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  1. Can you please add me to the list? Lynx 2 Thank you
  2. I figured it out. For some reason the latest mappers do fix those games when your using the toaster. On my top loader it didn't fix those roms. Oh well..
  3. i tried those mappers out with the save states, it doesn't fix them i have rom vers 1.12 with card vers 1.35b. I used the 1.5 version of his save state mappers on top of 1.35b and without em and all versions of those games don't register controller inputs. lame
  4. there is a few well known games that don't register controller inputs on the nes with the powerpak. Dirty Harry, Captain Planet, Paperboy, Infiltrator, last starfighter and mad Max.. Does anybody have the ips patches for these to fix these to post? Thanks
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