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  1. Will try to drop by, schedule permitting.
  2. Arabian Intellivision is so 2020. In 2021 the cool kids all want the Chinese University Intellivision 🤪
  3. Or just add stickers! That’s a variant, right? Could clear out all the old stock!
  4. Love Siouxsie, she just sort of disappeared, I guess they retired? I heard Severin has health issues…
  5. Here’s one I made a while ago for Area Fighter
  6. I too would have preferred credit towards Amico games, I will also give my gift to anyone that wants it.
  7. If it is a reproduction it seems like a lot of work to go to to maybe sell a fairly common game
  8. I’ll take some orders in September, I’m in the middle of moving and then I’m away on vacation for a couple of weeks. Anyone else wants some just post here and I will contact you then.
  9. I’ll have more done next time I do a print run, not sure when that will be yet. Anybody else want some?
  10. You missed the Zombie Madness box/overlays which I made and sold, 2600 connection sold them as cart/manual only.
  11. I just had a few printed but they are all sold, if I knew there was more demand I would have had more made These are my last (personal for me) copies. If there is enough interest I can have more made.
  12. I think the french versions they shrinkwrapped with that manual between the box and the shrinkwrap, so it looked like a french only box. Luc and Chris have been digging into these lately, they can confirm
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