. Seems to get better after being run a bit - a bit like a car coming out of lockdown. I'm going to try and adjust the speed. The second drive with the one-pin door is loading fine however, with the door as it is, the mechanism won't stay down so I had to improvise to do a test.
  9. Does anyone know if you can source the Tandon mech door improvement from anywhere other than Best? I'm guessing shipping would be a pain. I'm just going looking at two 810s. The first does not have the analog board but has an MPI mechanism (garage door?), the second has the analog board, but has the Tandon mechanism. There seems to be one brass pin in the door latch and nothing at the front of said latch. The latch is loose and whilst it can close, it goes too far so the drive mechanism opens up again. I'm yet to try with a disk to see if that will stop this happening but the latch doesn't look right. Or, can you source replacement pins? Has anyone 3D printed these? The non analog drive is powering on and making all the right noises so I'm going to tinker with that a bit.
  10. Any news on an 800 and/or 1200XL cover yet?
  11. svenski


  12. Anyone used this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Adapter-charger-for-9VAC-AC-Atari-CO17945-400-800-810-850-1010-1050-1200XL/352530105417?epid=4018359754&hash=item52146e8449:g:3-oAAOSwLr1b~zau&frcectupt=true T-Power - I'm looking for something I can just use across different devices but can't tell if it would have enough juice to run an 810 or 1050.
  13. I was slow to the uptake as my parents had divorced and getting a computer for Christmas was a big ask. My friends mostly ended up with Spectrums. I wanted a C64 but it was too expensive. In the end my parents relented and bought me an Atari 800XL. For some time before I'd been using BBC micros on a crude network at school. A cousin had an Acorn Electron - that sucked for them.
  14. Atari User Issue 25 is out now We bring you all the information you need on Atari’s Chapter 11 adventure and the bailout proposals. The latest from the Atari Homebrew scene including new titles for the Atari XL/XE and the Atari 7800. How to program a Happy Atari 1050 disk drive and install an easy drive reset mod. Lots more inside, including our popular IN-DEV homebrew column, more ST-Coin Op Conversions, a look at Ikari Warriors on the Atari, new storage options for the Atari XL/XE, a review of Homebrew Heroes, more game reviews, more Atari history and ... more! Subscribers have already been sent their copies. The magazine is available to download from http://www.atariuser.com/portal and print editions are available , as always, from lulu.com and magcloud.com . A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this issue.
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