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  1. Over the past couple of years, I have bought up collections of 7800 carts to recycle for Al, Bob, CPUWIZ, etc. In the process of doing so, I have some duplicates of a few not so common 7800 carts. Below is the cost of each cart shipped (wrapped in bubble wrap and mailed 1st class in a protective mailer) in the US. If you want a box and Priority Mail, add $3 to these prices. No international shipping for these as they are all NTSC carts.


    Alien Brigade-$15

    Planet Smashers-$15

    Fatal Run-$15


    Dark Chambers-$10

    Desert Falcon-$10


    For all of these carts, the labels are intact, but they are not perfect. I have tested these carts on my 7800. PM me, if you want any of these.




    BTW...I travel almost every week, so shipping will be at the end of the week...when I get home...

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  2. CPUWIZ, I finally got the best light gun and plugged the Sentinel repro in the 7800. Plugged it into the right port and thought it was broken at first. Unlike the NES, you plug the light gun into the left port, not the right. :P



    For some reason why I'm not getting any audio on my TV? Is that normal? Also, on my mom's CRT, the gun tends to shoot a couple of inches left of where I point it, even if I hold it to the screen.


    Change the left difficulty switch...that will enable the audio

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