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  1. This game will be a definite purchase for me. Will there be a label contest? I think a fresh perspective on the artwork would help set this one apart from the other Star Castle. Even though my entries weren't chosen, I had a lot of fun with the Boulder Dash contest and I'm itching to do more. :)


    Also, any ideas on how to get this to work on the Cuttle Cart II? Is it a matter of copying and modifying the FA.BNK file or is it a bit more involved than that?

  2. Yep, Kotaku, Lifehacker, io9, and Gizmodo were once fun little diversions to kill a little time. Now they are just a chore to navigate. Way to break the "back" button, guys. Also, I hate Hate HATE the fading text. It does absolutely nothing for the content or presentation. Maybe they should thrown in some pointless Flash animations to the user interface while they're at it. :D

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