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  1. At the time I didn't realize there was a crash. Still have my original console and games.
  2. I'm seeing a lot of "this game sucked because it wasn't like the arcade" which is fair, but I was 5 when I got my Atari 2600 in 1980 and I had nothing to compare the games to. The Atari versions of Space Invaders, Defender, and Pac-Man will always be protected by my shield of nostalgia. I even prefer the 2600 version of Space Invaders over the arcade version in terms of playability, presentation, and enjoyability. And the sound effects in Defender are pretty awesome. On topic, Superman would have to be on the list of games I don't consider "good". Maybe I didn't give it a fair shake but the map makes no logical sense to me and the overall presentation isn't compelling enough to learn the system. Frankly, I'd rather play Porky's.
  3. That looks really cool. I recognize a number of those names from my Tricks of the Mac Game Programming Gurus book. I was just going to see if Ingemar Ragnemalm was consulted and I see he already posted in the comments section! Two of my favorite shareware games were written by him: MacSokoban and Hexmines. He also wrote the majority of the Tricks book. It looks like the author is also covering games into the 90s, which is where I started in the Mac scene. I gotta agree but I love the LucasArts games ports. The porting author, Eric Johnston, used a method of pixel smoothing that made the games look nicer on the higher-res Mac screens. Fun trivia: Eric Johnston played Sean Donovan in the 80s 'V' miniseries. I just looked at his IMDB page and it looks like he's still acting and doing stunt work as well.
  4. My wife was out shopping and I asked her to run into Walmart to see if they had any Wii U stuff on clearance. On a whim she asked about the Switch. Long story short she got my name on the list (I was last!) and after 2 hours of standing in Walmart I just got home with a Switch, Zelda, and a Pro Controller. Too tired to do much with it tonight. I did peek inside and play with a controller though. Can't wait to play Zelda! They didn't have much for Wii U stuff. Just some Gamecube-style fighting pads.
  5. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (Sandman and Tyson definitely get you in "the zone"; Super Macho Man as well, to a lesser extent) Super Mario Bros. (not sure if this counts as notorious; World 3-1 infinite lives is the ticket) Castlevania I (usually die at the reaper, beat it once, maybe twice) Castlevania II (oh, the maps I made) Castlevania III (yes, I used the 'Help Me' trick) Contra (many times w/Konami code!) Metroid (is this considered notoriously hard?) I still haven't beat SMB 2 or 3, to my shame.
  6. Welp, that's the end of the thread, folks. *queue death sound in Contra*
  7. It sounds really good! A lot clearer than my stock set-up. Thanks for recording!
  8. Just started Pikmin 3 with my son (even though we're still working on the original Pikmin on GameCube).
  9. That would be really great, thanks! There is a sound menu and any of the first four tracks would be cool to hear: (Wilderness, Turtle Village 1, Turtle Village 2, and Fiend's Path). The title music (I think it's called 'The Battle'), Battle Field, and Old Map are nice tunes as well.
  10. Wow! This is the first I've heard about this. I'm not much for modifying my original hardware but this is very tempting. I'd love to hear how the music from Golden Axe sounds.
  11. I've been playing this with my son (4) and we're enjoying it. Sure, the combat system gets repetitive after awhile but the worst part for me is not painting and flicking, but swiping through all of the cards in your inventory. When you have a ton of cards it becomes time-consuming and in some battles if you take too long the enemies will takes cards from you. I wish they would've grouped similar cards and put a number on it saying how many you had or something. Beyond that, the puzzles are hard enough to keep it interesting and easy enough to not be boring. The writing is humorous and there are some genuinely funny moments. The artwork is also very nice. Each area is very distinct, which keeps things fresh. The bosses are pretty difficult. We've just finished our second boss and it took 3 tries (just like the first boss). I'm just glad the Save blocks are strategically placed so there's not a lot of repetition when it's Game Over. Edit: I also have to add, I wish there were more opportunities to spend coins. By the time you beat the first boss, your coins and cards are probably going to be maxed out. I'd be happy to be able to trade coins for paint in the boss levels, for example.
  12. I bought a Cube from a guy on Reddit a little over a year ago. I then found original disks for it on eBay and restored it to Mac OS 9 (and later installed X). I do have issues with it shutting off by itself though. The firmware is already as far as it can go (v1.4, IIRC) so it must be something else? Until I can iron that out I don't use it for anything important. It's more of a novelty of impressive design and engineering at this point. As far as dual-booting these old Macs there really shouldn't be any problems. It's been a while but I think "folder blessing" is an issue if you're simply copying a System Folder from another drive. I've always had good luck installing from factory disks. I triple-boot my Quicksilver G4 between 9.2.2/10.4/10.5 with no issues. I don't remember doing anything special. Just booted from original install disks and formatted the new drives and did a clean install. I then used my original Tiger and Leo disks from there. I even dual-boot my old Performa 6116CD between System 7.5.5 and Mac OS 8.6 on its SCSI drive.
