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  1. I am fortunate to own the orange lid that is shown in the youtube video Metaljesus put up a couple weeks ago on Emilio's Halo Orange XBOX. There is a picture of some of the Microsoft staff standing next to a table full of the orange lids that were test colors. However most of them must of been destroyed because I am the only one to come forward with this one. The tint of the orange is different than the one Emilio has.
  2. AtariBrian hooked me up with a game I wanted for a long time. He replied fast to my emails and he shipped it out extraordianary fast. He told me at first it would take a few days to get it out because he was busy at work. But he actually sent it out the next day. That was amazing! This is a member that actually cares and gives to the community. Thank you again!!
  3. I will take your Atari/Genesis lot!
  4. Received the game Nall3k. I left you much deserved feedback because you always deliver exceptional service. Thanks again! Kris
  5. Another perfect transaction with Nall3k. He always ships out fast and communicates exceptionally well. One of the best on Atari Age and 100% recommended!
  6. Jeremy has outstanding communication and ships extremely well and lightning fast. I am very pleased with the deal I had with him and I would recommend him to anyone out there.
  7. theatarifan hooked me up big time with some SNES games. He has great communication and responds to every email when making a deal. And he ships fast and packages well. Thanks again for helping a fellow gamer!
  8. Nall3K is an awesome and very friendly atariage member. He helped and hooked me up big time to jump start my Nintendo 64 collection. Definitely a great contributor to the community!
  9. My second pinball was Jurassic Park by Data East. I picked that one because it was much different than Twilight Zone. Now I regret not buying another Williams or Bally machine at that time.
  10. neogeo79


    PMed for the Ninja Turtle bundle.
  11. I bought Twilight Zone around 1998 for $1200. That was the time to buy pinball because now that machine has gone up so much it is ridiculous. And it is sad because now many of the machines cost as much as a car.
  12. neogeo79


    PM sent for Mega Man X4 and F Zero GX.
  13. I will take the alien brigade cart. What is the condition of that one? Can you send a picture by the way?
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