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  1. Finally made it to level 4 today, at last! Playing on my LTO flash in my Sears system. The bug above manifests differently. The boulder that is blocking the Emerald in pic above from JZintv; on my LTO - Sears combo that boulder is in the same space as the emerald. You can't see the emerald at all, but it must be there, because I completely cleared the entire level but it still says I have 1 emerald left Odd how it would be different but basically with the same result.
  2. i think it's a great idea, lots of cool games come from every contest.
  3. The Shark Shark 2 package print orders have gone to the printers, less than 20 copies left, get them before they're gone!
  4. yeah stuff from Europe is getting here way faster for some reason, maybe they're quarantining packages from USA for 14 days too
  5. Yes everything you said is correct. To swap a board from an old Intellivision cart, remove the 2 screws on the bottom (use an older cart that has screws, newer ones didn't), take out the existing board, put in the new one, put screws back in. Easy as pie, should take less than 5 minutes. Only possible problem is if you put the new board in upside down.
  6. boards are available for sale here http://www.intellivisionrevolution.com/orderintelligentvision
  7. It will be offered in a bundle with another soon to be released game
  8. More info will be coming soon about the boards, I think it will be a different site but I’m not entirely sure.
  9. Boards should be available in the next day or so but from a different seller so sorry you won’t save on shipping.
  10. Greetings all. Starting immediately, Intelligentvision will be selling board only versions of Shark Shark 2!, an update to the beloved classic featuring several improvements to make gameplay more fun. The rom has been available for a while but of course Intellivision fans want a physical copy. You will have to put the board inside an existing cartridge shell to use it. purchase link is here. http://www.intellivisionrevolution.com/orderintelligentvision And in conjunction with this release, because a lot of Intellivision fans love CIB releases, working along with Intelligentvision, I am selling an add-on package that includes everything else you need to make a CIB version, this includes box, manual, 2 overlays, and a label for the cartridge. (Note, cartridge is NOT included) Price is $25 (USF) plus postage, $3 to Canada, $5 to USA, $10 Rest of the World to purchase, go to this link, and select which country you want them sent to using the roller menu above the BUY NOW. http://intellivision.us/shark2.php Note this is only set up to purchase single sets, to buy more than one without paying extra shipping please message me here or by email at [email protected] Printing will occur in 2 weeks when I know the numbers and I expect to be mailing them out within 2 weeks after that. Thanks in advance to any purchasers.
  11. Put me down for one please, perfectly happy to do a pre-order thanks
  12. Does anyone know, I’m not at home to check mine, the 8 FCTVVO boxes, are they USA or Hong Kong, or both?
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