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  1. After enough time, shrinkwrapping tends to turn into shrinkwarping…
  2. If anybody really wants to play slots on their Intellivision, a different version of slots is one of the games on IntyBasic Volume 3, available from Intellivision Revolution.
  3. A suggestion, slightly change the colour of either the red ninjas or the red branches so the ninjas don't "disappear" when they fly in front of the branches. And can you make the branches more like the branches in the original game and not just horizontal lines? You really need the boss battles (bonus rounds) screen too I think, this is a decent effort/port so far but it does need a bit of variety (like the other screen) to maintain a player's interest and not just become repetitive. One simple trick that has worked in other games, even if it wasn't in the original arcade game, is slight colour changes in the background as you get to higher levels, it gives the player a sense of accomplishment. For example, remember in Space Armada, they just changed the colour of the border every couple of levels, but you would say, "I made it to the second green screen level". You could change maybe the colour of the sky as you go on, that would also give a sense of the day progressing for example, like they did in Frog Bog. It's admittedly a small change but it makes it less repetitive. Just my opinion, feel free to ignore it, I realize the game is still in its early stages but these are just suggestions from a player point-of view, that you may want to consider.
  4. I agree with Carlos, I would even pay for a rom now and not care about deducting it from price of my preorders.
  5. Will try to drop by, schedule permitting.
  6. Arabian Intellivision is so 2020. In 2021 the cool kids all want the Chinese University Intellivision 🤪
  7. Or just add stickers! That’s a variant, right? Could clear out all the old stock!
  8. Love Siouxsie, she just sort of disappeared, I guess they retired? I heard Severin has health issues…
  9. Here’s one I made a while ago for Area Fighter
  10. I too would have preferred credit towards Amico games, I will also give my gift to anyone that wants it.
  11. If it is a reproduction it seems like a lot of work to go to to maybe sell a fairly common game
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