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  1. No more! Got one (Acetronic)! Waiting for it to be delivered...
  2. project update: All people on the waiting list have been served. Waiting list is obsolete now. I still have some items left and ready to be delivered. Still looking for a cheap 1292-console for adapter development.
  3. project update: Today i did final assembly and testing of the kits, I've been making so far. I also started packing them up. Some accounting and some quick calculation showed higher production costs than anticipated, which means I'm going to madly increase the price of the Vectrex Joystick Kit to now US$ 60 ! I'm going to chronologically PM the registered people on the waiting list next and ask, if their orders still are valid and delivery still desired. Everything is completely non-obligatory. If anybody should have lost interest, I'll simply scratch the name and go to the next line. Until now, I've just made half of the kits. So, if you do not get a PM now, you might be on the lower half of the list. It will take some time to build the remaining kits, but I'm working ...
  4. project update: All multi-cartridges had been sold! I soldered a new batch yesterday and today. Protective metal bottom shields are still missing. -Rolo
  5. And those cigar boxes never seem to loose this special tobacco smell. My father used to smoke cigars, too, back in the day (early eighties). I'm still having a few of his boxes for storing electronic components.
  6. project update: Today I made a few new Multi-Cartridge to INTERTON VC4000 extensions. All four have been tested. Back in stock! I'm going to PM the people on the waiting list.
  7. Thank you very much! You are on the list. Please let me do the Interton VC4000 adapters first, then I have to reproduce some Dragon/CoCO Multi-carts and I have to go on with the Vectrex Controller kits, before I start the 1292 adapter. It's getting a bit out of hand at the moment.
  8. Yes, you'll need a case. You can buy a cheap standard plastic case, which you get in any electronics store, or make a wooden box or maybe acrylic glass, or sheet metal ... or 3D-print something. You'll need to dremel cut-offs and drill holes into your panel. And you'll have to do some simple soldering (cables). So, a soldering iron should feel kind of familiar in your hand. I just take away the electronics work from you, the rest is up to you.
  9. Today I got new components. Still soldering pcbs..... Got a not-enough-spare-time-problem. @takevin: Thanks. The number of kits is limited. But I put your name on the list. Not sure at the moment, how many of the kits haven't already been pre-ordered. I'll PM you in time...
  10. Thanks Jinks, the cased one is gone. At the moment one Multi-Cartridge is left. But I'll make more, as soon as I get new pcbs and eproms. No cases. I mount the pcbs onto metal plates, which is especially fine for the Dragon Computer. The circuitry is not sensitive. Or: It's easy to make a case out of an old, cheap Atari 2600 cartridge shell (maybe an ET-cartridge ). You could 3D-print a case as well. I'd help you burning your eprom, sure. Just PM me some day, you want a cartridge.
  11. That's too much cartridges plugged into each other, a cartridge stack too big and instable for me: Dragon-Cart into Interton-adaptor into Radofin-adaptor into console. Personally I'm aiming at the multi-cart, not at swapping rom-cartridges between systems. Which btw. would mean, you need two adaptors: Radofin-carts -> Interton console and Interton-carts -> Radofin console. Can all be interesstiing, but due to lack of spare time, I have to focus on a few simple projects. I can't handle a big variety of products. Maybe anybody else might do this?
  12. project update: making things... a lot of work... many hours... Auto-fire pcbs are populated on both sides. Not calibrated and not tested, yet. I'm trying to get the first ten kits out soon. -Rolo
  13. Hi weirdocollector!, Yes it is. Currently 2 cartridges left. The cased one and and one uncased cartridge. I send you a PM. -Rolo
  14. Exactly! I try to cover the majority of 1292 consoles with the next adaptor, so I'm looking for the biggest family with same connectors and cassette dimensions. Rom-compatibility is one thing, fitting mechanically/electrically into edge connector and slot are different things, equally important for the user. So, my question is: Are Radofin, Hanimex, Fountain, Grandstand, Lansay, Audiosonic, Prinztronic and Acetronic really one family? Is it a good choice to select these consoles? Thanks for the discussion!
  15. Project update: Yesterday I ordered new pcbs for INTERTON Extension cartridges for the Dragon Multi-Cartridge!
  16. 1292 consoles ??? It looks like, there are not many Radofin, Hanimex, Prinztronic, Acetronic ... 1292 systems left?! Most of them probably were simply thrown away back in the eighties, before such a thing like "RETRO" existed. There is not much information out there and it seems not much is going on (even on ebay). Obviously a dead console-family, except the INTERTON VC 4000 maybe. If you have one of those consoles, please PM or send reply. If I get some feedback, I'll count the consoles and publish the numbers right here.
  17. Ok, registered! Thank you, very much. It will take some time. I can't spend much time on this hobby project, but I'm going on and on and on ....
  18. Your HELP is needed! Well, I'm thinking about making an Extension-Cartridge for the 1292-systems, like Radofin, Acetronic, Princetronic, like I have one for the Interton VC4000. But I do not have one of those! And I can't find a cheap one to buy. Question 1: Are those cartridge systems really compatible? Same cartridge port pinout? Same geometry? Same cartridges? Question 2: Does anybody have some schematics, service manual, technical details? Question 3: Does anybody have some real interest in such an Extension Cartridge for the Dragon Multi-Cartridge? Question 4: Would anybody lend such a console and one game cartridge to me for testing purposes? Or does anybody know of a cheap console for me to buy? Rolo
  19. I think, I'm going to order components for making a 2nd batch of INTERTON-VC4000-Extension-Cartridges for the "Dragon Multi-Cart" soon! Dragon-Multi-Cart-owners: If you want to come onboard, this is a good time for that.
  20. Update: People on Interton-VC4000-Extension-Cartridge waiting list: -2- Rolo
  21. project update: I built the first item of Vectrex Controller version 1.3! It is fully working, as it is supposed to do. I found no faults. Great! As you probably see, I rearranged components on the electronics pcb, to make it easier to mount a board to a panel. All bulky components are on the solder-side now. Slim components and controls are on the front side/component-side. Two 6 mm distance rollers and two screws hold the pcb in place. Controls are sitting directly on the pcb. You just have to provide cut-offs in the panel. Furthermore I rotated the board by 90 degrees, to gain some more room for the four buttons inside the case. I can start now, to produce all those pcbs, assemble the kits and slowly try to serve the waiting list. I'll PM the people on the list one by one and ask, if there still is some interest or maybe no more. No obligations! If no more interested, I'll simply skip the line and jump to the next name on my list. -Rolo
  22. It is still going on. A little bit slowly at the moment , but hey, it's summertime !
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