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  1. I’d be interested in 4tris depending on which version it is
  2. Try messaging Intvnut on here, aka Joe Zbiciak, maker of the LTO flash
  3. Make sure the usb cable you are using is a data cable, there are some that are only for charging devices that look physically the same
  4. Thank you for sharing roms along the way and letting us play and comment throughout the process, you are really pushing the boundaries of what the Intellivision can do and I will be shocked if this doesn't win the contest. Your only real competition in my opinion is yourself with Infiltrator. BTW although a simpler game graphically than the other 2, I really enjoy Eggerland also, I never played the original but I like these "thinking required" type of puzzle games and it is very well done. Once the contest is over are you planning a more advanced version of TPI without the memory limits required by the contest rules?
  5. Here I thought he was a 70s porn star known as The Hedgehog
  6. I think he spent all weekend assembling Intellivania, Heli and Antarctic Tales games
  7. I also hand delivered one to another guy near you after Canada Post returned it to me when they couldn't figure out which door was his, even though the instructions said "Leave on doorstep". There were 2 doors, literally right beside each other, but I guess that was too much thinking.
  8. Hey Canadians, any of you that missed out before, I just got a final shipment from Joe of 12 more LTO-Flashes, message me to buy. Thanks
  9. Yes a partial refund wlll be appreciated, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t cost $42(us) to send 2 games to Canada, especially in one box, thanks
  10. I should have ordered with you, it’s $42.50 postage to canada for 2,3 or 4 games
  11. I wonder if licensing will be an issue? Burgertime is already on a Data East cartridge on Evercade for example. And what about TRON games? Realistically it will probably have to be the games with simpler controls. That likely eliminates Utopia unfortunately.
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