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  1. I played till 300.000 points today with the fixed version and it´s awesome. I can confirm that bullets go sometimes right through instead to kill. By the way, the sound of the fireflies seems cut off. Apart from that it´s a dream come true after all these years! :-)
  2. Fandal...you`re a genius! Thank you so much!
  3. Well, i have the cartridge version from 1984 and some .xex ones. The flies in between the rounds flicker so badly that you can hardly shoot or avoid them. A problem which doesn´t occur in the NTSC version. Look at this video on 1:19 This is the NTSC-Version! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AieUtgmicnE If your version looks exactly the same (without flickering) than you have a highly sought out version and you would make a lot of people happy in PAL-land! :-)
  4. Will there ever be a fix with the flys in the PAL version of Millipede? I´m wondering why there is no patch for it. It´s a shame that you have to favor the 2600 version (which is great) instead of the superior 800 version because of the glitch. Perhaps a new challenge for a talented coder...?
  5. Hi there, i'm searching for a nice Atari 2600 or 7800 with Composite/S-Video Mod. I'm in Germany and i use Paypal. Feel free to offer! Thank you!
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