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  1. project update: Trying to make some progress. Only little spare time for retro. Burning eproms, building devices, testing, trying to process a few orders ... working ...
  2. Basic soldering, as required for this little project, really is no rocket science. Just take a couple of wires, maybe some trashed pcbs and an electronics soldering iron and play around. Try to solder wires onto pads or connect wires. Desolder components. Solder again. With some practice, you will be able to do a job like this. I'm sure, there are tutorial videos on youtube or on www.weller-tools.com or the homepage of the other manufacturers. It is fun!
  3. Oh, this old thread is coming up again?! Thanks, the selector box still is working. It's a really simple mechanical approach. Anybody can build this, with some basic soldering. I think I even have some hand wriiten documents. Some notes how I wired the thing.
  4. Ohhh, , not a record? But you are right. I saw the counter jump to something like 270 views, as soon as I posted the 2nd entry. And was wondering why!
  5. This really is funny, This post has been out for seven months and it collected 0 views and 0 responses! This simply must be a record ! ​It certainly is the most boring and irrelevant topic, that ever made it to the AtariAge-Forum! Yeah, I did it! Try to beat it, if you can... And nonetheless, I sold a couple of those adapters. Probably, many people simply do not know "AVPS" or "1292", but simply Radofin or Acetronic.
  6. Hi Phil, I just switch to PM, since our ordering details and talking certainly are not of public interest. Just trying to keep the thread "clean". All right? -Rolo
  7. I would like to add something to clarify things: The Dragon Multi-cart is the common memory device for all the systems (named after the computer, for which I started the project). There is one eprom included, which holds 64 games. You can swap eproms and burn your own eproms as you like. You can freely mix games for all consoles on one eprom. The "Extension Cartridges" are nothing but adapters for the different systems. I'm only making small numbers, since sales figures usually are quite low. This means, I'm running out of items quite easily. In most cases, I'm offering to register on waiting lists and I start to reproduce, when orders reach a certain threshold. This is not a commercial offer. There is no shop involved or something like that. It is just a private hobby project. For ordering just send me a PM and tell me what you want. I'll respond as soon as I can. Payment: Paypal or international money transfer directly to my bank account. I recommend to have an eprom burner and an UV-eraser (easy and cheap to acquire on ebay from China) to be able to change and burn your own eproms. Especially if you are planning to use the Multi-Cart for different systems. Please check out the feedback page: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/258478-rolo/
  8. Hi Phil, Thank you for checking out my project. Maybe I have to add some information to my post. I'll do so. Yes, the Dragon Multi-cart is the common memory device for all the systems (named after the computer, for which I started the project). The extensions are nothing but adapters for the different systems. There is one eprom included, which can hold 64 games. You can swap eproms and burn your own eproms as you like. You can freely mix games for all consoles on one eprom. No problem. It is a very simple device, which is easy to understand and to operate. The Odyssey-Extension are currently sold out. I could put you on a waiting list for those, if you like. I have a final Interton Extension left. I should start to reproduce those, too. But after an initial rush, sales have been very, very, very weak ever since. And I'm running out of Dragon Multi-carts... Always the same, I do not want to have too much stock laying around, eating up money and space, but when people start ordering, I'm running out of stuff. I might not be the best salesman. Ordering is easy. Just send me a PM and I'll respond. Paying via Paypal or international money transfer, as you wish. Best regards, Rolo
  9. Extension Cartridge for Emerson Arcadia 2001 family available Just a link, if you are looking for a multi-cartridge for Emerson Arcadia 2001: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/242786-multi-cartridge-for-dragoncoco-2-available/page-3?do=findComment&comment=4082727
  10. Extension Cartridge for Emerson Arcadia 2001 family available I made a new extension cartridge connecting the Dragon Multi-Cart to an Emerson Arcadia 2001-console. Wikipedia shows a huge variety of clones: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arcadia_2001. I'm having a HANIMEX HMG-2650, which is identical to the Emerson Arcadia 2001. There are five software compatible sub-families, with unfortunately different cartridge slots. Please consider this. Currently I'm not having any plans to also build extension cartridges for the other sub-types. I loaded an eprom with 64 games for testing, all of them are running flawlessly, as far as I noticed. All cartridges available in limited numbers. Please allow some time to manufacture and ship the products. It's a strictly manual (hobby-) process. Price US$13.99 plus shipping! Please use PM. Rolo
  11. If you are buying a CoCo SDC you don't need the Dragon/CoCo Multicart. One cartridge is enough. Dragon/CoCo Multicart: 30 US$ plus shipping Where? PM on AtariAge You can burn the eprom in any way you like, as long as you got a burner. Of course I'd assist in that process.
