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  1. Thanks for the update and clarification, appreciate it.
  2. Hello, is there any update on this? coming up on nearly 3 years since I paid for this game...based on this comment though, will the original cart format even be sent to those who paid $40? same question goes for Mars Mini...which I also paid for in 2013.
  3. Please put me down for one - Any number above #11 is fine.
  4. Hi Carl, Payment just sent for ROM Thanks for great game!!!
  5. glad to know I'm not alone! does this project accept blurry, grainy photographs of rare items taken with a 35mm disposable camera and then scanned in? because I think I found one here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/236055-intellivision-printer/
  6. I'm not quite sure i understand what this what this thread is about...
  7. I'm sure this has been asked but is there an anticipated ship date for these? I sent payment for both versions a couple wks ago. Thanks!
  8. I remember back sometime late 1996/early '97 I bought a handful of sealed games for like $40 from someone online (before people were selling much on ebay) That site reminds me of the list I bought from back then... unfortunately the titles were all common/uncommon, probably overstock from K-B Toys , I don't recall if they had any rares, but back then I didn't know what the rare titles were. Was just excited I was able to buy some games that I wanted when I was a kid...
  9. have you missed one? I dont see this on your list. http://www.intellivision.us/intvgames/baseball/baseball.php
  10. being one that paid in advance and not requested money back (I still want the game) I think a simple update on status is within reason...
  11. wow! nice find if you can get it! I'm not in NY though. would love to see photos of them... I assume if he won't ship he's not going to provide photos.
  12. Any word on when these will ship out for those that have paid? Just curious as I have seen some copies in the homebrew collection photos thread. Thanks!!
  13. thanks, yeah saw that and purchased both on ebay (thanks to your link). The GF and GFG repo boxes. Go For Gold was the one I was referring to be the last available (at least in lot he had for sale)
  14. ahhh nevermind... saw them posted on your site Rev and see they are boxes from Alex... just went and bought the last one on ebay
  15. hmmm... where'd that game factory come from? Thought my collection was near complete except for the double secrect robot rubble/league of light releases, but game factory is something I havent seen (or seen up for pre-order.)
  16. This was one of my favorites and I like the ideas! There has been talk of this over at Intellivision.us
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