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  1. I think that’s because it’s not actually ready to ship yet
  2. Did you eventually find II Backgammon? I'm still looking. I lucked into SS Baseball in a lot of 20 commons with a Sears System from a local guy for $100 for the whole thing.
  3. try messaging intvdave directly, maybe he still has some around? worth a shot.
  4. Yes there was a set of repro boxes that included Congo Bongo, there may still be some available here. http://intellivision.us/boxes.php
  5. I have a couple of boxes left but no overlays, message me if you want a box
  6. OK Marc said he will send yours directly to you so you can pay him for postage.
  7. Guys guys guys calm down, nobody said anything about wearing pants....
  8. I spun quickly through the video, did they ever show any gameplay footage?
  9. What’s your real name? I haven’t sent the order to him yet but will next week.
  10. If you want to ask him personally and work something out I'm fine with that.
  11. These are being printed by Marc O. but he is sending to me in Canada, I can't ask him to send out boxes to individual customers. And yes I realize how silly it is to send from Germany to Canada and back to Germany but that's how I have to do it. If you are still interested let me know and I will add you to the count for when I send the print order.
  12. OK not selling quite yet but will put you on my list for one. Details how to buy coming next week.
  13. Including me and the game producers we're up to 6 now! Woo hoo!
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