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  1. Thanks for the help everybody. I should have bought one long ago when the price was reasonable. I was just going by the "sold" listings on Ebay and that was around $30. I saw the $80 one but never use a "buy it now" as an indicator of a game's price, those are the one's that just sit and never get sold, you guys know that. That $120 one, or however much it was, has been sitting on Ebay for months now and no one has bit. I mean, a game's worth whatever someone is willing to pay I guess but I'm frugal. I'll try posting on the "wanted" board and see what happens. Maybe I can get lucky, maybe it's just a game I'll never own until that good deal falls into my lap but I am patient, that's for sure, lol. Thanks again !
  2. Apologies if this is not the way to ask as this is the first time I've ever tried to buy a game on a forum. I've done a ton of trades but never specifically looked for a game. Just looking for a decent price, not the one's on Ebay for $80 - $120, "sold" listings are all under $30 and I'm cool with a price around there. The one game eluding me for the last two years and one of my fav's on the Coleco. Thanks !
  3. I am in for one of each. I sold my Pac-Man like a dum-dum when I severely down sized my entire video game collection. Sometime you make mistakes...
  4. There's this guy I always see, sells 'em sealed. I bought one from him quite some time ago. Looks real to me, lol http://www.ebay.com/itm/HERO-H-E-R-O-Game-for-Colecovision-COLECO-NEW-FACTORY-SEALED-/390635410148?pt=Video_Games_Games&hash=item5af3af52e4
  5. Rally-X ? I though Opcode was doing it but maybe I just really want it so that's my guess.
  6. Ugh, all these amazing releases. I just can't keep up...that's a good thing though. Archon is one of my favorite games, played it like crazy on the C64 and still pull out the NES regularly. I'm glad it's quite awhile off as I would love a CIB copy myself !
  7. 1 Lord of the Dungeon and 1 Mario Bros. for me if it's not too late. Thanks !
  8. I will refrain from giving my opinion on VGA grading but I will say that it's pretty darn amazing to see a "90" on a Coleco cardboard box. Plastic casing, not so much. Thirty year old paper, very impressive indeed.
  9. I have come to this topic quite a few times over the course of the last year, as many may have read, with my own feelings on the SGM situation. I'm not here to rehash but to say thank you to Eduardo for coming through where he said he would. I received my SGM in the mail today (sorry, never could figure out how to post a pic. The "image" tab does nothing when I paste my url in) and am super exited to finally start trying it out...after I get some games for it, lol. Thanks Eduardo.
  10. Let's just say the prices used to be worth heading over there for but now it's a toss-up. I don't totally blame him as it's a business and he should have it in mind to make money, in all honesty though, today's new collector does not care about the deal or the wait to get the deal, just to get said game in their hands...but...He's still better than any price you can find online, just by a lot closer margin than before. Again, I apologize for not taking a better mental inventory as it occurred only for me to come here and post about a block away from my house and I had just run 3 miles before stopping in. He generally get's in a decent stock but what hit me is that I never see any ColecoVision anywhere, at least not such a sizable lot all at once. Next time I will not forget, lol.
  11. Adam's a little weird when it comes to using your phone in his store and most of the games in question are behind the counter, on the wall right behind where he sits, lol. Good guy though, might send pics if you were to call and ask. I live a few blocks away so it's usually on my Saturday morning run to stop in and say hi. The prices there have gotten pretty competetive with Ebay so I tend to talk more games than actually buy anything. I will try for a few pics but that wouldn't be for another week or so. No Slurpy though, I know that for sure.
  12. I just left People Play Games and they just got a nice Coleco collection in. A boxed copy and sealed copy of Sierra's Threshold plus quite a few other good sealed and boxed games. Sorry, forgot to ask the price on any of them as I was there for PC Engine stuff today but thought anyone in the area might like to know. Thanks !
  13. Dang...I want Goonies, love The Goonies !
  14. I'm sure your email is flooded as is you in box Eduardo, so I will post here as well. I PM'ed over a copy of our Ebay transaction of my first run SGM order and payment I put in on September 27, 2012. I also included my Ebay ID (starbright_2012@yahoo.com). I did receive one email regarding the wait for a new name plate over a year ago to which I opted to wait for but haven't had any correspondence since. I'm not saying this in a negative light and I don't even really know you but have read these forums for quite a long time, am happy to see you are ok and just wanted to leave my information as this has ignited a new spark of excitement to finally get to play a few new great games. Thank you.
  15. I've expressed my feelings of disdain in various other threads on this topic so no need to repeat those thoughts here, so with that being said... ...I paid on September 27, 2012 for a first run and am still waiting too but also realize the toll stress can place on you from my own experience. I want communication from Eduardo as much as anyone else but maybe that's just it, retuning to the situation on this forum is a pretty daunting task especially with so much on your plate. In my posts I have been clear with my feelings on good business practices which have been greatly echoed here in the last 55 pages by so many others but I have always maintained (and stated) my hope that all is well with Eduardo. I value my $95 greatly but above all, value a person's health and sanity so much more. I don't know if anyone truly does know where he is or the state his personal life is in but if you do, please convey that many of our more insistent posts do not underly an anger to Eduardo personally just a natural response to a tough situation we have all been placed in.
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