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  1. The Atari 5200 thinks all other joysticks are self-centered.

  2. Does anyone else feel the need to chuckle when I say the name of my good friend...Biggus Nosus?

  3. Saw Richter at the party. Had to hold his drinks for him since he had no arms.

    1. pangasinan


      Your lucky you didnt have to take him to the toilet.

    2. jaybird3rd


      He'll be all right ... as long as you get him home in time for corn flakes.

  4. Bitten by the stella programming bug again. Is there help for me?

    1. jaybird3rd


      Yes! Right here:




      (That's probably not the kind of help you meant, though.)

    2. Emehr


      Yeah, more like mental help. I have too many hobbies as it is. :P

  5. Picked up a 2600 Jr., a couple commons, and INTV Treasure of Tarmin w/box & overlay for $4 at a garage sale!

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    2. PitfallHarry2600


      Nice. I'm gonna go to a swap meet tomorrow, near a place where I found an InTv :) Maybe I'll find another one XD

    3. BydoEmpire


      Nice find! Haven't seen any pre-NES stuff at garage sales in many years.

    4. Emehr


      Yeah, the guy had a small tote full of boxed INTV games (some shrinkwrapped) but he wanted $80(!) for it. I didn't feel like haggling because they were mostly commons but I was able to cherry pick the AD&D game. :)

  6. I feel terrible. I bought Call of Duty for PS2 for $4 and the publishers will never see a penny from it.

    1. OldSchoolRetroGamer


      Nooooooooo!.....er wait a minute, the Devs got their cut when it sold originally! Screw them. Next thing you know car manufacturer's will want a cut of every osed car sold because your not buying a new one instead!

  7. is once again rocking a dumbphone.

    1. Bentley Bear!

      Bentley Bear!

      I like my phones dumb... Too concerned about them becoming self-aware or sentient and all dat sorta jazz... The last thing I want to see on my phone is a text message from Skynet telling me I'm a dead man.

  8. Brewing a batch of Weizenbier. Beer makes a good wedding gift, right?

  9. Yay! Free haircuts for life for a job I did. Well, for as long as I still have hair that is...

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    2. Emehr


      Thanks. I usually cut my own hair since it's short but, hey, free is free. :)

    3. pce_collector


      I remember when a tech training center tried to sell me on a "lifetime" pass. They closed about a year later. Hopefully, your barber or stylist doesn't close up shop that quickly.

    4. Emehr


      Yeah, I thought about that. My wife says they've been around for a while. If anything I can just go back to DIY haricutting. :)

  10. I totally had a dream I was a Ghostbuster.

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    2. Emehr


      lol, no I spent more time trying to adjust the straps on my proton pack only to have to take it off again to get in the vehicle.

    3. Grig


      I hate it when that happens!

    4. Bryan


      Did you wake up slimed?

  11. It's a fine day for welding.

  12. Just reflowed the DC plug on an iBook G4 and didn't fry anything! Whew...

  13. Listening to The Coasters. Yakety Yak is playing while one of my cats is throwing up. How fitting.

  14. 'Racing the Beam' arrived today..read a couple chapters...sudden urge to get back into stella programming...

    1. Gorfy


      The book is inspirational that way. I'm not a programmer, but it inspired me to dabble in Basic a little (i'll have to get back into it soon!)

  15. My demand to lawmakers: drop the SOPA!

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    2. Buck


      Is that what they say in the shower on Jersey Shore? "Oops, I dropped the sopa!"

    3. simbalion


      I am against SOPA myself. It's going to cause more harm that good and possibly even violence from some sources I have been hearing. :(

    4. atarian63


      sopa is a very bad idea


  16. Just ate an apple and an orange and it's true: they're *nothing* alike!

    1. therealbountybob


      you get more points for the apple!

  17. is excited about the prospect of scientists finding the Higgs bosom.

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    2. the.golden.ax


      @jay, Higgs bosom = God boobs? @Chuck, it's really simple. Everything in an atom is made from light. Some particle, in theory, makes the light in to solid matter. They want to know why we, and everything in our reality is solid with mass. I for one think it is simply a matter of perspective. Maybe they will find it. If they don't, maybe the tree doesn't make a sound if no one is there to hear it. :D

    3. Chuck D. Head

      Chuck D. Head

      Ah. Isn't solid a relative term? Theorically if we ran face first into each other a billion billion times, eventually we would pass right through each other a few times, right?

    4. Christos


      @ax, not quite. Particles are what they are, but some have mass due to interacting with the Higgs field.

  18. Just bought the new Wii Zelda, a red 3DS, and Super Mario 3D Land. Guess what I'm doing. That's right, working on Boulder Dash labels!

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    2. jaybird3rd


      The ghosts in 2600 Pac-Man flicker because of sprite multiplexing, not because of any attempt at 3D. There were some early experiments with stereoscopic 3D on the 2600, but Pac-Man wasn't one of those.

    3. pangasinan


      Zelda on the wii is a boring game.

    4. CorTat-G


      Doesn't Rad Racer for NES Have a 3D Function?

  19. A land serene. A crystaaaal moon. Aahhh-haaah!

    1. Zach


      That sounded familiar. Took me a while to remember where I'd heard it before: http://www.youtu.be/CwVqOs3Aess

    2. Emehr


      Wow I never knew there was a video for that! That was great. Pretty cool that they integrated the puppets from the movie. Thanks for posting. :)

  20. Currently playing: Lynx! Just added 3 games to my collection :)

  21. In life, always take the time to stop and smell a freshly opened Lynx box.

  22. In ethology, a fixed action pattern (or FAP) is an instinctive behavioral sequence that is indivisible and runs to completion. - wikipedia

    1. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      So what you're saying is people FAP until they're finished, instead of stopping halfway? Sounds right.

    2. jaybird3rd


      Wow, I wish we could +1 status update comments!

  23. I just thought of a new color for Crayola: Rediculous

  24. Rorschach ate my beans!

    1. atari2600land


      Did he barf them back up and ask you if they look like anything?

    2. Emehr


      I told him it looked like his face. He didn't like that so well. Punched me in the nose.

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