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  1. Damn did I miss out on something great any ideas what that thing may be worth?
  2. I believe it should work both ways. I however have never tried that but I can't see any reason why it wouldn't work.... Pboland thanks for the post that is pretty awesome I actually never knew such a thing existed but that could be very usefull.
  3. Hey I was wondering if any one knew of this atari computer cartridge "lifespan". I responded to a craigs list post where a guy was selling atari computer cartriges among other things. He sent me a list of about 25 games. I've been spending too much money on atari stuff lately and I couldn't afford much so I tried lowballing him. I offered him 30$ bucks. He didn't even respond..... They are still up there and its been almost a month so I figured what the hell and I sent him another massage. This time he said thanks but no thanks and he told me "I just sold the lifespan cart for 100$ guese it was something special". Well I cant find anything on this game. Is it like a super rare proto or something?
  4. Yea I think that sums it up. Im not sure how usefull it would be. As a collection piece I think its more then worth it. I do have a softspot for the failed tech in my collection.
  5. That would be totaly doable. When I first started this project I was using my old Ipod mini. It has seen better days. It won't hold a charge and the case looks almost like it's been run over. I originaly wanted to gut my ipod mini, hard wire the power, and mout the guts into my 410. The theory is solid but it turnd out my ipod mini had more problems then I knew. It must have some glitches during playback cuz about 50% of the time games would not load with it. I switched to my ipod touch and now its 100%. So I gave up on the idea of mounting it into the case. I still would like to try it though.
  6. Thats exactly why I did the input mod. Also It just seemed more elegant then having the cassette adaptor. I like that my 410 can interface with technology that had not even been thought of when it was created..... I also forgot to mention an unexpected outcome of the mod was that If I put a blank tape in my 410 and hit record while my ipod is playing I can record games onto a real tape. I do have to trick the atari into turning the 410's motor. I Used to make the atari try to load the game while recording just to get the motor to turn. Magic Knight informed me of some poke code to control the motor. In basic type POKE 54018,52 to activate the motor POKE 54018,0 will stop it again
  7. A while back I was trying to figure out a way to daisy chain both my sio2pc devices just because I was sick of disconnecting and reconnecting them. I do switch between the two depending on what im trying to do. I started a thread but never really got the answers I needed. Then a little while back at a thrift store I found something that gave me some inspiration. It's a belkin data switch from 1999 (good news its y2k compliant). It's just a parallel port switcher but I figured I could turn it into an sio switch for my sio2pc rs232 and my sio2pc usb. So I did. I just hooked up the switch at the sio end of both my sio2pc devices. Anyway I thought I'd show it off just cuz I think its pretty sweet. So here are some pics. Also I was wondering if anyone knew how to put an led on an sio2pc device using the 14c89 chip. Id kinda like to have a little led above each of the two inputs that gets all blinky when I'm transferring data. That would be really sweet.
  8. 3 years ago there was an apple II+ at a rummage. It had all just about everything you could ever want to go with it I'm not even going to try too list it all. It had tons of floppy's. All that for 10 bucks! I told them I was gona come back with my car to pick it up. On the way home I started thinking. I wasn't sure where I would put it, and my main focus at that time was my NES. So I never went back............. So sad. In high school I gave away my IIgs with all the bells and whistles when my parents got our first pentium 100............ I WANT IT BACK!!!
  9. It's actually pretty simple. First your going to want to familiarize yourself with Kr0tki's A8cas software. It's fantastic software but if your unfamiliar with operating software from command line it may be a little intimidating. Go get yourself some atari cassette images. These files will have a .cas extension. You then pump the cassette image into Kr0tki's A8cas software and the software will convert it to a .wav file. Now the game is simply an audio file that your Ipod can play. Take that .wav file and put it on your Ipod. You can listen to it just like any other audio file on your Ipod but it's not very pleasing to the ears. That is it on the software end. There is a simple and simpler way to do to hardware part of this. If you don't want to mod your 410 at all just go and get yourself one of those cassette tape adapters that you would use to connect your Ipod to your cars cassette player. You plug it into your Ipod and then stick the tape into your 410. Boot up your atari (while holding option down) press play on your 410 and play the audio file on your Ipod at the same time. Your 410 will listen to the audio that your Ipod is sending it convert that into data and pump it into your atari. That's it. If you want to do the hardware mod I illustrated in the pics the idea is the same as the cassette adapter the mod just cuts out the middle man (the cassette adapter). You got to drill a hole in the case of your 410 and mount a 1/8 inch audio jack in it. The jack has 3 wire connections, right audio, left audio and ground. The head of the 410 also has the same 3 connection. I just soldered the 3 wires from the audio jack to the points on the 410's circuit board where the same 3 wires from the 410's head connect. Put it all together and you got an audio input just like a modern car stereo. You then just plug your Ipod into the audio jack and operate it just like I described with the cassette adapter. That's about it. if you need more specific details on and specific parts feel free to ask.
