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  1. i have yet to find a replacement suitable for the intellivision... 18v 9.25V 9.25V 18.5V
  2. Got this spare intellivision! Was fully working but I had to borrow a transformer from it to fix another machine.... only reason why I took it from this machine is because the cosmetics are really rough.... Controllers, PSU, and powerboard are fully working, with a spare transformer this console would work perfectly. Will include all original screws and parts accepts for transformer Open to trades and offers,
  3. https://www.aminoapps.com http://aminoapps.com/p/p71ja We are trying to revive the community! Take part in the poll to win big prizes! It's a good place to make friends, talk about consoles from atari - Xbox one X and to buy, sell and trade
  4. Looking for Halo 2600 CIB or loose Adventure CIB B-17 bomber for intellivision CIB
  5. Colecovision: AC adaptor X2 Controllers X4 (working condition or not) CIB Games Intellivision: Intellivision 3 shell or replacement metallic stickers Intellivision 3 controllers (working condition or not) replacement Transformer CIB games I have paypal or willing to trade other consoles or parts
  6. I'm looking for a replacement AC adapter for my colecovision, or if their is any alternative that works with the coleco?
  7. I have an Atari 2600 JR model, and I don't know if this is normal for the jr model. But when I put the power cord into the console sparks fly out the back of the Jr... I don't know if this is normal I just noticed it today XD
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