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  1. I meant 3rd party shells. and not the console just the shell.
  2. There are loads for Dreamcast, but none for Saturn? I would love to swap out my black shell for a clear black or clear blue or red shell.
  3. Wow it’s 2020 and thIs console still isn’t out yet? What the hell are they doing?
  4. The game works fine with Mega Everdrive X7 on Mega Sg after the fix.
  5. Nah. I'll stick with a real console thank you
  6. Revenge of Shinobi on my Analogue Mega Sg Hyperdub. Gris PC. First games I've beating in 2020
  7. Damn! I wonder what happened? So much YouTube drama my guess
  8. I sold my Analogue Nt Mini for £1800 last April. I do somewhat regret it, but I also have a RetroUSB AVS as well and though I'm very happy with the AVS and just sell the Nt mini. The AVS is a great console and I don't lose any game functionality, just the Nt mini cores. I made a very healthy profit so I can live with that😉
  9. And that's the Analogue Hyperdub sold out. Glad I have mine 😁
  10. I have no interest in MiSTer whats so ever. I played my friends MiSTer for a week and thought it was ok. Nothing mind blowing. I don't understand all the hype tbh. I would rather play my Analogue or AVS Consoles
  11. I buy these consoles for HDMI. I like the compatibility with modern displays. So glad Analogue came along to bring out these great consoles we grew up with to play on HDMI. Imho I could care less for composite or the Mister. Just my opinion
  12. I hope this new Analogue Limited Edition Hyperdub x Analogue Megs Sg will have jailbroken firmware as well? Or can I just use the latest jailbroken fw msg_firmware_verJB7.7.bin
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