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  1. Guess it will sell out in 3 secs like the pocket did 🙁
  2. And NT Mini is gone That took 3 mins to sell out lol
  3. So glad I'm not interested this time. Just not into handheld gaming any more. Feel bad for all that really wanted it. This is going to piss off many. I think analogue should have waited longer to make sure they had enough for longer then 8 mins? The Nt Mini Noir was around for a week then sold out. I think many will remember this debacle.
  4. You having a laugh mate. My Nt mini I had a custom charge of £130 and the £60 they charge me for shipping, not counting any fees from analogue and my bank. to be honest It’ll probably even end up being more.
  5. So a pocket with the dock plus shipping fees and custom charges sent to the UK I'll be looking at £450, nearly $600 just for a handheld? I'm still wait for my Nt Mini Noir as well? While I really want a pocket that's way to steep atm.
  6. The mister can go fly a kite. just my opinion.
  7. Is there a web site somewhere to buy a 20 pin or 21 pin cable? Cheers
  8. I bought that same one a few days ago at amazon japan. They just shipped it last night for delivery next week. I had no issues and still says available.
  9. Be quick the Nt mini Noir is back up for preorder
  10. I have a Phoebe and it works, but it has some issues. Putting games on sd card is a complete pain with the software. Not all games run well either. I think what sold me on the MODE is the 100% compatibility, 3 kinds on connectability SD card, SDD and USB and the box art menus.
  11. I'm very happy with my RAD2X. Glad I bought I bought it before the epidemic started. It's hard to get atm.
  12. I have a USB-GDROM as well and I've have no issues at all with it. Never ran into a bug. It's been perfect, but I will say I was a little miffed when I heard it had a time-bomb. MNEMO has come out to say he removed the time bomb, but no one can really confirm that it's really been taken out? It's only what he said? I haven't had any issues at all so really only want MODE for Saturn. So far my USB GDROM runs mint for Dreamcast. The box art and 100% compatibility has sold me on MODE Saturn. I preordered. one While the Satiator is a great plug and play I think sales will suffer because of MODE's release. July is going to be great. Analogue Nt Mini V2 and MODE. 🤘
  13. Anyone see this on reddit. Good to see the pocket is real. I also heard the dock has a controller, as well but can't find pic of it. I think it looks cool. Very much looking forward to it.
  14. That's it. Analogue Nt mini V2 sold out. That was very quick. I thought it would be up a week or 2 longer? They have jumped over a £1000 already on ebay. Can only hope they do a cheaper nes model like the mega sg and super nt?
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