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  1. I highly recommend rush 2049 I still play the crap out of that game on my Dreamcast. Game play is just as good on N64 just toned down graphics. I really love that game It's got a great multiplayer too. If your into realistic racers probably not for you. Your car has retractable wings so you can control crazy jumps. There are tons of crazy shortcuts it will take forever to learn them all. That game really is tons of fun.
  2. Since I never entered I never knew there were more puzzles. I always kinda assumed the point of the puzzle was to lure in dummies. Like you would solve the puzzle think your smarter then most and say well I got to enter no one else is gonna get this. Did you have to pay again for puzzle that would have been a total rip off.
  3. I got one. I've been collecting atari 800 carts for about a year now and I still don't know whats rare. A guy on craigs list here is selling about 25 carts and I'm kinda broke so I lowball him. No dice. So I start searching the net for info on one of the games and I cant find anything on it so I ask the throbbing brain that is Atariage. It turns out many of his games are unreleased prototypes. I figure this guys got to be one of those craigs list scammers. Well he decided to research his games and in doing so he found my posts on here. So he becomes a member and calls me out. Turns out he didn't really know just how rare his stuff was until reading my thread. Now people in the atari computer area are all happy to see the pics of his super rare proto's and I'm lookin like a fool. I really wish I had not lowballed him.. I know that story doesn't fit the title of this thread but its kinda the inverse I just saw a bunch of games alot I knew were common so I figured they all must be. More on topic though I have done exactly what you did many times. I spend so much time looking at old games that I figure If I haven't seen it it's got to be rare right? Get it home and not so much. No regrets though just another piece in the collection.
  4. Nice post. I was just thinking about those contests the other day for some stupid reason. As soon as I read the title of your post I was hoping it would be about this. I never entered, even when I was young I knew it was a scam. I'm sure there were winners but it was really just a lottery. The little word jumble was always so easy you knew everyone who entered got it right and then everyone was just thrown into a hopper. It's pretty simple really they give away 18,000 in prizes and they make more then that with the entry fees. I guess thats not a scam its just a lottery. I'm sure the odds are better then powerball too.
  5. I triple posted somehow. I couldn't seem to delete them so I edited these last 2 maybe an admin can just delete these 2?
  6. Holy mother of crap I want one of these bad. I never even heard of it before this post so I watched a few vids on it. It's got spinning mirrors and stuff thats like awesome and stupid at the the same time. I have a few Entex handhelds I stumbled across (poker and football), but this baby takes the cake. One vid the guy said there were maybe like a hundred left. A few weeks ago I thought I hit the jackpot and found a lady who sold me a vectrex and 4 games for 15 bucks. I'm gonna wish on all my lucky stars, pet my lucky turtle, pray to Jesus God and Budah that I someday stumble across a lady who has got one of these.
  7. I've got a ton o love for the handheld's. I've been a handheld gamer since I got my first Game Boy and I'm still fairly current with 3ds and psp. I actually gave up on modern consoles after the dreamcast, But I do plan on staying up to date with handhelds far into the future. My handheld collection is getting pretty huge. It dates back to led football (still fun I don't care what anyone says). I got a ton of tiger games. Never paid more then 99 cents for one thats a deal even if you only play it for 5 minutes (most suck but it's still fun to find one and add it to the collection). I love love love my big ole grey Game Boy. I know I've read enough threads on here to know no one really agrees with that and that makes me sad. I did a run through Metroid 2 a few weeks ago. I could have done it on my gba sp, but I like to keep it real!
  8. Hmm I was gonna say to use a few very small dots of hot glue, but I now think the double sided tape idea is much better. It will hold very well and still be removable if you need to in the future. I've gotten rolls of double sided tape at the doller store before.
  9. I would take the top off the 1050 and use a a blow dryer to soften the glue on the trim. Then try to get a butter knife or some other object and start to peel it off from one end. Go slow and continue tho heat as you go, if you hit a spot where the glue is still holding strong it will stop peeling and bend at that point, and could even break. You will then have a bigger problem on your hands. Cover the top of the metal strip with masking tape to protect it. Next set the strip top down on a clean wooden surface. Find an wooden object that fits in the length an width of the underside of the strip as close as possible. Get a hammer and tap on this object very lightly. It will not take much to bend it back. If you tap too hard you will leave marks on the strip that will probably look worse then it does now. If it looks good after this then you can glue it back on. I would not use crazy glue cuz if it squeezes out on to the plastic of your 1050 or gets on the top of the metal trim it will look horrible! Bryan is correct it will be almost impossible to get it perfect, and if you don't have hands like a surgeon you will likely make it worse. I did however do something very similar to what your trying to do on a thin metal strip that was on the handle of the cassette recorder to my TI 99/4a. I did not get it perfect but it does look a ton better. Good luck!
  10. I guess if you were very precise this may work but you would have to be extremely precise to not effect look of your cart. Crazy glue can get messy easy, and I'd probably end up with a big white thumb print on my cart. Seems a little intrusive for my likes. Screws like that can be found in almost any broken electronics. Just steal screws from an old Walkman or something.
