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  1. Analogue said they would give info on Nt Mini near end of the month. Still waiting for analogue to at least give us something on it? This was also a week after the coronavirus outbreak when they said they would give us info? I hope they stick to there word?
  2. Any sd card will do, but I always use sandisk.
  3. Yes, but it's still moaning regardless. The retro gaming community does nothing but.
  4. Every company "Drops the ball" as you say. There no different. You can't be 100% every time theirs always someone complaining. I think they get it right most of the time, but have a few hiccups here and there. There is a lot of drama here. Give Analogue a break. No "One" or "Company" is perfect
  5. Great news. Well done analogue for sorting this out.
  6. Analogue hasn't replied back to him. The thing that stings is that they charged him full price which says on the sales page it comes with controller and receiver. It's happened to a few others as well on Reddit. I told him to return for refund, but he wants to wait until analogue response. From what I can see they support hasn't been that great.
  7. A friend of mine just got his ghostly super Nt and it didn’t come with a controller and receiver? I also looked on the super nt subreddit and a few others just received the console minus controller and receiver . That can’t be right? You’re paying $249 And you get no controller and receiver. If I bought one I would return it for a full refund.
  8. I'm hearing coronavirus virus could put a lot of shortages in all electronics which includes Video Game consoles made in china. I wonder if this will hurt Analogue? Nintendo is having a hard time keeping stock of Nintendo Switch in japan and could even effect PS5 & Xbox Series X:(
  9. I can only imagine what the price to UK or Europe? Also customs charges. Scary to think about
  10. Mega Sg cartridge adapters for Game Gear, Mark III, MyCard, SG-1000 & SC-3000 are up. Get ready for super cheap shipping. lol 😂
  11. Maybe they'll announce both this month. We'll be in Analogue overload 😄
  12. I think most moved on from that topic so must not have seen it. We will know shortly if true or not?
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