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  1. They were mailed out last week, see four threads down but if you don’t want to ruin the surprise stay off AA until you get yours.
  2. Somebody still has a working 3/4" deck? Wow, the last time I saw one of those was in the movie Speed where they somehow used one to LOOP a 10 second recording. None of the ones I ever used in my TV career ever had a Loop function haha.
  3. Elektronite was selling those roms a few months ago, not sure if they still are, email William and ask him.
  4. Just saw a show on Netflix about the making of Ghostbusters, part of a series, there was an episode about Diehard as well. When they started shooting Ghostbusters they didn’t have the rights to the name yet, there had been an earlier really low budget movie called Ghostbusters. So every shot that mentioned Ghostbusters they had to do an alternate take using “Ghostbreakers”, the backup name. The exec from Columbia who greenlit the movie originally got fired halfway through and then hired by Universal, who originally owned the name, so he told them to sell the rights to Columbia and the rest is history. Worth a watch if you have an hour.
  5. Hey Hank, what’s the story on the painted labels? In general I mean, not just yours
  6. I would do again next year but the price should drop since we already got all the roms this year, $150 is a lot for just a game no matter how exclusive.
  7. Are you still working on this game? I liked what you did so far, would be happy to see you finish it.
  8. I got an email yesterday that my order was completed so I think that means they started shipping.
  9. How about Santa has to rescue Reindeer, presents etc
  10. on the bottom of the box is it made in USA or Hong Kong?
  11. I believe you mean Aardvark, though he does werk hard to catch those ants. What about Oscar's Zombie game? Or does it have to be a cart release? I forget the rules for this.
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