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  1. it would be cool if they released a download pack that only contained spanish music. Could be an interesting twist for hardcore players.
  2. I got the camera alone on ebay for $25. If you are a huge UNO whore like me then its really fun. Since your mom just got internet you will be happy to know that it works on XP.
  3. Haha, I just beat the game too. Very cool credit song. I like how they showed staff photos along with a qoute. More games should have this.
  4. I just played it today. Worst game ever. I thought to myself, "Oh I'll just stick with this until I get a few achievement points." Wrong! I deleted it 5 minutes after it was downloaded.
  5. Well, Nintendo DID invent video games. They'd be justified in taking credit for Sonic. Oh my! Get ready to be flamed for that comment.
  6. I recently got this game and I'm loving it. Even though I'm playing it on casual, the game has a satisfying level of difficulty much like RE4. Not too hard and not too easy.
  7. Where exactly are you guys getting these lockups? The only place I get them is in the dashboard when I'm looking at my friends list. I hope this isn't a sign of something bigger to come.
  8. So there will be no conflict with the HDD if its on a newer xbox than originally? If so, then that gives me some peace of mind. (For the time being)
  9. 100% correct. Believe it or not, Nintendo is worse than MS when it comes to recovering downloaded games: A) If you bought an in-store warranty and decide to use that warranty, you're screwed because your VC games will be gone with NO way to recover or transfer any of them. B) If you decide to use Nintendo's "Fast Exchange" option to avoid weeks (or more) of waiting for a replacement console to be shipped to you by Nintendo, you're screwed because your VC games will be gone with NO way to recover or transfer any of them. C) If you ever decide to buy a different console for any reason (Limited Edition console or different color console or upgraded console or whatever) you're screwed because your VC games will be gone with no way to recover or transfer any of them. The only way you can keep your VC games on a different console is to send your broken console to Nintendo with a letter stating you want them to transfer the "license for all your VC games to your replacement console before shipping the console to you". Nintendo will then assign the license for your VC purchases to the new console and when you receive the console you can then re-download your games. What's even worse is the fact that Nintendo does not openly advertise this policy (is buried within a long agreement page at the VC store) nor do stores make it known to customers when they pitch an extended warranty at purchase time. I feel sorry for those people who purchased a 1 or 2 year in-store warranty for the Wii, made a bunch of VC purchases, then encountered a problem with their console. These people now face a choice: lose all the money they paid for VC games and exchange their console at the store or lose the money they paid for the warranty but keep their games by shipping their console to Nintendo. Since learning of the policy that Nintendo implemented regarding VC purchases, I have purchased NO VC games, and that angers me because I bought the Wii for two purposes: Nintendo brand games (Zelda, Mario, etc) and VC games. MS and Sony at least have policies that enable you to recover your purchases on a different console but Nintendo is totally customer unfriendly when it comes to VC games. I've written several letters to Nintendo informing them of my displeasure with their policy and that they have lost VC sales because of this policy, but all I ever received was a nice form letter/canned response. (SIDE NOTE: sorry for the Nintendo rant in the Xbox forum but decided to do so since usage policies were being discussed in this thread) Mendon Mendon, thanks for all that great info man. I'll keep that in mind. But what i really need to know now is about 360. You see, I just bought one the other day at Best Buy along with an in store warranty and was wondering if my xbox dies, can I replace it at Bestbuy and retain all my downloads and saves that are on the harddrive, or should I cancel the warranty and just stick with MS's warranty so I can keep my games and saves?
  10. I'm new to 360 and I just Dl'd the demo and I'm having a fairly tough time since I've never played a Tom Clancy ever. Its gonna take me some time, but the production value in this game tells me to keep trying. And would you guys say that Gears of War plays similar to this game?
  11. I just got my 360 today. Hopefully I can play with some of ya soon. Gamer Tag: Robfromdariches
  12. I really don't get why this is such big news in the gaming scene.
  13. Most of my music is composed of oldschool techno music.
  14. I've played both for a while and Scarface is better IMO. It has one of the best beginnings I ever played through in recent memory. To me, Godfather has a bit too much "fluff" while Scarface is a bit more direct when it comes to having fun and accomplishing objectives.
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