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  1. While cleaning out my office this weekend, I ran across an Intellivision Intellicart that I bought way back in the day and never used. It's time for a new home, so I put it up on eBay. (I can't get the AtariAge BBcode stuff to work, so apologies for that.) I haven't the faintest clue what it's worth, and the only other active unit on eBay has a stupidly high price. I figured I'd start mine out at about what I paid, not counting for inflation.
  2. Here's his Barnstorming. A few giveaways here: it's super-glossy, and the BARNSTORMING name font is a little different than normal. See also River Raid which is super-glossy and has a slightly different font than the real label.
  3. I think pboland's repro labels are great - I've ordered them and placed them on my own carts, and it really improves the "curb appeal". They make a lot of sense for me, particularly for a lot of the older/common/worthless carts that almost always look like trash. However not everyone may feel that way, which is perfectly fine. Which brings me to eBay seller "jowrober". He's got a number of old carts up for auction now that are using the repro labels, but he doesn't appear to be aware of that (he said: "I bought it in a large estate sale and have no idea."), and they're not mentioned as such in the auction. These are mostly all commons, and they do look clean with the repro labels, so take that for what it's worth. He appears to have a bunch of completed auctions in the past 6 months for carts that, to a one, all use repro labels including some dupes. It is, of course, possible that his estate sale purchase had multiple copies of Stampede and so on that all had repro labels. Caveat emptor.
  4. This is a good point. I thought I'd touched on this before, but I realize now that I only mentioned it on Twitter. I don't want to directly link to my Twitter account, so let me repost what I wrote there: "I have had **great** luck giving away my oldish-but-not-too-old Mac stuff via AtariAge. It has felt so good to ditch a lot of this early 2000s stuff that is heavy but not worth much on the open market. I'm down to just 3 Airport Extremes and some broken crap. The other thing I've realized is that while I could have sold some of this and made a few hundred bucks, it was never going to be worth the hassle of trying to find a way to pack the large stuff up. And I feel genuinely good about giving it away to people who want it. Now I'm at a new stage. I have lots of Apple II-era bulk that I don't want: Monitor ///s, an extra //e (!!), an ImageWriter and so on. I would feel mighty good giving that stuff away locally, even knowing I could again make a few hundred $$. Charitable? Maybe a bit. Lazy? YES. I'm for damn sure not going to trust giving this stuff away on Craigslist. I've heard too many stories. Offerup is an option, but I feel like a giveaway with retro enthusiasts via AtariAge counts for a lot in saved hassle. One of the guys picked up an old iPad pre-Retina. I wasn't sure it still worked, but he told me today it was fine, and he's letting his little toddler use it for YouTube and the like. I can't imagine it being put to a better use. That made me so happy to hear." tl;dr: I'm definitely lazy and making suboptimal financial decisions, and I'm happy -- thrilled, even -- with the way it's gone so far.
  5. WILD SPECULATION TIME! You mentioned RFID before and the "tapping" of controllers to other consoles to take your games on the go. So that got me speculating: maybe your physical media is something like a small-ish physical card with an RFID inside that does pairing with a given console/account to register initial ownership of the game. And maybe you could "unpair" it later on if you wanted to sell that physical copy. That would be wild stuff.
  6. Ah, ok. I can spray-paint it metallic green for you! (Don't hurt me.) But seriously, I don't know that I want to bother with shipping. I'll give it a think.
  7. It's an original design. I haven't fired it up in a few years, but my recollection is that it is also non-enhanced, e.g. "Apple ][" vs. "Apple //e" on startup. I think that's why I've kept it all these years, but I could be remembering wrong.
  8. OK, I've updated the OP, probably for the last time. Just 3 Airport Extremes left, and a pile of what I'll charitably call "spare parts". I'll keep this for a few days longer, and then it'll go to Apple recycling in one easy-to-carry trip. Lesson learned: be better about getting rid of older computer stuff I truly don't want when upgrading. I should redeem my retro cred by saying my office is still stacked with much older computers, so it's not all a ghost town here. I'm pondering getting rid of a few extra LCs I don't need, and some extra Apple II-era hardware that I somehow wound up with duplicates of (an extra //e, an extra //c Plus, some Monitor ///s, and an ImageWriter). If there's local interest in those, maybe I should start a new giveaway thread. Like the others, I *really* don't want to deal with shipping this stuff.
  9. Alright, everything you've said makes sense. Just one thing to think about: you're reaching for a broad audience here, one that's absolutely greater than AtariAge forum members wanting to play Astrosmash again. That audience won't care about subtleties of 2.5D -- or reading these forums, so it might be nice to update some of the official marketing materials to cover some recent changes when you get a chance, things like the minor tweaks to game pricing and so on. (I think multiplayer has changed in scope or definition a bit since that first trailer? I haven't spent much time reading up on that, tbh.) Some place concise and "official" that reflects the current reality. That said, I imagine you guys are working your balls off on the next trailer and everything else, so I'll survive here putting the pieces together.
  10. As god is my witness, as I sit here today, I was 100% sure it wasn't actually a hat with speakers, but just something that looked weird and earned a mocking speakerhat name somewhere in the bowels of this thread. Then I googled and saw it was real, and my world has been upended. There's a darkness in this world that must be stopped.
  11. This is true because we've got 36 pages of stuff, and it's honestly a slog to get through. On the main point of 3D, I think it is (or was) reasonable to assume that the Amico reveal trailer is accurate for anyone who hasn't passionately read every bit of info that exists: the video plainly says 2D, not 2.5D, not 3D. Importantly - Tommy is the Word of God on the specs, so what he says supersedes the trailer's info. But it's frankly hard to keep track of the things that have changed between that trailer and now (another example is the game pricing, which has changed ever-so-slightly). That trailer is now 7 months old and is becoming unreliable. It would be a blessing to find updated, accurate information in an easy-to-read place. I get that we're still a year off and obviously more will change - and the pace at which information comes out will probably be dictated by their marketing vs. a need to dump tech specs to geeks on AtariAge, but every little bit helps.
  12. Oh, I'm 100% sure it has a GPU given Tommy's latest statements (I was 99% before that), it's just a matter of oomph. The Raspberry Pi has one, as an example, but it's pretty much just there to tick a box on a spec sheet. You can only go up from there. But I mean I also feel like it'd be a bit ... wrong? ... for them to emphasize it or draw attention to it. Tommy is right in that the moment you start showcasing 3D, you start to draw comparisons to things that maybe the Amico is not meant to be compared against. Were it up to me, I'd underpromise and overdeliver in this respect: a more restrained "sure, it's running this game in 3D. No big deal." would probably be more helpful than "1.21 GIGAFLOPS OF GPU POWER!" and then having everyone on your ass about "can it play Fortnite?"
  13. My day job involves working with both. The Apple A* chips are strong - they're mainly limited by the thermal constraints of being packaged in an iPhone or iPad. Many of the Android GPUs are decent as well, but it's "complicated" - the Android GPUs have drivers that run the gamut from "trashfire" to "not bad", so the GPU choice is more important there. There are also some Android boxes that use Nvidia Tegra and those are every bit as good as you'd want (the Switch uses a Tegra derivative). I think they're probably cost-prohibitive for the Amico, but I'd love to be surprised. If the Amico had a Tegra, well, that would open a lot of doors down the line!
  14. What chipset are we talking about? I speculated in the other thread that you could do 3D, but it would be so weak as to not be worth emphasizing (like a lot of mobile/Android-ish GPUs), so I'm very interested in what kind of GPU is powering the Amico. I think this opens up a lot of good possibilities, so I'm very interested in hearing more.
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