  10. I just thought this thread may be somewhat relevant to you. I started it when I was playing around with a workaround to my belt issue before I had it solved. I was trying different ways of loading tapes that wouldn't require the 410 to actually turn the tape. I first used one of those cassette tape adapters that you would use to hook a discman up to your car that only has a cassette player. It does work. If your really itching for some Frogger action you could take a different audio cassette player that works well and put frogger in it. Then get one of those cassette adapters and plug it into the headphone jack of the audio cassette player. Then stick the cassette end of the adapter into your 410. The cassette adapter's don't actually get turned cuz they don't actually contain any tape so a bad belt is no longer a problem. I took it to another level that allowed me to pump audio into my 410 from my ipod through a direct line in. I use my ipod much more then real tapes now. Not that you need to do all that, but the cassette adapter should at least get you playing Frogger pretty soon. http://atariage.com/...ee#entry2730286
  11. Sounds like the belt is bad. I got a 410 it had bad belts. With age the belts got dry and a little loose it would turn the spindles if there was no tape in there but when the extra resistance of a tape was added the belt just slipped. I went to the dollar store and bought a big ol bag of rubber bands and tried a bunch of different one's till I finally found one that worked. It can't be too loose, too tight, or too stretchy. Too stretchy was the biggest problem I had. The motor will actually stretch the rubber band rather than turn the spindles until finally there is enough tension on the band to make it go. But then the tension gets relieved and the process starts over again. I actually found the right one by putting in John Denver tape. The stretching issue gave the audio output a wah wah effect, cuz the tape would speed up slow down speed up slow down. I just listened to John Denver and experimented with different bands until I found one that didn't distort the audio. Then I tried a datasette and it loaded. The little fits as you describe them sounds like a old dry loose belt which is very common (unless it was refurbished I think you would be very lucky to find a 410 with belts that are still good). There are real replacement belts on ebay sometimes, or you could cannibalize some other cheapy cassette recorder from goodwill for its belts. But with a little experimenting a dollar store bag of rubber bands may do the trick for you.
  12. I was trying to make my dell a triple boot hackintosh (linux, windows, snow leopard) about a year ago. Never happened. I wanted to make a pc where I could handle software for the 3 major os's. It is possible but getting the mac os up and running was too complicated for me at the time. It was also complicated by the fact that I don't have a real Mac to make the disk image to install the os. I'm may give this another try now that you got me thinking of it again. My skills are better now and I think now I may pull it off.
  13. This is interesting to me cuz I was trying to find this out myself. I built an sio2pc not too long ago and its such a great solution for the atari. I started exploring to see if there was something similar for my commodore or my ti 99/4a. I see even though there are some options none are as versatile as the atari's sio2pc. I'm just curious is there a hardware or software reason on the commodores end that prevents something as elegant as sio2pc, or is it just that the commodore community never put in the effort to create a software and hardware solution as great as the sio2pc?
  14. Never had to replace a screen but are your dead pixels columns? I've had 2 original gameboys with dead columns of pixels. If this is your problem I'd recommend a YouTube search for "gameboy dead pixels" there is a neat little soldering iron trick I've used twice now.
