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  1. Just found this at goodwill for a buck... I think it's for a C 64. It fits anyway. I was hoping someone could enlighten me as to what it's purpose is. If it is for a C 64 it is obviously to link it in parallel to a more modern pc, but then what.
  2. This is actually the second one I have seen in the wild. The first one had a lot of rattling going on when I picked it up. I didn't think it was worth the effort of fixing so I passed. I considered looking into making one cuz I am pretty handy, but it uses some type of proprietary plug. I haven't looked into it yet but im betting it's just a modified mini usb. I'm not sure about this thing. Its weird cuz I dont really care about it, don't really want to play it, I wasn't looking for it but when I saw it I had to have it. I did hook it up and it plays dvds so Im betting the gaming aspect works just fine too. Im sure many here understand this but I have reached a point where the collecting of the games is the real game. Finding a new piece for the collection is unlocking an achievement... What a weird hobby...
  3. Well I bought a nuon. I don't know why... it was 5 dollars no controllers or games... I couldn't help it... It just happened... I told myself "if you dont buy it you will find a stack of games tomorrow". So now I got this thing. Anyone else have a nuon? Whats the absolute must have game for every nuon owner? Should I throw it away? Why did I do this?..... Oh and has anyone heard of a gamewave? A local goodwill has a bunch of gamewave games. I was tempted because I thought "if you don't buy them you will find a gamewave player tomorrow" ... I somehow managed to not buy them.
  4. Sorry but I just never liked panic on funkoctron. I remember renting it when it was new and thinking "this isn't the toejam and earl game sequel I wanted". When I began collecting the original was an early must have, but I have never even considered seeking out the sequel.
  5. So I guess you could say I have been speed running Mario 3 for about 17 years now. I didn't actually know speed runs were a thing when I started. Honestly I began as sort of a drinking challenge. Whenever I got drunk I wouldn't let myself pass out until I beat Mario 3. I'm pretty fast but I will never hold the record. Most notable games people speed run can maybe have tenths of seconds shaved off the time if that is even possible. So my question is what are some games that still have some room for improvement in the time, and are actually notable enough that any one would care that you have the record?
  6. I don't really want a tombstone. But I am looking out for a really good taxidermist. Perhaps this is a good place to ask around... They have to be very good or this could end up kinda creepy.
  7. I sub to techmoan. The guy is great. We operate on similar mental planes or something. Seems as though I will be thinking of something and within a couple days he does a video on it. His channel is mostly obscure audio tech, with some video. Not really gaming, but I believe the vast majority of atari age will be extremely interested in his channel.
  8. I always loved this song as a kid. I actually wrote lyrics to it... I only remember one line now and its really bad. I read inthe youtube comments it reminds a few people of penny lane and I think that's sorta accurate... Even if you disagree you got to admit its a catchy melody.
  9. Well maybe you can still get a deal at Goodwill every now and then.
  10. This is a question for megadrive collectors around the world. About half of my genesis games have that label thing where the glue seems to turn greasy the labels get a sort of oily translucent look, and some wrinkle and peel. I have 2 megadrive titles. Kid chameleon and sonic 2 I noticed neither of these have the issue. Just curious if you guys got better glue over there, or if you have the same issue and I just got lucky with these two?... Oh yea other odd thing is my megadrive sonic 2 cart came in a Genesis clamshell. Im fairly certain they go together because they the game and the case have the same not for resale sticker. Is this normal?
  11. Ill do 3 for diferent reasons in no particular order. Atari 2600: Due to graphical limitations the realy tried to get your imagination going with the cover art. Lots of great stuff. Atari 400/800 computer carts: I love the carts with no label art just a name and a number. You know the ones with the aluminum shell. They seem like they're military issue or something. They are very utilitarian, like they could outlast a nuclear war. I like the weight of them and the spring loaded cover. I even like how the all say left cartridge on the top. NES: I just love nes. My mom wouldn't get me one as a kid. I begged and begged but she said video games rot the brain. Now every time I add one to the collection I feel like I'm winning that childhood argument.
  12. I thought it was excellent. I like your title screen and the video quality was fantastic. Also excellent choice in game. It is a title I have overlooked, and will certainly keep my eyes open for it now. I'm curious as to your method of playing the game and video capture? It was a great review all around, but I will give one piece of constructive criticism. It seems as though if you want to reach any mass apeal in the youtube scene you have to be very high energy. Most channels seem to do this by cursing up a storm, or just being a goofy dork. This is gimmicky and it sucks but it seems to be the rule especially on gaming channels. I'm probably over sensitive to this right now because I have been working on some videos for a 3d printing channel I would like to start. I had my girlfriend and a few buddy's watch and all around I was told I needed more energy. So I'm working on new audio and editing. I'm not cursing but I'm trying to add more energy to my delivery. I would like to think that content is enough to hold attention but it seems it may not be. Anyway I might be over sensitive, like I said it's something I'm looking for now. At any rate I enjoy the content and I'll be checking your channel out.
  13. Looks kinda neat. I hope tons of people get it and sega makes enough money to make the dreamcast 2!!!!
  14. I dont think its all that bad. I have one and enjoy it. The problem is that its not all that good.... what I mean is I don't think it lived up to expectations. People were expecting a new level of gaming, and the improvement just wasn't that great. Also the games in the library feel rushed, while most genesis games were well refined. I think it had potential that was never realized. I enjoy colecting for it but honestly its just kinda Meh. So no its not all that bad, but also not that good.
