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  1. Has to be a diamond in the score shot. So I guess whatever your score is when the diamond drops. 69,750
  2. Might be because they are links hosted on photo sites instead of images hosted here?
  3. Ill kick the tires on Knightmare tonight for a while and see if I can replicate the glitch.
  4. Thanks for putting this all together. I think i burned through over 100 characters playing this. So many that I actually rolled a ranger once. It really is an in depth dungeon crawler. Probably one of my favorite games for the CV.
  5. 19,460 with a d pad. I tried the roller controller and maxed out around 8,000.
  6. Doing it again this year. If you placed in the CV High Score Club for season 11, you should have recieved a PM regarding your free t-shirt. Anyone that didn't get a PM and played last season, let me know and we'll sort it out.
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