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  1. 32. Super Mario World - SNES The Mario streak continues.. This is a masterpiece! My favorite so far... SMB3 may be next, just so I can compare them and get an honest opinion as to which is truly better.
  2. Heya, just inquiring to see if you have a 7800 power supply for sale. I tried to PM, but it didn't work. Thanks!
  3. New Super Mario Bros - DS [beaten, searching for Star Coins and unlocking extra levels] Super Mario Bros - NES (played on 3DS) [beaten 2nd quest] Super Mario Bros Lost Levels (All Stars version emulated on original Xbox) [beaten once thru] I'm a little Mario Addicted right now.. Moving onto: World & Galaxy 2 next..
  4. 31. Super Mario Brothers: The Lost Levels - SNES (Allstars) Brutal, but fun! No explanation necessary.
  5. P.O.E.T.S. day. Piss On Everyone Tomorrows Saturday.

    1. doomwaves


      Just another name for Friday. Like TGIF.

    2. atari2600land


      Yeah, I know. I was just kidding.

    3. doomwaves


      All good man. :)

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  6. 30. Dust: An Elysian Tale - Xbox Live Arcade Fantastic hack-n-slash/action/platformer with RPG elements. There. Is that enough genres for you? Available only on the Xbox Live Arcade as far as I know. Its a wonderful game. Very Metroid-vania, in that there is a lot of exploring to do, and lots of treasures & side quests. Absolutely beautiful colors & animations. Fantastic Voice acting, and a very well put together story!
  7. 29. New Super Mario Brothers - Nintendo DS I love this game!! Excellent, "back to roots" style 2D Mario game.. Hard as nails in parts, but there were so many 1 ups, power ups & coins that it was easy enough to power thru! I spent about 8 hours in this game, real time. This is including all of the deaths (which were quite frequent). Recommended for anyone who like platformers with a DS Can't wait to try the Sequel!
  8. Halo 4 - Xbox 360 New Super Mario Brothers - NDS Dust: An Elysian Tale - XBLA
  9. Iron Soldier! Lots of fun! But I too suggest Raiden & Doom! Defender 2k & Zool 2 seem to be pretty awesome as well, I don't yet have them, so I can't say for sure if they are must haves.
  10. A cool local auction grab.. 3 boxes of VHS tapes, and other misc. items for $5. Tucked in there, were these highlights including all 6 OS Star Trek movies, several Alfred Hitchcock movies and The Hobbit audio book on cassette in a cool wooden box. Also tucked in there, but not shown here was a 16 gig ipod touch.. Doesn't work, but was more or less free, so hopefully I can get it fixed cheaply.
  11. 28. Iron Soldier - Jaguar Whew! This one was tough for me.. Nothing like a big boxy mech blowin stuff up! Fun experience! Anxious to play 2, then 3 on the Playstation!
  12. Hit up a Thursday night Garage sale.. Nothing too spectacular..
  13. 27. Raiden - Atari Jaguar Excellent port! One of the main reasons I invested in the system, and was most definitely not a let down! I must say, this seems a bit slower than say, Raiden Trad on the Genny, but still very enjoy able. Personally, I am a fan of the Jag controller, so I found it very comfortable to play! Honestly tho, I haven't played a port of Raiden that I didn't like. Now, to find a copy of The Raiden Project on the Playstation!
  14. 26. Super Mario Brothers - 3DS Saw this on the 3DS E-Shop the other day, so I bought it.. It was like $5... Which I think it outrageous.. This game should be free on any Nintendo system from here till the end.. Oh well.. I bit. First time beating this actually... Thank God for restore points.. Saved me A LOT of frustration.. I don't think I could be beat the original , no save version.. LOL! Classic. Perfect game.. Took me about 2 hours.. Probably more like 3 if you count all the death runs...
  15. 25. Code of Princess - Nintendo 3DS Pretty awesome Beat em up/Action RPG.. Great story & fun characters! Beat the main story with Solange, I am going to try to finish up all the bonus quests and finish the campaign with Ali as well. Not sure I will mess with the other 2 mains tho.. Lots of fun! haven't tried the multiplayer yet tho, will get to that eventually as well!
  16. I myself am pretty excited for the upcoming PS3 port of this... I have never played a Diablo game, and I know my PC couldn't handle it.. lol! Pretty excited to try it on the console tho!
  17. Decent finds for the first garage sales I attended this year. Keyboard is a brand new Lenovo - $5 Jason Goes to Hell VHS - $1 Problem Child VHS - $1 X-Men Enter Magneto & Deadly Reunions - $.25 Hostage DVD (sealed) - $4 Call of Duty Black Ops II PS3 - $15 (will make an excellent game stop trade in)
  18. BWOMP. Some consoles & more games... Trades prefered.
  19. Axing some systems in my collection... Hard to do...

    1. RJ


      Let us know what youre getting rid of


    2. doomwaves


      As of right now, Dreamcast, Genesis, Master System & 7800...

  20. 24. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - Xbox 360 What can I say, I'm on a Quake kick... This is a game I don't really hear about.. An objective based FPS game. You can play as the Strogg or GDF. Campaign is really straight forward. 4 regions, each with their own set of objectives.. All really simple. Defend this, blow up this, hack into this, etc. Cheap, fun. But not overly exciting.
  21. 3DSXL.. Mine. All mine.. Now, to get a game or two for it.

    1. Kiwi


      I highly recommend Mario Land 3D. Don't let the first half of the game fool you. The other half is difficult, less 1up, and very fun to play.

    2. Master Phruby

      Master Phruby

      New Super Mario Brothers 2

    3. doomwaves


      Definitely looking forward to all the mario Games. Can't wait to try Etrian Odyssey IV & Fire Emblem Awakening also.

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  22. Finished Quake 2 last night... Having withdrawal pains today..

  23. 23. Quake 2 - Xbox 360 Surprised when I opened my copy of Quake 4 a while back and found a bonus disc which contained a full version of Quake 2! Excellent port! This was my first time completing the game.. Achievements are awarded for completing levels, but no points are awarded. Very pointless to give achievements, other than to track your progress thru the game. Very minor gripe on my part.
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