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  1. And the rom file to play on nostalgia ?
  2. anyone can share these INTV roms: Super Pro Baseball Ms Night Stalker Super Chef BurgerTime Super Pro Tennis Space C*nt
  3. Somebody knows games list no compatible with atari 800xl like demon attack thanks for posting!
  4. The problem was L14, is for VDP clock, problem solved, thanks for answer,
  5. I have a new 9928, but nothing change in it, so both 9928 are ok, thanks for the tip. i will try, the pots in rf is one for audio and the other for fine tunning, i think the problem is the VDP clock, is generated for 2x 7404 gates, and it uses a 2.7uh to generate the vdp clock, i dont have the 2.7uh to replace, im usisng 10uh, i will try to find one to see, thanks for post,
  6. Did you know where is the problem with my colecovision, i did find L14 2.7uh open, i did place 10uh for it, but i have this picture now,,, i need to know if the problem is L14 value ?
  7. I think is ntsc . i will try in other tv set,
  8. NTSC, but my ask is, L14 2.7uh is open, i replace with 10uh, it can be the problem for that ?
  9. Hi, It was with only black screen for long time,,, now check it again, i did see L14 2.7uh open, so i replace with 10uh because i dont have 2.7uh, now it show this: i need to know if by the L14 value or is other problem ? thanks for answer,
  10. Hi, i have other problem with my coleco right now, i going to post it looking for help too,,, did you put sockets in all the ram ? your problem looks like problem with one of the 2114 ram, try it,
  11. Kat emulator says how many chips use any rom game, so how i can split the bin file, example 8kb file in 2x 4kb ? thanks for answer,
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