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  1. @wongojack I'm not the biggest fan of eating humble pie, but I thought more about, and had to admit that you were right about the Sega Nomad. [emoji6] My final choice for most underrated console is still not a popular choice, and I might get almost as much heat for this one, possibly more. But many owners of this device would probably understand why I would choose the Nvidia Shield Portable. Please excuse my lack of energy right now to make an argument for it. I just wanted to retract that misguided Nomad vote, and cast my vote for a different obscure handheld that was largely ignored by the masses.
  2. So I filled out the form and submitted it, successfully. I also joined the forum, and can log in. But I have no access to the IntelliClub forum. I submitted a help post, but no response. [emoji848]
  3. Gotcha. I am experienced with music composition software, and I'd love to give it a go, but unfortunately I don't have a PC right now.
  4. Boom bappy! I very much enjoyed that. Got a wave file of it that you'd be willing to share?
  5. Any chance of a ROM release? The game looks great, and I'd love to play it. But my Intellivision went missing decades ago, and I've yet to replace it.
  6. A friend of mine who was a few years older than me, drove to Canada to get it, as for some reason it released there before the US. We lived in Detroit, so it wasn't that far. I don't remember if I had him pick me up a copy or not, but I think so. I do remember playing it and having it around launch.
  7. It's a copy of one of the most common video games of that era. An incredibly popular title that sold a massive amount of copies for an incredibly popular system that was installed in dozens of millions of homes. Can't see how it's worth more than maybe a few thousand dollars. Call me crazy but I think this retro video game market is insanely overvalued, and people are pulling the wool over their own eyes.
  8. As much as the new Atari VCS gets clowned on, they murdered that joystick design! I think that's going to be a lot of people's alternative 2600 joystick choice, even if it takes modding to use on a real VCS. I suspect an adapter will be available to take care of that though.
  9. I have no objection to it. The law isn't an indicator of morality, it's just what's on the books. Conole modding and piracy aren't mutually exclusive. If I buy a stereo and decide to turn it into a toaster, it's my prerogative. I think it's important to understand and honor the intent of a law as far as actual morality is concerned, rather than obsessing about the letter of it. Everybody has their own conscience to deal with.
  10. I'm sorry for speaking out of line. I hadn't quite realized that my opinion needed to be validated by you first. [emoji848] Sent from my LG Stylo 2 Plus using Tapatalk
  11. The fear of second hand goods is sorta irrational. People still handle the the boxes, shrinkwrap, shipping materials, etc. of new stuff. Was browsing through Amazon for the Nintendo Switch last week and saw that it's sold out. Only available through marketplace sellers, and the prices have doubled in some cases. This includes the original and Lite model. Glad I bought a Lite last month, but have been kickin' around the idea of buying an original model too. As much as it would be a bad sign to see prices drop on retro gaming goods, I can't say I'd mind. Can't think of a better word for it than asinine, as has been said. Sent from my LG Stylo 2 Plus using Tapatalk
  12. Nah, it really only needs $70 to get it up to par. Anything above that is just pimping it out. The fact that the Genesis is gaming royalty, and most of its fans still don't even know that it exists lends to it being underrated. The fact that it can be emulated doesn't really matter, or most of the consoles mentioned in this thread would be excluded. You'd sorta then have to say that a modern day Windows gaming PC would be the only right answer. Many people prefer playing games on original hardware and the Nomad can play most of the Genesis library in handheld or TV mode. It's kinda hard for me to consider something that is so obscure, yet has one of the greatest libraries in gaming history to not be underrated. I guess I could concede though on the fact that without the $70 in mods, it might be a flaming turd. But I didn't even know about it until last year. Sent from my LG Stylo 2 Plus using Tapatalk
  13. Shame we can't edit posts after enough time has passed. Anyways, here's an update. For one thing, there's now a flash cart that can support this MMC5 mapper mod, the N8 Pro Everdrive. NOTE ON FLASH CARTRIDGES UPDATE 2-17-2020. The N8 Pro Everdrive can now run my MMC5 titles. It is the only flashcart to date that can do so. https://krikzz.com/store/home/57-n8-pro.html The N8 Everdrive uses 512kb SRAM chips for it's PRG & CHR ROM's. My game will not work on this device. The PowerPak is in the same boat as the N8 Everdrive. My game will not work on that device either. Unless Krikzz, the creator of the Everdrive devices, releases a new version of the N8 with larger chip support, then this game will only be playable on real hardware via an official MMC5 cartridge. NOTE ON EMULATORS VIA PC Super Mario All-Stars NES has been confirmed to work properly, on the following PC emulators latest builds. "FCEUX" "Nestopia" & "Nintendulator" For the correct/best results via PC, I strongly suggest using any of the 