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  1. I have a JagSD so I can play it anytime i want. Im keeping my mint sealed Jag games sealed. My collection is small, but its stuff i like.
  2. Anyone know of an acrylic box protector for White Men Can't Jump with the team tap? I got a mint CIB sealed in plastic copy and I'd like it to stay that way FOREVER!!!! And before anyone says anything.... I know the game is trash.... but its Mint trash.
  3. Thanks for the feedback! Im glad you are happy with the Snes2Jag. The entire point of making it was to make something so people can either use cables they all-ready have (Snes cables) or other options as they become available. and that Jag S-Video is VERY clean.... im interested in your opinion after you try the HD Retrovison cables tho. Thanks Again!
  4. Awesome I'm glad you are enjoying the SNES2JAG. Jaguar S-VIDEO is a pretty clean signal. Most cables do not need the 5 volts from the 7805 Voltage regulator I install in the Snes2jag.... I recommend leaving the switch to On because the VAST majority of people will be using your standard composite/ s-video cables or HDRetrovision cables. The only use case is if you want to use a RAD2X or Pound HDMI Cable. those need external power and in my testings supplying A RAD2X with BOTH power sources ( 5 volts fromt eh jag and 5 volts from an external source) caused significant noise in the video signal...plus Im not sure how safe that is for the RAD2X. So I added the switch literally as a fail safe for people that want to use the RAD2X. You are safe to leave it in the on position for any other standard cables even thous those cables don't actually use the power source. now that i think about it you only need to turn it to ON when using HD Retrovision cables, but its safe to leave it there.
  5. This was my practice box...to learn how I wanted to wire up the Snes2Jag and Gen2Jag. I don't use it at all, its just one in the long line of prototypes on my way to make something super small and reproducible. Its a One Off and mostly done for laughs.
  6. Or.... you could make one of these monstrosities and have literally EVERY output you could want.....well except VGA.... I suppose there is still room for that to be added.
  7. The Audio pinouts are 1a and 1b. If you can grab those signals from the shielded side of capacitor L17 and L18 located right behind the metal shield in the-back of the Jag and wire them up to a 3.5mm stereo jack then grab any ground and you should be good to go. Maybe replace the RF unit with your Audio jack for a nice no-cut mod.
  8. RAD2X Mod. So in order to use a SNES RAD2XS with your Snes2Jag you will need to Mod the RAD2X. Simply Pry open your RAD2X with a guitar pick or some other edged item. On the "Bottom" part of the clear case you will see a small tab. This tab is what covers up the micro USB port. Mine is already modded but you can see where the tab will be, I'm pointing to it with a screwdriver in the third picture below. Using some clippers, snip the plastic tab off of the bottom. Resemble the RAD2X by snapping the bottom back on and you are good to go!
  9. The mod is Necessary as the Jag AV output does not properly power the Rad2x. The power coming out of the Jag's AV edge connector is enough to power the HD Retrovision cables, but not the RAD2X. I included a power switch so users can shut off the Power from the Jag when externally powering their RAD2X or Pound HDMI cable.
  10. I can save you some time. There are no real components other than a voltage regulator. Other than that its an edge connector from digikey, The SNES AV board from Oshpark and a perfboard for structural / mechanical purposes and lots of tiny wires soldered by hand. This version has a tiny switch that allows you to not use the Jags power source, useful if you want to use the RAD2X...Which you also need to modify by cutting a small plastic piece off to allow external power. Ill post pics of the RAD2X mod to show people what to do. its super easy....
  11. 6 Left!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/SNES2JAG-Super-Nintendo-Cable-convertor-for-Atari-Jaguar/133449454742
  12. 14 left https://www.ebay.com/itm/SNES2JAG-Super-Nintendo-Cable-convertor-for-Atari-Jaguar/133449454742
  13. 16 left https://www.ebay.com/itm/SNES2JAG-Super-Nintendo-Cable-convertor-for-Atari-Jaguar/133449454742
  14. 19 LEFT... .https://www.ebay.com/itm/SNES2JAG-Super-Nintendo-Cable-convertor-for-Atari-Jaguar/133449454742
  15. Small glitch on my part...... 39 still available....
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