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  1. Yeah, I still use mine too. I traded even for my first PR connection back in the 80s for a working 850. I liked the size of it, and, as was mentioned, it's powered over SIO. And it looked better with my 130XE. Today, I use it with a printer (rarely) and a MSS100 to connect to BBSs and IRC chat once in a while. I sold a PR connection to Larry 20 or so years ago, and kicked myself for doing that for a while. Then I obtained this one maybe 10 years ago from Slor or orpheuswaking in some sort of trade. Nice to have some local guys around, though we have not gotten together in quite some time. Oooh. My set up is looking a little dusty!
  2. I took all the Invitation to Programming courses last year (emulated). Shortly after that I was hired as a python developer. Coincidence? (actually, yes. yes it was)
  3. I remember the Steve and Bruce loading screen too. It was on the version I played way back in the day. I downloaded it from a local BBS and it came that way. I would learn later that it was an incomplete version of the game (but not the incomplete version with the title and song). The Steve and Bruce one was good, but it's missing some screens or something, if I remember correctly. Also, there is supposed to be a sound effect for when you kill an enemy with a sword, but it is not present in the Steve and Bruce version. Also, glad to be back! I've only played each title in this round one time, so I expect to improve.
  4. Super Pacman 22980 Montezuma Again! 10000 (5 lives ... this is hard) Really cool to play some new levels on Monty and a working version of Super Pac-Man.
  5. That's so cool! Sorry for the necro post, but I've been playing around with tapes and tape archives lately and this came up in some of my searches.
  6. Heh! I was wondering how long it would take. It's on its way to Canada now.
  7. Ok, looks like this device is not very interesting. I understand. I'm not much of a salesman. I'd take $14 total for the device including shipping in the US. I just don't want to throw it away, and I don't know where else to put it. P.S. Free to orpheuswaking.
  8. Well, I'm not sure. The SD slot does not hold the card in the way it's supposed to, but there may be other issues. I have not gotten it to work, but I have not tried a lot yet, since you have to physically hold the card in to even test it. I also don't remember which files to put on the drive, etc. and I have been finding little time to mess around with it lately so I though I would pass it along to someone else who might find it more interesting. I would happily throw one in an SIO cable with this item, but the cables I have are also quite old and untested (sorry to be so lame). Make me an offer if you think my original post was too high? I'm sure I had quite a bit more than the asking price invested into this back when I originally obtained it, but I understand that a buyer might be taking on a bit of a project in this case.
  9. Hey guys. I found this older SDRIVE sitting around. I could not remember how to get it to do much, and it seems like the SD port may not be holding SD cards in properly. I tried to hook it up to one of my 800XL computers, and the LEDs lit up, and there was some SIO noise, but little else. I don't use it for loading ATR files anymore so I don't really want to mess with it any longer. You might be able to fix it or get it working? It may be in need of internal repairs. It's a nice looking case with the SIO port on one end, the SD slot on the other, then the buttons and LEDs (as pictured), as well as some dip switches on the side. Obviously, I know very little about these devices, or I would put more effort into this myself... I'd like to get about $7 for the device and $7 for shipping in the US. Thanks for looking. I'd be happy to take pics of the inside too if you're curious.
  10. Fres


  11. For Sale: One VHS tape (NTSC) shown as VIDEOGAME COMMERCIAL ARCHIVE VOLUME #1 from Sean Kelly (1998). The quality of the videos varies quite a bit from commercial to commercial, as I recall. I believe they were collected over a long period of time from many sources. The tape itself has no label. The box containing the tape is in very good shape (see picture). I'd like to get about $20 + shipping. I prefer PayPal. The back of the box says: Do You Believe? Well you better believe! You got a taste of it on the Digital Press CD-ROM, here is the FULL ARCHIVE on tape. If the little window on your PC didn’t quite cut it for you, you’re stylin’ now! Literally hundreds of hours went into accumulating this collection! Systems on display here include the Atari 2600, 5200, Jaguar, Lynx, ColecoVision, Intellivision, Bally, Atari Computers, handhelds and I could go on and on. Take a peek at the 2600 Voice Controller and the Graduate in one or the Intellivision Computer in another. A collection like this can be found NOWHERE ELSE!! Anyway, quit reading the back of this box and watch the tape! All game titles, characters, and related indicia contained within this publication are copyright and trandmarks of their respecitce companies. Entire contents © Copyright 1998 Sean Kelly. All rights reserved. Reproduction, in whole or in part without written permission by the publisher is prohibited.
  12. I always liked Letterman. Oh, and Stunt Clown. Also, Can't Quit is good. Sincerely, Roryck Adalimumab
  13. I've always liked Snokie and Flak. Never spent a lot of time on them, however. I don't know that I've played Time Runner more than just to try it out years ago. Also, Deteacher appears to be playing a different version of Snokie than TRBB.
  14. I think I agree with everyone. Petscii > Atascii. Color. Ice-T is a different story.
  15. None of those games seem very fun. Disagree?
  16. I had a Parrot (paddle device), and I'm pretty sure I sampled about a min of Yello's "Oh Yeah" back in the day, and some Art of Noise and Kraftwerk too. Sadly, all of my disks are lost.
  17. Wow. That's hilarious. I've been playing that game for many years, and never knew about the flash (shift) function. Time to give it another try.
  18. 6550 on Caverns of Mars II (first try ... I know it's not impressive). Can't remember what I scored on Super Cobra, but I will try to play it a few more times.
  19. Yep, that's MASH. Thanks for the tip. Sorry if this has already been asked. I know Gremlins, Mario Bros., and Moon Patrol (5200 versions) have all been fixed (sound issues). Was Space Invaders (filed a8 cart version) ever fixed? The sound is wrong when the saucer appears. If you run it with a translator, it's correct. It's kind of funny because Atari criticized 3rd party developers for violating programming "rules" yet this was their own release.
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