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  1. I really wish i could purchase a good rom of Battlesphere from an official source.... every single BS rom i have tried gives me a red screen.
  2. I have not tried the Hyperkin cable, but I had a customer report that the Snes Pound HDMI cable worked really well. As always.... YMMV.
  3. I got my Jaguar SD three days ago, I live in Fresno, CA.
  4. Anyone having issues getting BattleSphere Gold to work? the Jaguar SD cart works flawlessly with all my Roms except for BattleSphere Gold. I get the Red screen of death every-time. all in all....a fantastic device with incredible build quality. Loving the Jaguar SD!!!!
  5. I have not, but I had a customer report that that they were using the SNES HDMI Pound cable and it looked great!
  6. Thanks for the kind words! it small operation (just me) but I really enjoy hearing people like the product and that there i still demand! Now to find the time to bang out this next batch.
  7. I have the parts to make another 15 adapters. Ill be making a 8/7 split between SNES and Genesis so there should be enough for anyone that wants one. Ill update you once Im read to sell them.
  8. If anyone else finds themselves needing a perfect fit for a replacement 500k trimmer pot for an Atari 2600 this part on Digikey is perfect and has a nice wide range for fine tuning the colors. https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/amphenol-piher-sensing-systems/PT15NV02-504A2020-E-S/1993-1174-ND/9556010 Thanks again to fluxit for the info. Cheers
  9. Thank you! I figured this would be the case, but I always like to check with the forums first. Trim Pots ordered!
  10. Greetings All! Im repairing an Atari 2600 Jr. for a friend and the color trim pot literally disintegrated into a pile of dust and sadness when I attempted to tun the colors after a composite mod. Does anyone know the part name/part number so I can order on from Digikey or Mouser? I appreciate any help I can get. Thank You!!
  11. Awesome! I've got my 800xl set up already for whenever you want some extra eyes on it!
  12. Just checking in to see how much interest there would be for reproduction CX78 Gamepad Screw in Joysticks. I needed one for myself and made a silicon mold of the part, and was just curious if anyone else needed these or if there is any demand whatsoever. I don't have the color dialed in yet, but that's just trial and error. Thoughts?
  13. I just bought two atari 800xl's. on eBay for $95 with power supply (ingot style, its getting replaced )and one serial cable. Both machines work perfectly after cleaning and were made in Hong Kong so yay for socketed chips but BOOO for poor quality sockets! The seller wrapped them nicely in bubble wrap but taped the wrap directly to one of the machines right across the bottom paper label. Nice huh? I'm looking for some Rev C Basic ROM chips if anyone has spares they wanna sell or knows someone that can make a few. Seriously though....anyone knows a guy that can make some Basic Rev C Roms?
  14. Not to resurrect an old thread, but has there been any updates to the status of this project? This looks very interesting!
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