  15. I can vouch for karokoenig I've had the same result on 2600 carts, genesis carts (genesis and 2600 carts have very similar label paper and glue it seems), and some snes carts. I still use alcohol but am very careful. I use hair dryers and goo gone for stickers. Obviously don't go near the label with the goo gone. Use a cue tip and be precise. Best tip I got though magic eraser will take billy's name off of your cart's even if he used a sharpy! And I know the magic eraser is a very mild abrasive so some may not like that. If you don't stay in one spot too long you wont hurt the plastic. I almost always go over any thing new I get with a magic eraser soaked in a little rubbing alcohol. It gets off everything marker, boogers, smoke damage, crud that came off billy's dorito fingers. ONLY BARE PLASTIC WITH THE ERASER no labels, logos, or paint. It will ruin pretty much anything but the bare plastic. It leaves a white film on the plastic. I take a cloth lightly spritzed with armor all an wipe it off. This will make the plastic glow and almost seem to repel dust. I have a rule with my nes. I keep a bottle of alcohol and cue tips next to it. I do not put a game into it until the contacts have been cleaned with rubbing alcohol. It plays every game first try 99% of the time. Nintendo was wrong, or........ My theory is they just put that on the back of the cart because they wanted you to by the nintendo brand cleaning kit which came packaged with a little bottle of rubbing alcohol.
  16. I have replaced the shell and top screen on a ds lite. Check you tube for dissasembly instructions. Be aware this is not going to be all that easy. It takes delicate fingers patience and precision. Read many reviews before buying your shell. There are many crapy shells out there that even when installed perfectly you would be better off having a cracked hinge.
  17. So I picked up a belkin 2 port data transfer switch the other day. The box was dated 1999. I was very pleased to see I had not just purchased a worthless piece of garbage because the box had a nice little blue and yellow "year 2000 y2k compliant" logo. I was in high school back then I remember hearing all the worst case scenarios planes falling from the sky and whatnot, but obviously nothing happened. So I've heard it said that the only reason nothing happened was because we were so prepared. Is that true? I understand it was a software issue but what danger was there ever really? Never really found out for myself if there was any danger or not. But someone on here has got to know maybe even some one who worked on solving it?
  18. Yea get some quake going on there...... and oh oh the REAPER BOT MOD! I passed on one of those at value village the other day. They wanted 6 bucks for it. It didn't have the keyboard or mouse or I'd have grabbed it. It was a nice green. I think that value village thought it was just a monitor cuz they had other crappy monitors for the same price. I always hope I'll find an old atari or commodore in with the 99 cent keyboards at goodwill but that's probably dreaming.
  19. There are a few Cristian based thrift stores around here where I can get lucky with stuff. But goodwill its like I'm lucky to see a copy of duck hunt locked up in the case! What you got is a pretty epic kinda find. it's more than you need to hit the ground running with an atari computer.
  20. Have to say I think NES has the most shovelware. Some of those games are just indescribably bad!
  21. Very nice totally worth the $30 I'm jealouse I never see stuff like that at goodwill anymore. I think my local goodwills eBay everything like that
  22. Very nice totally worth the $30 I'm jealouse I never see stuff like that at goodwill anymore. I think my local goodwills eBay everything like that
  23. I had a IIgs. No games so I did a lot of basic. Apple basic didn't allow for real time keyboard input. The input and getkey commands break the program until the user enters input. I had to learn machine language commands to get real time input for my pong clone. This was extremely difficult for me to learn at that age, but felt like a truly amazing achievement when I got it to work!
  24. Couple reasons. I want to build them into a case and I want to be able to use either of them without having to plug or unplug them. I only have 1 sio cable I can use for this. I'm going to steal that from my 410 drive. So if possible I would like to daisy chain it into that..You can see now I'm using numbered pin clips and it's kind of annoying switching between the two. I guess the whole idea of having the two pc's going at the same time was more of a what if scenario. But i figured why not? Anyway I do would like to get these both into 1 sio plug and I thought that was a daisy chain scenario? Or maybe I'm way off and this needs some type of more complex switching mechanism?
  25. If I have 2 sio2pc cables is there a way that I can daisy chain one into the other? The idea being my 1050 boots dos as D1: My laptop A is D2: via serial rs232 interface. My computer B is D3: via sio2pc rs232 to usb interface. The idea seems simple enough to me but the both these are chain enders. How hard would it be to daisy chain one into the other permanently. In a way where I could theoretically use one the other or both? That's what I'm working with. Its pretty pretty basic stuff the simplest 14c82 chip. This should be possible right it seems like it should be kinda basic stuff. Or am I way off on that?
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