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  1. This would be awesome!!!
  2. My copies arrived in today's mail...thanks CPUWIZ!!!
  3. Holy cow! I have been following this thread, but just tried the latest ROM on my Harmony cart and 7800...this is amazing...awesome job!
  4. CPUWIZ has made the carts, Marc has made the boxes...anyone out there up for developing the manuals for these?
  5. Thanks to CPUWIZ for all that he does and hoping he feels better soon!
  6. I finally had a chance to take a look at this today. Walter and Blue, thanks for your work on this. It would be awesome, if you continued to work on this and improve it even further. Your efforts are much appreciated!
  7. Wow...this would be awesome!
  8. Trebor-thanks for putting this together!
  9. Marc ships to the US all the time...just send him a PM...
  10. Here you go... http://www.retrogamesshop.com/product_info.php?info=p2784_millipede--reproduction-box--atari-5200.html
  11. We need KevinMos3 to make a label for this!
  12. Bob-so sorry to hear about this...let us know if there is anything that we can do. Hang in there man...
  13. Awesome...I hated to see it get recycled!
  14. Ok, last call Impossible Mission at $7 delivered...if no takers, it gets recycled.
  15. i hate to see Impossible Mission get recycled...anyone interested at $8 delivered?
  16. Ok, I just sent Al some 7800 common carts so that he can make some new games. In the process of collecting these, I have the following spare, not so common carts: Basketbrawl & Impossible Mission. Both of these have been tested in my 7800 and the labels are ok...maybe 6 or 7 out of 10. If you want either of these PM me. Basketbrawl $15 Impossible Mission $10 First class shipping anywhere in the USA is included in the above prices. They will be shipped in a bubble mailer and no, I didn't take any photos. r/mark
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