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  1. Rad2x will require external power via Micro USB when using it with a Jaguar. The SNES version of the Rad2x device has a Micro USB plug installed but its covered up by a plastic tab (the SNES delivers enough power so this isn't needed when using the Rad2x with a Snes.) Thats why its covered up with a plastic tab, just cut that tab off and you can power it with an external source. Snes2Jag all have a power regulator so they will work with HD Retrovision cables. I will modify the device with a small switch so you can turn it off when using it with a Rad2x as the Jag does not provide enough power from the AV port to power the Rad2x and if the power regulator is still active it causes some signal noise in the image. (At least in my experience) just a heads up, Im not an Engineer...just a hobbiest. The smoothing filter works great on some games...not so much with others. As usual YMMV. No time frame as i need to figure out how and where Im going to install a small switch to the SNES2JAG
  2. Here are some more videos of RAYMAN VIA Snes2Jag to Rad2x HDMI out. Low pass Smoothing filter off(first vid) and then on (second vid) IMG_6992.m4v IMG_6991.m4v
  3. I don't know, I know the catbox has an RGB output that "might" be able to be converted with a different adapter. I don't have a Catbox so I'm not sure. I do have a Scatbox with an RGB output that I don't use So I suppose I could look into it once I'm done with this round of Snes2Jags.....it will be a hot minute before i can get to it though.
  4. I make an adapter that allows you to use a wide variety of SNES Cables with the Jaguar from Composite , S-video, RGB, HD-Retrovisions, HDMI Pound cables, and Now the RAD2X. Forum Link I'll be FINISHING 39 more SNES2JAG very soon. Cheers
  5. Yes! I am currently making 39 SNES2Jag adapters. Discovering the RAD2X works with my adapters has slowed progress as I want to implement a toggle switch to shut off the Internal Power regulator if choosing to use the RAD2X (needs external power for Jag use)
  6. You would have to reach out to the Twitter User to see if he still has it. I've got my "2JAG" devices working with Retro Game Cables RAD2X HDMI devices so I'll be using that for my Jag connection moving forward.
  7. So after some tinkering I have my Jaguar using my Snes2jag with a Retro gaming Cables Snes Rad2x. Jaguar with 480p via HDMI! You have to power the unit externally, and disable the internal power regulator in the Snes2Jag...but it works and looks pretty good! The image defaults to 16/9 but that can be fixed via tv or scaler settings. Im looking to add a switch to the Snes2Jag to allow the user to manualy disable the internal power regulator of the Snes2Jag so users can switch between HD Retrovision cables and the Rad2x.....Options are good. Pics and Video Below.... Jody Hicks (Uncle_Jody) Twitter.mp4
  8. I know for a fact that the Snes2Jag works with the Snes Pound cable...I have ordered the RAD2X devices and hopefully those will work with both the Gen2Jag and Snes2Jag also. I iwll let people know if the Rad2X devices with with my adapters after I test them.
  9. I know for a fact the Snes version of this cable works with the Snes2Jag....I have not tested the Gen2Jag with the Genesis versionof the cable but it "Should" work. I've ordered the RAD2x snes and genesis devices and hopefully those will work with both the Gen2Jag and Snes2Jag. https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/RAD2X-HDMI-CABLES
  10. Ive been sick for the4 past few days so no progress as Ive been sleeping, plus with work and general life studff...its taking me longer than it should. I'm on the mend and will get back to it soon....sorry for the delay.
  11. The Jaguar does native RGB out of the rear edge connector. I make a cable adapter that allows the user to use any SNES cable with the Jaguar, including HD Retrovision cables. I think its a noticeable difference over S-Video but as always YMMV. Here are some forum links from when i started making them.
  12. *not-so shameless plug* Now you just need a Snes2Jag Cable adapter to view your jag in GLORIOUS HDRetrovision Component Output!!
  13. Yep....I want one of these for my BennVenn modded Lynx II!
  14. Same....name a price and let the bloodbath begin!
  15. I wonder if setting the Jaguar SD to autoboot the SD card using this this rom would work. I'll try this when I get homer from work.
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