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  1. Yes it IS laserdisc, Tempest. Original 1984 MCA release of Scarface.
  2. For sale or trade: Playstation 4 system CIB with Grand Theft Auto V. We have two here with my friend Luis' unit and since he's always here, I figured to put this up. I am asking $350 shipped or trade for a Wii U 32GB system with any combo of these games: -Hyrule Warriors -Super Smash Bros -Mario Kart 8 -Super Mario 3D World -New Super Mario U -New Super Luigi U Or any combo of these: Amiibo: -Captain Falcon -Little Mac -Marth -Ike -Shulk -Rosalina -Mega Man 3DS: -New Super Mario Bros 2 -Super Mario 3D Land -Disney Magical World -Yoshi New Island -Kirby Triple Deluxe -Nintendogs and Cats -Project X Zone -Pokemon X or Y
  3. I have no idea about Play-Asia. But I do know that after EMS shipping, it would come out to nearly this. Plus, last I checked, they do not carry the faceplates.
  4. Since the New Nintendo 3DS is coming over here finally, I'm deciding to sell this Japanese unit of mine. It's been kept in box ever since I got it and only used it to do basic setup. Was going to access the eShop and get digital games, but now that it's been announced, albeit in an XL only version, I don't need to hold on to this anymore. It is in TERRIFIC shape as the pics don't do it justice. It comes with the standard white faceplates, but also with these Mario faceplates as well. I am asking $170 SHIPPED Priority for this combo. THIS WEEK ONLY! This is going for the same amount and a little higher on eBay, but NOT with the faceplates or in this shape. NEVER been updated either, so it's still at 8.1 for those that care. For trades, I'm ONLY looking for the following: -Pokemon Alpha Sapphire -Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D -Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds -Super Smash Brothers for Nintendo 3DS -Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D -Resident Evil Revelations -Pokemon X -Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon -Animal Crossing: New Leaf -Donkey Kong Country Returns -Kirby Triple Deluxe -Ulitmate NES Remix -Yoshi's New Island -Paper Mario: Sticker Star -Mario Tennis Open -Mario Golf: World Tour -Nintendogs + Cats: French Bulldog and New Friends AMIIBO: -Marth -Little Mac -Mario -Captain Falcon
  5. I understand your points. Even if the binaries are available for free on the boards, I'd still like to throw a few bucks their way and support them. Yes, they can be pirated even with a serial and I mentioned that. But, I see this as more of a community willing to help each other out and support each other's projects. There are still some games that I want the actual cart as well because they look amazing.
  6. I had an idea cross my head that Albert should definitely try and implement. Since quite a few people have Harmony carts and with Harmony Encore, it's future proofed for homebrew roms, why not have a part of the AtariAge store where you can buy roms of homebrew games and be able to download them to play on Harmony and Harmony Encore? It would help homebrewers distribute their game more widely and at a lower cost since they don't have to worry about finding donor carts, buying new boards, EEPROMS, etc. Also, it would help get people who couldn't burn their games onto a cart because of cost or lack of knowledge still be able to make a profit. They could set their own prices, say $5-10 a game. They could even dictate how many downloads are available and once they are done, the link could expire. You can also do IP address tracking just in case someone leaks it and you could figure out easier who dumped it. There's so much homebrew for Atari and for Colecovision and they have their respective carts. It'd would be a cool idea and expand the homebrew community now that they'd have better distribution where they'd seemingly have more control. So, how about it? I'd love to see a discussion on this topic.
  7. I have a boxed 6-switch Atari VCS. It's been sitting in the box as it's a pain in the ass to connect it to an HDTV. I'm NOT looking for a hardwired AV cable. I'm looking for someone to mod the unit with composite jacks and possibly an S-Video port if it's feasible. I'd also maybe try to get a power LED, but it's not necessary. I'd of course pay for Priority Shipping there and back. I'd also want to see some examples of your work and references. I plan on getting another Harmony Cart, but I want an AV modded VCS first.
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