  13. Sorry to hear about your kitty. I would be interested in seeing the Mac stuff, particularly the software.
  14. I'm not sure about that. It's very responsive otherwise. The only noticeable lag I've noticed is audio lag. The controller is pretty responsive except during certain times in Punch-Out. Even if there is a slight lag Little Mac should still dodge when I tell him to. I'll have to conduct my own unscientific tests.
  15. After playing the NES mini a bit more I'm having control issues with later boxers in Punch Out. I can normally take Soda Popinski with no problem on my real NES but for some reason when he goes back to punch on the mini, I'll press left or right to dodge and nothing happens. The controller is usually spot-on in its responsiveness but for some reason in certain cases it doesn't want to react.
  16. Yes! Although I think it would've been better if it resembled the original posters with the grid of screenshots. Still pretty neat.
  17. Comes with AC plug. It's like a smart phone adapter: USB cable that plugs into a little AC brick. It also comes with an HDMI cable. Yes, there is a system reset, thankfully! It's in the Settings menu.
  18. That's actually one of the first things I did and yes, I detected no lag in the input! I didn't last very long because I'm a bit rusty but I can't blame the controllers on that one. There is lag in the audio department, however. More here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/258901-nes-classic-edition-is-here/?p=3628855
  19. Here are a few screenshots that should give you an idea. If you push 'up' from the game selection area, you can choose display, settings, language, etc. Here are the display options: Pushing 'down' from the game selection area takes you to the save state options for that game. The interface is very intuitive. After you push Reset after playing a game there will be an icon of the game you played (complete with little wings) and you have the option of putting it in a save slot. Pretty slick. Deleting a save slot is as simple as pressing Select and moving over to a little trash icon. I did test a Wii Classic controller and it worked fine. 'x' and 'b' were mapped to the NES 'B' button and 'y' and 'a' were mapped to the NES 'A' button. One issue is with the clear plastic retainer clip (used for hooking the strap of a Wii remote). It gets in the way of the 2nd player port. Best to either remove the retainer clip with a tri-wing screwdriver or use the Wii Classic controller in the 2nd player port. ArsTechnica also did a hands-on review a few days ago: http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2016/11/hands-on-nes-classic-edition-puts-old-games-in-a-very-small-package/
  20. I have an awesome wife. She went to Target super early this morning and found herself in line with other like-minded people. Target wasn't open yet but they had 10 in stock and were handing out vouchers to the people in line. My wife was #9! There was still an hour to kill so she and the others went to IHOP for breakfast until they opened. Long story short, this thing is tiny! and very cool! The controller feels nice and the NES is just about proportionally perfect from what I can tell. The box design is also a very nice throwback to the originals. It just needs the staged pic of the family playing Super Mario Bros. :-) Nintendo put up scans of the original manuals here: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/clv/manuals/en/index.html I hooked it up and tested it out. The picture looks great and the controls feel nice. There is no noticeable lag. I tested by playing Mr. Dream in Punch-Out and it passed the test (even though I didn't make it past a minute ). One quibble though (and maybe it's my TV or something): there is a noticeable audio lag. When Mario jumps or throws a fireball, when Little Mac throws a punch, or when Samus Aran fires or rolls up into a ball. It's there. It's not a deal breaker and a lot of people may not notice it. I also noticed some sounds being a little overpowering like the percussion instrument in Metroid or some of the higher frequency sounds in the Zelda theme. Again, nothing deal-breaking. Overall it's a very cool, if slightly flawed, little device. Here are some pics...
  21. The less I know about people's political views, the better.
  22. Those are great! I'd love to have a Xybots and STUN Runner gracing my walls. I always thought it was funny how Gates of Zendocon re-used the ship from 2600 Asteroids.
  23. If my Wii U is still working in 10 years, I'll be playing Super Mario Maker, Super Mario Bros Wii, Super Mario 3D World, Yoshi's Wooly World, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, and Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze at the very least. Probably the new Zelda as well if it actually comes out for the system. My interest in the Xbox One and PS4 is still riding around nil so there's not much hope for those at this point.
  24. 1. The dozens (hundreds?) of hours spent on modeling and rendering that console are thrown away by the illiteracy of that copy. 2. AtariAge and Legacy Engineering have done more for the Atari brand and are more "Atari" than Atari, Inc. will ever hope to be. That said, petitioning Atari, Inc. will be about as useful as shouting at the clouds. 3. Those controllers offer nothing new except a questionable button arrangement. I see the intent (Fuji-like pattern) but usability should never be sacrificed for a design gimmick. The first point may sound mean and I'm sorry to have to put it that way but if you want to be taken seriously then you need to be able to communicate at or above grade school level.
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