  15. Right when I started collecting I had a friend who I would always play baseball games with. We started with "baseball" and sort of worked our way up. I never did any research but when I found a new one I would scoop it up and we would check it out. For a while we were convinced RBI Baseball was as good as it got on nes. Then I came across baseball stars. I new it was special when I saw the gold sticker on the back. I thought oh cool you can save you can probably do a season or something. I was absolutely blown away when I realized how in depth it got. Not only is it one of the best baseball games on the system, it is one of the best games on the system period. I have not gotten baseball stars 2 yet kinda just waiting to stumble across it, but I have not come close to feeling like I have played out the first one.... Such a great game.
  16. Here is a thought I have had and I'm sure it will show my ignorance on the subject. Im sure this idea of mine wont work, but it would be nice to know why. Obviously there is no plug and play option for video out on the vectrex. A few years back just for fun I made a sort of home made ocilloscope out of a cheap portable black and white tv from goodwill. I clipped the wires that control the vertical movement of the ray. The tv could only draw a horizontal line after that. I then took the wires for vertical control and ran them to some wire conectors on the side of the tv. After that I could hook up a keyboard or whatever and see the wave form. Isnt the tv now in a way a vector display? My theory is this... If you tapped into the vertical and horizontal control for the crt in the Vectrex and output it to some type of connector, then do the same thing to a crt television and hook them up, would the image for the vectrex display on the tv? Doing this would be insane in my mind and even if the theory was sound Im sure there would be voltage and scaling issues, but would something like this ever be possible if god forbid my Vectrex crt ever failed. This is far too invasive to be done as a mod, but I do wonder about perhaps a method of presarvation?
  17. I've always loved the look of that setup. It makes me chuckle, it's like some mutation of the gba sp. Never considered that when you ad the gba player that is exactly what it is. I think you should create some type of chest harness and battery system for some hard core on the go gaming action. Seems like something Keith Apicary would use.
  18. I've posted this before and received mixed responses, but I feel it's worth saying again. I have never replaced a connector I have removed and deep cleaned and boiled once. This is good but I firmly believe it is only necessary maybe once every 10 years.... If you keep your games clean. This has been the case for about 10 systems I have owned throughout the years. I'm sure there are situations where replacement is necessary, but after that is done be ocd with your cleaning. After buying a game it never goes into my nes without a deep cleaning. If it's a game I haven't played in a while I clean it before it goes in. I get a blinking light with a blue screen maybe 1 out of 100 tries. Its very rare. I really believe thmethod is a must for any nes owner. I will admit the front loader is a flawed design. I do also believe it gets a bad rap. In my experience a little love from time to time goes a very long way.
  19. Awesome video. I am going to spend some time studying these videos. I can say I did realize how complex this game was. It's one I have never been very good at. I come back to it from time to time and maybe learn a new trick or two from trial and error, but not much. I have watched people play that were very good, and I was still unable to glean very much. I was able to tell there was a large amount of patern recognition taking place, combined with very precise timing. This would take years to learn through trial and error and since I can't exchange tricks in the school luch room anymore I think I'm going to spend some time with this guys videos. They seem to be a near perfect tutorial.
  20. Just curious what the difference in series variants of athletic world are, and how many are there? I picked up a 5 screw series 1 label. I know it's nothing special, but I was curious and I had a hard time googling the answer because it's flooded with info on stadium events. I figured someone here would have a quick answer. Im sure I will never be lucky enough to own stadium events so maybe I'll shoot for all the athletic world variations.
  21. In my experience I now have better luck at the "gheto" thrift stores. I feel most of the employees don't know of the value of old stuff and don't care enough to research prices before it hits the floor. I believe the stuff I look for stays on the shelf longer there too. All these people that you think probably have better tv's then you.... well an NES probably looks as about as usefull as a crt to them.
  22. Good tip. I've got a small privately owned store near me. I love shopping there they have very fair prices, often have big sales, even a rewards program. They are completely owned and staffed by one family. I have developed a relationship with the owner and he lets me know about stuff thats not on the floor and has even given me price cuts without me asking. I actually feel very good about giving this store my money. If you have a store like this near you its definitely the way to go.
  23. As was said before most tv's do have a shared composite/component conection. I owned my tv for quite a while before I realized this, I actually did not say it on the tv or in the manual. My tv has a weird issue of not always detecting component but if I switch back and forth inputs it works. Im not too worried I believe I will always be able to get my hands on free crts for the rest of my life, and I believe for me thats the way I'll always prefer to play.
  24. I am pretty heavily into 3d printing and I actually just recently did a fairly serious controller repair. So I know these parts and the process of printing well. The cradles are actually under a fair amount of pressure from the springs. Also if you opperate your vectrex with a heavy thumb they will take a beating. I believe they could be printed but it would have to be done in a very specific way. The cradles are very delicate. For a part that thin abs would be too flexible. Pla would have the rigidity needed but would be likely be too brittle for a decent lifespan. Now nylon would work well but it would be a somewhat tricky print. Proper orientation and support would be key for the needed strength and print quality for a proper fit. It would likely take some trial and error. I have an fdm printer so these are the problems and solutions I see. Ideally if there is an atariage member with a Formlabs or some type of stereo lithography printer, they would be the ones who could do the best work on a part like this. I realize this might not offer a ton of help but it is food for thought. I may take a stab at this I have alot of hobbies and it's nice when they overlap.
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