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  1. Hi, Jacobus. Since the ABBUC contest is over since October, would it be possible to publish the file also for non-ABBUC-members?
  2. Sorry, guys. I didn't have time to prepare all creators names for the list sent on December 31st to ZeroPage Homebrew.
  3. Your games: "Peril" and "Do Re Mi" are still WIP as far as I know, that's why they're not on the list.
  4. Hi, has someone created a single ATR file with all 2019 edition entries?
  5. It seems that PET Frogger is still a work in progress (see the latest comment):
  6. +Adam+

    NYD 2020

    Game's instructions: On title screen: START - new game SELECT - change between Bentley Bear and Dragon OPTION - change controller: JOYSTICK/ JOY 2B+ C - continue previous game
  7. I'm preparing such pieces of information. I'm doing it for Kaz Kompo 2019 (coming soon)
  8. OK, here's another one - simple educational game in BASIC XE: Vader’s Last Stand - by Jason H. Moore http://atariprojects.org/2019/12/21/learn-how-to-make-a-game-in-basic-xe-30-60-mins/
  9. @shanti77 These are the consequences of "merged" categories and of excluding the "hacks". If it would be just "Atari 5200 new games" category, there would be no such discussion. But in merged A8+A5200 world "Bosconian" for A8 was "new" and "Bosconian 5200" is a "hack" of the previous game. Please discuss it with ZeroPage Homebrew, they organise this contest and final decision belongs to them. Happy New Year.
  10. @shanti77 ??? ZeroPage Homebrew asked me for such list and described me their rules. I did my best in last weeks and sent the draft, in very limited time I have these days. This thread is created for corrections from community and it's no longer "my" list.
  11. I've created this list of Atari 8-bit games, but remember that it's a joined category A8/A5200. That's why "Bosconian" for A5200 was not included as it's a port of an older Atari 8-bit game, and "Realsports Curling" for A8 is a port of 2018 Atari 5200 game. If you know any A5200 released in 2019, please let know in comments.
  12. Thanks, Philsan. Star Vagrant is already on the list. The Rescue Expedition - yeah, absolutely Sorry, guys. However, ZeroPage Homebrew has strict rules about not including "hacks" in broader meaning (updates, new versions, games with new levels): - "AtariNet" is a game from 2015 It was updated in 2019 as "RetroNet", right? - "Train 3" seems to be new levels for existing game engine. - "Rodmän" - wasn't it officially released in 2018 and in January 2019 there was just an update? - no new Robbo levels etc.
  13. Yep. Sorry, Tezz, I was finishing completing the list for ZeroPage Homebrew at 2:30 a.m. Jet Set Willy 2019 - by Terrence "Tezz" Derby
  14. Autocorrection: Wasteland, not "Wastelands" Berks Four - by Jon Wiliams
  15. I'm very happy that PoP will finally get Atari 8-bit version, but please, please don't use sprites version with turban (in the final version)... If it's a problem, I can draw for you the movement phases without it
  16. Very nice game. We have a "Peril" thread at AtariOnline.pl since the first published version (Google translated link)
  17. @R0ger: Plastron is very good graphically. Regarding "Ridiculous Reality" - see this screenshot from the game's ending: I used the same characters for the pattern on the left part and on the right part, the 5th colour makes the difference:
  18. @R0ger I would say: Robbo, Plastron, Flowers Mania, Laura, Ridiculous Reality (just a few examples).
  19. Yep, there's also part I: With such games: Ghost Chaser 0:00 House Of Usher 6:43 Nightmare Manor 10:39 Haunted Hill 15:22 The Domain Of The Undead 17:49 And part II: With: Monster Smash 0:00 Phantom 3:12 Ghost! 5:52 Arex 8:25 The Nightmare 9:31 Sorcerer's Apprentice 16:23
  20. Well, simple search on "Halloween" word and there's a thread from 2011 with exactly the same title:
  21. You may find colour clash on Atari 8-bit also in Black Lamp (look closely what happens when two enemies meet) and Time Pilot (airplanes vs clouds). What do you mean by a game "using 5th color effectively"? Any game with 5th colour or a game with software sprites using that colour?
  22. Gorgh meant the PDF manual downloadable from ABBUC site (asc.abbuc.de), not the ATR images. Thanks to all participants I've published the results, screenshots, gameplay videos on AtariOnline.pl
  23. Several days ago ‎Jamie Battison‎ from Bitmap Soft wrote this on atarionline.pl Facebook profile: "I am looking for devs who maybe interested in releasing an Atari XL/XE game with our Bitmap Soft label?" So yes, they are interested in A8 games publishing
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