3 emulators I've mentioned. NOTE ON EMULATORS VIA GAMING CONSOLES The MMC5 "Mapper 005" is a sophisticated/complicated mapper, and alot of NES emulator ports for gaming consoles do not emulate that mapper correctly/or at all. However, the most consistent emulator port to demonstrate the correct results for emulating the MMC5, are ports of the emulator "Nestopia." I recommend using the launcher known as "RetroArch" for whatever gaming console you are using, and use the "Nestopia" core that goes with "RetroArch" to play Super Mario All-Stars NES. You will get undesired results trying to play this game on ports of "FCEUX" or other NES emulator ports for gaming consoles. I'm making note of this to stop users from saying the game is corrupted or broken, the game is not corrupted or broken, it is the lack of MMC5 "Mapper 005" support for whichever NES port the user is using. Mario Bros. Classic This game is the PAL European Nintendo version, which I have converted to NTSC. To access this game, hold A and press Up while the pointer is on Super Mario Bros. For more in-depth details regarding this title, scroll past all the game descriptions for further info. The following functions are saved and restored... 1. Top Score Super Mario Bros. When you start this game with a saved 2 player mode, and you last saved as Luigi, you will start as Luigi. But, during the title screen you will see Mario standing there. Once you press start, Luigi will be properly restored. The Demo Mode has been disabled, once you reload a save game, just like the original SNES All-Stars does. Also vram writes to the number of players, and the removal of the Select button for the title screen, are other features when you reload a saved game. The following functions are saved and restored... 1. Restart as either 1st or 2nd player, from when game was saved 2. Power-Up state (small, big, fire) 3. # of lives 4. Current world & sub-level, (you save at 1-2, you start at 1-2, this also retains the individual world & sub-level for Luigi. Whoever is the furthest in the game, that world & sub-level # will be shown on the main menu, where you select one of 4 files) 5. Whether 1 or 2 player mode is active 6. Current high score 7. Mario's & Luigi's current scores 8. Mario's & Luigi's coins 9. Whether game has been defeated 10. Halfway point (within allowed worlds) The following enhancements & modifications are.... 1. On 2 player mode, players now switch off after clearing a flagpole. No more waiting for the other player to die, or defeat the game in order to play your turn. 2. Implemented the skidding sfx from Super Mario Bros. 2 Japan. 3. Implemented a new feature, where when a player dies during 2 player mode, he/she starts at the beginning of the current world they died in, and not being forced to not play the game anymore. Your lives are restored back to 3, and your score and coins are restored back to 00's. 4. Implemented Unused Lakitu Spiny Egg Toss Super Mario Bros. 2 Japan The "L" in the example stands for (Luigi Game) This game was originally an .fds to .nes conversion I found online. It lacked the proper title screen construction, and various other functions. I've studied the .fds version thoroughly, to get my version running identical to the .fds version. The flashing stars on the SMB2 logo are there & save. World 9 is here as well, AND, I've made it so you can save on World 9-1 through 9-4, and when you reload, you WILL start where you left off. Luigi's skidding physics have been restored, (thanks to ShaneM for informing me) and the red piranha plants & green spring boards have been restored, (again, thanks to ShaneM for informing me) The following functions are saved and restored... 1. Power-Up state (small, big, fire) 2. Lives 3. World & Sub-level 4. Coins 5. High score 6. Current score 7. How many #-4 castles have been cleared 8. Whether you have access to worlds A-D 9. How many times you have beaten the game 10. Halfway point (within allowed worlds) The following enhancements & modifications are.... 1. Implemented Unused Lakitu Spiny Egg Toss Super Mario Bros. 2 USA The following functions are saved and restored... 1. Number of bars in life meter 2. World & Sub-Level 3. # of lives 4. If first & second mushrooms have been pulled in saved level 5. If 1-up has been pulled in saved level 6. # of continues 7. Number of cherries obtained in saved level 8. Number of coins obtained in saved level 9. Number of big vegetables pulled in saved level 10. Number of levels finished as Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess Toadstool The following enhancements & modifications are.... 1. Implemented SpiderDave's fix for missing 8th animation 2. Implemented SpiderDave's fix for missing sfx when player dies Super Mario Bros. 3 The "M" in the example stands for (Mario), it also means he is the player that will start first when you load the file. When you goto save, you can only save within an active stage, not during a 2p battle, not in a toad house, not during a mini-game. The following functions are saved and restored... These apply to both Mario & Luigi... 1. Power-Up state (small, big, fire, raccoon, frog, tanooki, hammer) 2. Current score 3. Whether you saved last as Mario or Luigi 4. Current world 5. 