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  1. Yes we do, welcome to the world of Intellivision collecting
  2. I don’t think posting scans will have any impact on the price when you sell them, it will just let the majority of us who could never outbid the big boys a chance to see some history that has only been very minimally documented online so far.
  3. High budget porn aside, any update on the game Cmadruga?
  4. I’ll leave it up to Rev if he wants to share those before the games come out
  5. Anybody interested in the prototype boxes (no actual games...yet) in Rev's pic send me a PM, I have a VERY small number of them available (except Tempest). Cost is nowhere close to retiring in Hawaii numbers.
  6. That actually looks fairly high budget for a porn, sets, costumes, special effects too. I'm afraid to think of what they used for ectoplasm though....
  7. Don’t forget Digiplay Pinball, and the CBS Zaxxon with the different cover art
  8. Hey Steve, do you have a picture of the back, I'm curious what the instructions were? Could a cassette run on a loop like a cartridge could?
  9. How is the audio in yours? Mine has distortion in most Intellivision games though other systems sound find so I assume it is the emulator. I think mine is running one called FreeINTV, not good old reliable JZIntv
  10. Read description, this is cartridge only, despite the misleading pics
  11. The emulator they are using for Intellivision has noticeably distorted audio, most games work on it including new homebrews, the only one that doesn’t work so far is Intellivania. Realistically this is best for simpler games with basic controls, technically you can access the keypad(by my thumb on the left) but it’s not easily accessable while playing. I can’t get the Colecovision emulator running, it seems overly complicated to do so, but the following all work well and easily. Atari 7800, NES, SNES, Genesis, MAME, GBA, Sony PS1, PSP. Note it doesn’t support all these out of the box but if you go here, this guy has hacked the firmware so it does. https://retrogamecorps.com/2021/02/13/introducing-simple30-an-optimized-pocketgo-s30-firmware/ It supports lots of other older systems too, roms are easy to find online, so are the bios files needed to run each emulator. Roms are saved on a micro sd card, this comes with some no name brand, I would buy with the smallest option they have then replace it with a reputable brand. Technically this runs a N64 emulator but it kind of chokes on the 3D so I would say realistically that’s the limit of what this can handle. The Evercade seems more turn on and go, this one requires a bit of work, but you can’t beat the price of the games. And the system is only $60 After a while the screen seems a bit small, I think the Evercade lets you connect to your TV, this does not. I will likely buy the Evercade too once the Intellivision carts come out, but as much for collectability as gameplay. I have learned a lot about older gaming systems I previously ignored while setting this up and finding games, a lot of repetition over the years, just nicer bigger versions of existing concepts a lot of the time but still some great games. For $60, you can’t really go wrong with this, it does take a long time to arrive from China but otherwise no real complaints.
  12. what game is this? I don't recognize it
  13. I like the update, some great scans of Brazilian catalogs and magazine ads in the documents section.
  14. These are still available at Gooddealgames for $75
  15. This should get you started with the newer releases http://intellivisionrevolution.com/homebrew-publishers I believe Kai Magazine is technically the latest, their first Intellivision release not published by Elektronite will be shipping soon.
  16. I found one eventually, in ok shape, there were a bunch on ebay italy that only showed the front, and the sellers didnt’t respond to any requests for a pic of the back
  17. It's hard to find any European "slots in back" Lock'n'Chase on ebay, because a lot of sellers don't show the back of the box and the front doesn't have the typical "Contents:...." text that most others do, which makes them easy to spot.
  18. Those people gonna be kicking themselves when Joe puts his next batch for sale at half that price
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