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  1. Hi, Can someone identify the game in this video? Just curious.
  2. xulchris


    You can count me in for one as well...
  3. Commie Mutants appears to be running perfect now in MESS.
  4. hmm I thought these devices worked with any OS that supported USB? I guess I better ask now, does anyone know if these things work on Linux?
  5. I noticed a very interesting change in Meltdown today with MESS. I think it is caused by the RIOT updates. I am going to have to verify the behavior against real hardware with TJ's help tomorrow. Okay the interesting change was just what happens when the difficulty switch is set to A. However, I did come up with a hack to make meltdown perfect in MESS.
  6. I noticed a very interesting change in Meltdown today with MESS. I think it is caused by the RIOT updates. I am going to have to verify the behavior against real hardware with TJ's help tomorrow.
  7. xulchris

    MESS 0.116

    What happened? I think the problem is nobody actually tests MESS, and those that do just complain instead of reporting bugs to bugzilla... I have no idea about 7800, 5200 and ColecoVision. I *think* the 7800/5200 issues have been fixed. What is wrong with 2600 driver? It's "lame"? Okay, I'll report that bug to Wilbert: Wilbert: 2600 driver is "lame". LOL I sure hope we get some better testers out of the AtariAge community when 0.117 is released....
  8. I'm able to get nearly perfect colors with the Atari 2600 using MESS' current algorithm and the following modification to luma: double Y = (j-0.5) / 8.0;
  9. xulchris

    MESS 0.116

    I wouldn't expect Pitfall II support for 0.117. Wilbert mentioned today that he is really busy at work now and he barely had any time to look at a regression with Venture this evening. I think he plans to implement light gun support (hopefully trak-ball/mouse controller support as well), fix up meltdown so its 100%, fix a bug with SuperCharger games and try to fix that sound bug which affects tons of games for 0.117. Then for 0.118 I think he plans to implement Pitfall 2, and/or whatever else needs to be done like KidVid Voice Module support, Save Key support, palette fixes, or any new bugs that might come up.
  10. xulchris

    MESS 0.116

    This bug is invalid upon further inspection on real hardware.
  11. xulchris

    MESS 0.116

    Yes sometimes the drivers change and you have to remove your config files. Please use MESS Bugzilla to file bugs. I'd like to keep this thread specific to Atari drivers and namely the 2600 improvements. I'm not interested in any other driver except 2600 and Apple 2 so if there are bugs in other drivers please report them to bugzilla yourself. Thanks.
  12. xulchris

    MESS 0.116

    I'm not sure what you are referring to here, but we do have some preliminary code in MESS to auto-detect input device. So hopefully soon MESS can behave like stella and automagically configure the correct input device for you for each game.
  13. xulchris

    MESS 0.116

    Hi Tebor, I'm really sorry about that Windows glitch that is making so many games not work. I tested Spider-Man and it appears this appears on real hardware as well. I also tested it with stella, and stella does the same thing. Did you compare this with real hardware? Defender II, Stargate, and all the Epyx games work here. Tac-Scan does not start. I believe this is a regression from the RIOT changes. I will report this bug, thanks. The issue with warlords is a known bug and has already been reported. It only occurs when joysticks are plugged in. Switch to paddles and you do not get the glitch. Note, stella has the same glitch if you force stella to use joysticks.
  14. Kool-Aid man was fixed today, however we are not sure if the score numbers are spaced correctly. The spacing of the numbers in the score is worse in 0.116 than it is in this screenshot, but it still does not look perfect. However the fix did make Realsports Basketball 100% correct which I believe is another first for emulation! Can anyone take a picture of Kool-Aid man score running on a real machine so we can see what it is supposed to look like? The stars in Rabbit Transit were also fixed in MESS today.
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