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  1. Thanks for the update and clarification, appreciate it.
  2. Hello, is there any update on this? coming up on nearly 3 years since I paid for this game...based on this comment though, will the original cart format even be sent to those who paid $40? same question goes for Mars Mini...which I also paid for in 2013.
  3. Please put me down for one - Any number above #11 is fine.
  4. Hi Carl, Payment just sent for ROM Thanks for great game!!!
  5. glad to know I'm not alone! does this project accept blurry, grainy photographs of rare items taken with a 35mm disposable camera and then scanned in? because I think I found one here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/236055-intellivision-printer/
  6. I'm not quite sure i understand what this what this thread is about...
  7. I'm sure this has been asked but is there an anticipated ship date for these? I sent payment for both versions a couple wks ago. Thanks!
  8. I remember back sometime late 1996/early '97 I bought a handful of sealed games for like $40 from someone online (before people were selling much on ebay) That site reminds me of the list I bought from back then... unfortunately the titles were all common/uncommon, probably overstock from K-B Toys , I don't recall if they had any rares, but back then I didn't know what the rare titles were. Was just excited I was able to buy some games that I wanted when I was a kid...
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