  12. Cartridge port: no significant differences, except the 12 VDC, which usually are not used.
  13. Well, I made it for the DRAGON 32/64 computer a few years ago (signals, dimensions and edge-connector), which is compatible to CoCo 2. The idea with the adapters for the other systems came later. Initially that wasn't planned.
  14. That's my problem, too. Each time I make something, I have some ideas to modify or maybe to improve. On the one hand it's good, to make things better, on the other hand it's generating a bunch of differnet versions with incompatibilities. Even if only mechanical, not good for a universal case, for example. Thank you everybody for showing your individual Vectrex-controllers! Great work!
  15. project update: Today I shipped my final VECTREX Joystick Kit. So, I'm hibernating this project for probably, well, for good. Almost all components are gone, except some buttons, cables, levers. Thank you all kit-builders for the support. Have fun and maybe for all the people, who still did not put the thing together, a little reminder: Today is a good day to start making your own personal Vectrex joystick. Best regards, Rolo
  16. project update: I made a few new Multi-Cartridges. Having problems with a new adapter.
  17. Thanks, I'll PM you soon! I'm just in the process of reproducing Multi-Cartridges....
  18. Hi Rob, Funny! I'm just waiting for a new batch of pcbs to arrive. I'll need some time for making those ready, but I'll come back to you. Best regards, Rolo
  19. project update: Three kits left ...
  20. Well, the circuitry is quite straight forward, but it's just a part of the task. So, I'm not sure, if those schematics really would help somebody. Equally important: identifying suitable components, ordering things from various stores, designing pcbs according to the parts, designing the mechanical outline getting/making cables getting fitting sticks (most thumbtacks simply fall of the controller, that's why I designed one of my own) fix all the errors Assuming some major demand, I could consider to provide real DIY-kits for the experts: Unsoldered, just parts and pcbs. That would speed up things considerably and would still be an easy and quick way to make an individual controller, without to much detail work.
  21. project update: I finished my waiting list! I contacted all people on my list and shipped all items, as ordered. Only a few spare kits are left. This means, this project is coming to an end now. Thanks to all supporters!
  22. Oh, interesting! I've never seen this before. Don't know anything about this console, not too much information in the web at first glance.
  23. I'll contact you via PM. "Extension" may not be a proper name. I probably should have simply called it an "adapter". Well, I'm not a native speaker. Extra eproms: If you were using the Multi-cartridge with different consoles, you might want to have more storage space for all those games, without purchasing multiple carriers/pcbs. SOUNDIC video console: Please specify more precisely. I think, you have one of those "10-button" PONG-style consoles, which are different from the 1292 AVPS. Maybe you post a photo.
  24. Hmmm, let me think. What did we have or at least know, back in the day.... in Western Germany? I was living in a small town in the southern part of the country then, really not a central spot in the universe. Late seventies: Consoles, quite rare: All kinds of PONG-clones (GI-chip inside). Interton VC-4000 for rich kids. Unreachable! Home computers, very uncommon: Really expensive. Nobody in my family and none of the people I knew, had one or even had an idea, why they would want one. Early eighties: Consoles, slowly, slowly creeping into wealthy living rooms (families usually had only one tv-set) : PHILIPS G7000, Atari VCS, a few Intellivision, some Colecovision, Vectrex (at least in some shops) Home computers: still uncommon in most of the families, but some freaks suddenly had early Commodore computers PET, 3032, VC-20. Atari 400/800, TI99/4A and C64 appeared in major stores or the first home computer shops. Little bit later also Sinclair computers, some rare Dragon 32. A year later Schneider CPC (=Amstrad). Apple II was too expensive by far, only for "professional" users. Most of the other (underdog) home computers, I only read of in computer magazines. I never saw them in the stores in my town. Mid eighties: Consoles: dead Home computers: Commodore 64 and almost nothing else! A few not successful machines, like MSX-models, Spectravideo, Commodore 264/364/C16 ... 1985 Atari ST appearing. First PC-clones Commodore PC-10/PC-20 or TI Professional Computer still very expensive. IBM-PC ridiculously expensive. 1986 Amiga starting slowly... Personal Computers start to become more common in business life. Home computers still are not in every house by far, but are no more a total sensation. Very late eighties: Consoles: Don't know, I lost interest. Home computers: Amiga 500 and Atari ST are common, PC starting to catch up. I personally did not experience a big variety of computers and consoles in my little town. My family and friends were not computer-affiliated at all. When I started the hobby in 1982, I knew of nobody else in my vicinity. It was so futuristic and new and special! Back in the day, I did not know of all of these other consoles or computers and I think, most of them never were sold in major quantities in Germany. I even did not know the British and French computers, except Sinclair and Dragon.
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