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  1. Send codes to [email protected] and Ill reply with golf code. Also selling Excitebike 3d classics for 150 coins. Same drill.
  2. This game stopped being available a few days ago but there was some troubl and golf codes got switched with 3d classics Excitebike codes. So I have an extra golf and extra Excitebike code. Golf code is 150 club Nintendo points and Excitebike is also 140 . Email codes to me at [email protected] and I'll send you the game codes.
  3. Hello. I'm getting a master system 3 compact soon and found that I will be able to play it on my tv but in monochrome. To play it in color do I have to get one of those commodore pal/NTSC monitors or something or can it be easier.
  4. I have about 120 American games. How many are there total? I already have every 5200 game and I just realized how many games I have. I also have some European and Brazilian master system games. I've read that there's 318 games but that's for all regions.
  5. It looks like pretty much the best home dk port ever made. Is there any way that if I downloaded it from the Internet I could copy it to 5 1/2 floppy and play on the actual Adam disk drive? That would be the most awesome thing ever.
  6. Wow. That DK sounds really cool. To bad there's just the same games I already have on disc.
  7. Ive been wondering for a while now where I can find the Adam donkey kong and what are the differences from the Colecovision version. I'm also interested in if there's any difference in zaxxon and dragons lair for the disc drive compared to tape because I want to find something to do with that drive.
  8. Hmmm... I have an st with the Sd reader. I guess if I get a pal monitor I'll eventually get a cd32 then. For now I'll probably get the virtual boy. The Fairchild sounds a bit boring to be honest but those controllers are cool, and that built in pong. I'd rather get an astrocade though. And the Arcadia doesn't sound that great so I won't be getting that anytime soon.
  9. Well I can't really play the cd32 because of most games being pal so I'll probably just get an Amiga 1200 eventually. That flash cart for vb sounds cool so I guess I'll look for that and if I can find it cheap I'll get it and a vb. Thanks everyone!
  10. I guess it's down to the Fairchild and the virtual boy then.
  11. The cd 32 has been eliminated. Now let's just decide between channel f, Arcadia and virtual boy. To me the virtual boy looks the most promising when it comes to original games, so now I'm wondering what's for homebrew on the cf and arcadia
  12. To enter the contest: -Create a poem about your favorite gaming system -Send to [email protected] -Contest will end Aug.6 Best Poem Will Win!
  13. Mine doesn't have that problem. I've made it to level 5 before and nothing happened. If you just put a fancy label on it you probably couldn't even tell it was a prototype unless you already knew.
  14. Hello. I have the unreleased jr Pac man 5200 prototype. Im wondering if any homebrew jr pac man has been made for 5200 because I have one for 7800 and super PAC man for 5200 and 7800. And how rare is this prototype? I'm on my iPad so I can't post any pics right now.
  15. I have almost every major system from every generation in my collection. It's huge. But recently I've needed some quick cash so I sold my neo geo cd and odyssey 2 collections. Now I'm ready to get back into collecting and I was wondering what everyone's opinion would be on which of these 4 consoles I should get. I know very little about the Arcadia. The channel f looks really fun for 2 players and a great part of gaming history. The virtual boy is the only Nintendo system I don't have and it looks pretty neat. The cd32 would probably be the console I get.... If most of them weren't from the uk and black and white here. So on a side note I'm all wondering if you can play uk games on an NTSC console with no problems with an adapter. Thanks
  16. You can talk about making copies and backups and whatnot, but just don't provide links to iso's or roms. Especially not ones that people are selling. So you can talk about it? I just asked before. I guess I'll have to look at those parts of the rules more closely. Getting back on topic, I want to do what I can to get some fx homebrew going outside of Japan, but I have very little knowledge of making a homebrew game(although I probably could make a simple one if I had the proper tools) but I don't have any fx homebrew tools. I'd like some sort of space shooter on the fx, so I'd appreciate it if someone could give me a link to download fx programming software or if your willing to do it that would be better cause I'll I'd really be able to do is probably make some blocky space invaders clone or something. If you need some money for the project I could donate PayPal if possible.
  17. JagLynx


    So your saying that when you hook up your 2600 jr that you can play it; but that you can't switch back to watch tv? And the other way around?
  18. I can't find my vcds but it seems that pc fx does play vcd without any modifications or add ons. Not surprising because of its amazing fmv capabilities. I wonder if Aaron Nanto would sell his pc fx film on vcd so you can view it on an actual pc fx. Maybe I'll see if I could contact him.
  19. I got In some trouble here on the forums for talking bout making copies so I suggest not doing it. I think you can though. I prefer getting the real thing anyways. Chip chan kick is like 80-90 bucks and zenki is around 250. And by the way there isnsome fx homebrew in japan with the pc fx ga but I believe that can't work on a normal pc fx. Bummer. But I was able to find a non playable "demo" of frog feast, pretty much just a picture of the title screen that you can download and burn. At least it shows that some progress has been made. Frog feast fx was supposed to be released along with 3do and nuon ports on August 19 2010 though so its still disappointing. I wonder if you could play vcds on pc fx. Maybe I'll go try it out.
  20. Ya zeroigar and zenki are cooler but there so expensive.
  21. There is no PAC man for channel f. Maybe there's a PAC man clone.
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