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  1. Thanks a ton good sir! I think i'm sticking around on this forum, good stuff.
  2. Thanks It is sometimes pretty hard to identify these because there are so many identical titles from different designers with different editions. Which do you think would still be interesting to sell?
  3. Alright will get pictures and show them asap. I've included one pic already, will show the remainders (from the list above) probably tommorrow.
  4. I saw that many already are listed as rare, but I find it hard to believe that some are actually somewhat rare that I own O_o ski run (blue-/green-ish cover) criminal persuit (dark green cover) obelix (silver cover) wing war (white cover with black letters) ikari warriors (red cover) Defender (2x, black and blue-/green-ish cover) and some others: Klax Ghostbusters II Asterix Open Sesame World End Dancing Plate Inca Gold Condor Attack My sources were - http://www.atarimani...ity=10&step=200 - The list of R10's compiled by Rom hunter: http://www.atariage....ost__p__2314042
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