1 or 2 player mode 6. # of lives 7. Power-Up form when on world map 8. N-Card 3 byte next score registers 9. Whether you have unveiled the penny ship, white mushroom house, etc 10. Map positions, as well as previous map positions (like when you die, and you get skidded back to your previous last spot) 11. Level complete flags 12. Inventory 13. Stage cleared cards 14. Coins 15. All sprite map objects 16. All sprite x/y map object locations 17. All sprite map id's 18. World map locations (example, world 2. If you saved at the castle in world 2, the game will load up that part of the world map, not the very beginning of the world where it says START. This goes for both Mario & Luigi!) Deletion Of Saved Files To erase a saved file, press the SELECT button over the desired file. An "ERASE?" prompt will appear at the top of the screen. Make your selection via the D-PAD and press the START button over your selection. Deletion Of Mario Bros. Classic Top Score To erase the top score, press the SELECT button. The text "ERASE TOP SCORE?" will appear above the logo. Make your selection via the D-PAD and press the START button over your selection. Technical Information On My Mario Bros. Classic Conversion PAL Nintendo games run much faster on an NTSC system. This goes for both gameplay & sound. I was convinced by fellow Acmlm member Da_GPer, to take a look at Mario Bros. Classic to see if I could use that version, instead of the version known as Mario Bros., because the PAL version is the closest to the original arcade version, than the NTSC version I incorporated into Super Mario All-Stars NES. I came up with an idea to slow down the game, since it was designed to run at 50hz. I created a frame counter register, within the beginning of the games NMI routine. (after A,X,Y have been pushed to the stack) I then perform an LDA of that register, AND it for #$07, if this does not match, I then perform a JMP to the very end of the NMI rountine, where the pulling of Y,X,A from the stack occurs. What this does/what I am doing, is forcing the game to bypass everything, and have it return to it's reset vector loop until the NMI is fired up again. So what this does, is force the game to basically wait. If the AND #$07 does match, then I perform a JMP to the start of the games NMI after the pushing to the stack, resuming everything within the game. In doing that, the game & music slowed down to NTSC speeds. The next step was to try to adjust the pitch to the games sound engine. I tried applying my AND method to all the sound registers before they were written to. It almost worked, but it didn't perform the proper results for all notes. I was shown some incredible 2 byte pitch tables, for converting PAL pitch to NTSC pitch. So I had to manually edit every 2 byte pitch that there was within the game. Once I had done that, I would play the original PAL version, along with my NTSC conversion, to see if the notes matched, and they do. And on top of all that, I decided to incorporate the ability for the game to retain it's top score. It is consistently stored to SRAM, everytime that it is updated. ENJOY! -infidelity[/quote] Super Mario All-Stars NES (v2-22-20) [CRT & Emu Patches].zip
  14. Awesome! Thanks for your help. I'm glad this happened, as I really want to learn more, and hopefully get to a point one day where I can code. Every little bit I learn helps.
  15. The roadblock for me when trying to approach compiling with DASM is: "Enter this command to produce the binary file: DASM genemedic.asm -ogenemedic.bin -f3" In the repository are a bunch of .asm files (bank0.asm, bank1.asm, etc., star.asm, star_flash.asm, etc.). How am I supposed to compile all of those different .asm files into a single working binary?
  16. Thanks. What I'm looking for at this point, is an SVN client that can compile source code into binary. It would be useful for other purposes as well. I've spent hours searching online and have come up empty. I installed TortoiseSVN, but I'm not seeing any option that can do this. Any ideas? Anybody? Edit: I've found a guide I can follow to compile the source code. However, it only covers an instance where there is a single .asm file. SCA has several .asm files in the source code repository.
  17. Ok thanks. Will do. I'd like to compile the source to get the ROM. Do you know of any n00b friendly guide for that?
  18. Where's the .bins? I remember downloading R165 before and can't seem to find it now.
  19. There's a PDP Spacewar hack of Space Wars for the 2600 I found, by Rob Mitchell and Thomas Jentzsch. Haven't tried it yet, but it sounds cool. I ran across 7800 Spacewar!, but apparently the code was broken at some point in development, and I never found a ROM of the last working version. Thought I saw something about an Intellivision Spacewar! homebrew, but haven't turned anything up when looking for a ROM.
  20. Aww, too bad membership is closed. It's impossible to keep up with stuff like this.
  21. That's a ridiculous statement. I don't know why people think like that.
  22. Oh yeah I would expect no picture issues. I'm more so wondering about scratches/scuffs, etc.? Being in the box doesn't really mean brand new. Wondering about the $500-$600 higher end, should I expect something that looks like it was never used, barely used with no scuffs/scratches, etc.. Sorry I realized I'm being "that guy". The topic just came up here. I'm going to quack at my friend DuckDuckGo, but maybe you already know if there's a sort of "scene standard Kelly Blue Book buyer's reference guide for vintage consoles" sort of thing, I'd appreciate it and that'd be teaching me to fish! 🎣
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