  11. I bought a kit about 5 years ago that with a little soldering converts a real controller it was like $18 with shipping. It was more then worth it to get a real feel under emulation. I also think it is essential if your going to practice speed runs. You can load a save state of a specific part of the game you need to work on and do it over and over. Then there is no real adjustments needed when you do it on the real console
  12. I couldn't agree more I actually stopped for a red bull and had to wait on a train just before seeing it. I think had it not been for the train she may have not had it out when I drove by. That there did cross my mind also. Not so much the shotgun part but I was worried she would have found out what it was worth and then I'd just look like a douche bag asking about the overlays. Another funny thing was I had to break a $20 to pay her the $15. she ran in the house to get me change.... I was thinking I'd be stealing this thing from her for $20 and I'm making her run and get me change.... Maybe I am a douche bag.
  13. Works and looks great. She told me last time it was played it didn't want to load the carts. I did have an issue my first try so I cleaned the contacts real well and since then I've loaded each game multiple times with no issues. Only thing is I got no overlays. I was gona stop by and ask about them on my way home but she already closed up shop.
  14. Hmmm id just use some philips screws I hate those security screws. I suppose you like to keep things original though and get that too.
  15. So I'm driving to work this morning, I look over and this lady has got all these boxes in her yard. She is starting to set up for a rummage. Everything is in boxes except for one very recognizable item. When I saw it was a Vectrex I slammed on my brakes so hard I'm lucky I didn't crash. I was running late already but I ran to the yard and asked If she was open yet. She laughs and says you interested in the Vectrex. I asked what she was looking to get. My jaw almost dropped when she said 15 bucks I said I'll take it and she says wait I got some games in one of these boxes. So she starts digging around and she finds four games. The only other time I've seen a Vectrex was at the midwest gaming classic this year and I think that dude wanted like 200 bucks. I was so pumped I found this thing, and I still made it to work on time. What a great way to start a day right?
  16. Oh yea good point. I've been an 800 man for a little while now, I spend so much time in here that I forgot there was a ST forum. I assume I just have to start a new thread there, I can't literally move this one right?
  17. There is an atari 1040 stf with monitor mouse and cables on craigs list in my area the seller wants $150. Is this a fair price, a rippoff, or a deal. It looks kinda sweet and I'd like it in my collection but thats more then I want to spend. Any oppinions?
  18. Well I was cleaning the basement the other day and I found the box that I got my 800xl and all the extras in when I bought it. It had my receipt in there and I was surprised to see that about 3 weeks ago was the one year anniversary of my purchase. The reason I was so surprised is that I've accomplished so much with it in just a year. I had not given it much thought but I just figured I had owned this thing longer then that. My little hobby projects usually take me months, and more often then not they don't get finished. This was my first vintage computer purchase and I really didn't know that much about it. But in this first year I've typed in more basic games then I can count, modded my 410 to accept a line in from my Ipod, built an SIO2PC rs232 and an SIO2PC usb housed together in a data switch, set up an atari server on an old laptop, repaired a 1050, and copied tons of games onto floppies. Thats just my atari projects. I've done more with my TI 99/4a and my vic 20 in this year also. Now I say this not to brag but to thank the members of this community. I had very little skill with these types of things before I joined this community last year. I consider my atari 800xl one of the best purchases I've ever made because its been so educational. There are some members I want to give a special thanks to because they have been so helpful in specific ways to me. Kr0tki ProWizard Magic Knight You guys are the cassette Gurus! My silly little 410 line in idea only worked because of your fantastic software and your knowledge of the 410 drive. It was the first time I was able to take games from the net and play them on my atari. I was so excited to play games other then the 10 carts that came with my atari. Atari8Warez Your the SIO2PC Guru. I'm very happy with all the help you gave me especially because you sell the items you helped me build for myself. You could have just said "Yea its kinda tough. Why don't you just buy one from me". Instead you shared all of your knowledge and answered every post I made on the topic. I really appreciate all of your help. There have been many others who have helped me along the way and I'm sorry if I didn't give you a shout out too. Any ways thanks to all for being so helpful and sharing your knowledge..... I look forward to seeing what I learn in the next year.
  19. Looks awesome very nice work. Looks just how I remember can't wait to try it!
  20. I always realy liked the music from super mario land. I especially liked the world with the fish bones jumping up and down...... This will let you know what a wierd kid I was but I wrote lyrics to it when I was like 10.
  21. I actualy downloaded a modern version of this for my Ipod a while back... It sucked it was in like a futureistic city. I wanted the weird little levels with the beach chair and umbrella.
  22. Wow I eagerly await this one. I hope he gets the guy to say "hey taxi". It alwayse sounded to me like he was speaking through his butt. I'm not hatein thats part of the charm.
  23. Lol you couldn't offer to buy it. Target operates with very strict corporate policies. They always throw stuff in the compactor and they never sell stuff like that to employees. I've been here for 8 years. That thing ain't as horrible as people are saying the sticks are kinda sloppy but ours has logged quite a few hours. Definitely not a collectors piece but kinda nice for your basement bar if you can't get something more genuine.
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