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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/10/26/what-is-edge-sorting-and-why-did-it-cost-a-poker-star-10-million-in-winnings/%3foutputType=amp
  2. Some big pro guy in trouble for “edge marking” and winning $10m at baccharat, but odd thing is it required casino doing a lot of weird things he wanted, and they did them all. specific decks of cards, using automatic shuffler, rotating specific ones he thought were “unlucky” because he was “superstitious” seemed so obvious he was up to something…
  3. That's cool, I would suggest calling it Las Vegas Baccarat, the Super Pro games were mostly improved upgrades to existing sports games. I know there were exceptions like SP Decathlon and SP Volleyball but I think that was for uniformity with all the other Super Pro sports titles. Pretty sure "Las Vegas" isn't a copyright issue either. And since there was no previous Baccarat title it's not really improving on one. Just a thought, feel free to ignore it.
  4. have you plugged it into an intellivision and see if it works?
  5. Yes we do, welcome to the world of Intellivision collecting
  6. I don’t think posting scans will have any impact on the price when you sell them, it will just let the majority of us who could never outbid the big boys a chance to see some history that has only been very minimally documented online so far.
  7. High budget porn aside, any update on the game Cmadruga?
  8. I’ll leave it up to Rev if he wants to share those before the games come out
  9. Anybody interested in the prototype boxes (no actual games...yet) in Rev's pic send me a PM, I have a VERY small number of them available (except Tempest). Cost is nowhere close to retiring in Hawaii numbers.
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