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  1. Here’s a french canadian Intellivoice on ebay, not my listing https://www.ebay.com/itm/Intellivision-Intellivoice-Synthesis-Module-With-Manual-In-Box/112966356965?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item1a4d51cfe5:g:wLIAAOSwy5Ja5PLu
  2. These look great, if some are a bit crowded, you might have to remove a row or two. Looking forward to seeing next rom. Keep up the great work!
  3. Oh that Poker Blackjack is the last one I need, bidding now!
  4. boom, still there. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-jeux-video-vintage/ville-de-montreal/console-de-jeux-video/1417480067?undefined
  5. If you’re gonna get another one might as well get the french canadian boxed version Look on kijiji in Quebec, I see them there often.
  6. Coincidentally this just popped up on facebook, I think they are spying on me but it’s still very interesting, POP movement is based on developer’s younger brother running and jumping in a parking lot haha
  7. wow the movement and animation is amazing, I used to play this back in the 90s on my first PC and you have really captured it, please keep going on this (I know it's only one of a bunch of your projects but they all look great!)
  8. I don't get this whole "grading" thing? Surely new sealed games right out of their 6-pack shipping box, unless they are crushed or squashed inside shrinkwrap, are automatically 100%, no? Who is paying these prices because someone stuck it inside a hard plastic case? Can anyone explain this scam? (at least it looks like a scam to me)
  9. Those look great but then what would count as a miss? Since the whole original game seems based around a certain number of misses equals game over And how would you switch between aircraft? Without the specific boulders to hit you are currently using? Not trying to dissuade these awesome screens just wondering how they would change the existing game parameters.
  10. I hope Hank is following this thread and seeing what awesomeness his initial request is inspiring!
  11. If you do add more sound fx and there is space, each plane and it’s bombs should all sound different
  12. These 3 have the most unique profiles that might translate well
  13. New airship is cool but the trajectory of its bomb is too horizontal, especially if you are trying to hit something on the bottom row. You have to fire almost instantly as soon as it appears on screen to hit something on the opposite side. Random levels/colours also good though i did once end up with a level with 3 layers of earth/ground that ran the entire width of the canyon mixed in-between the levels of boulder/targets, which made it impossible to hit the boulders. Question, the earth/ground can be damaged by your bombs but do not count as hits, is this correct?
  14. Loving the implementation of the blimp, how it is slower but the bombs are more devastating. Not sure how I did this but it let me make it to the second level. Once Level 2 started it reset misses back to 5.
  15. Watching a video of the original, it seems the player starts as a blimp then changes to a biplane when he drops to a certain height. However there was a lot more vertical space in the original, (screen was mounted vertically like most arcade cabinets) but the player could not control anything except when the bomb dropped. It began with a blimp crossing at the very top and getting slightly lower each pass across, until at a certain height it switches automatically. Your version already has more control than that, so maybe just make it an option? I think the bombs from the blimp do more damage than the biplane, perhaps you could limit the blimp to only one bomb per pass? They could fall slower or on a different trajectory from the biplane's bombs? Or explode in a different pattern? Just spitballing here...
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