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  1. Even with a flashcart I would not discount the possibility of adiquirir my favorite games. At the moment I have 27 games Atari Jaguar, but a Flash Cart would be especially crucial in deciding which games to buy. Doom is not on my list because I have the 32X version of me that is enough already, but would love to try other games to see if I really like them enough to buy them.
  2. Unfortunately it seems that Igor Golubovsky has no interest in creating a Flash Cart for Jaguar. Or if he has not show because, before the Master Everdrive I got to ask him in an email and he simply ignored this issue, until one day it was on the site ready and the product being marketed. I think his lack of interest in such a project is due to low demand from people who buy a Jag Everdrive.
  3. Thanks buddy! Hello friend! Keep firm. Never give up. Your project and Eerivale are the most promising projects here. I do not decry the other projects, but independent productions so call me when they draw attention to the full power of the hardware, and show that these two projects, mainly his. It does not really interest me see the Jaguar game projects that are technically infinitely poorer than the 16-bit games. Ends soon so I can buy the game
  4. Then you can use the Skunkboard to run commercial games?
  5. If you develop a Flash Cart with the same standards of operation and quality of a Everdrive with support for SD card I buy without thinking twice. Researched on Skunkboard, but it seems that he is specifically for development i'm right?
  6. These two projects are still in development or are abandoned?
  7. Congratulations on a great job!
  8. So to say that it is still possible to buy games like Towers II?
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