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  1. Sorry to sort of intrude here, but I'm having trouble letting go of my Atari 2600. I won't let it go for free, but any price I have listed isn't working either (for me or the buyers interested) so I figured that I'd try here. (despite the fact most of you probably have one anyways!) So, without further ado, here's a nice list Atari 2600 4 switch model in great shape- no scratches, no damage besides the serial label falling off the bottom. Because it's been with our family since we bought it (I still have the damned receipt for $285.09) it's a matching box + console- BUT I can't find the box serial on the actual box. If you know where to find it, let me know. It's got all the cardboard inserts, including the box for the wall adapter, controllers and a box for two extra controllers, as outlined below. System works flawlessly and plays every game that comes with it. The box itself aint too bad either- the corners and edges are less worn off that some others I've seen, and there's no need for any tape to hold it together. Comes w/ System Box 2 paddle remotes in box 2 joysticks in box 1 wall adapter in box 21 games, as per my list (with rarity rating from here) -Rating from 1-10, 10 being incredibly rare Fathom- 4 Space invaders- 1 DK-1 Chopper Command- 2/3? No mention of Orange colour for label. Carnival- 2 MoonSweeper- 4 Atlantis- 2 SwordQuest, Earthworld- 2 Defender- 1 Dodge 'em- 2 Berzerk- 1 Asteroids- 1 Combat- 1 Space Attack- 2 Riddle of the Sphinx- 2 Keystone Kapers- 2, box art is different Towering Inferno- 3 Missile command- 1 (lower case text) Demon attack- 2 Dragonfire- 2 Cosmic Ark- 2 And I believe it's got an original first run issue of a television guide (a channel that played movies and such in Canada), a manual for two games (Carnival and SwordQuest) and the receipt. I even found a Captain Crunch box prize and a handful of other random, old papers. Can't include all of them (some have sentimental value) but I'll include what I can. --Best offer. I really don't have any idea what it could be worth seeing as prices vary so much on eBay, so feel free to PM me some numbers, and we'll talk. 2nd- PS2 TEST debugger unit, DTL-H10000 unit in good shape. Serial number scratched off back, the rest of the case is good. Comes w/ system, controller and cables. I'm not going to bother to type too much as it's not something everyone's interested in, but PM for more info if you are. --$180 3rd- Sony Net Yaroze, NTSC-U/C with controller. Good shape, just some sticker residue that is on the top lid. Same deal as above- PM for more info --$175 More pictures coming soon! I just need to wait for some light so that I can take a nice shot. ETA ~15 hours from post time.
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