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  1. UEFA have really f***ing confused me with these qualifiers. ☠️

    1. carlsson


      Qualifiers is one thing, the fact that the draw scheduled on November 30 may have to be redone in April after the last round of qualifiers is even worse. Why not wait until April for a draw alltogether, or send all of Scotland, Ireland, Romania, Hungary or whoever else ends up in the last part of the qualifiers to a warm place and have them finish it off at least before Christmas?

    2. carlsson


      Aha, there is a whole legion of teams playing in the Nations League playoffs. Now I see what you mean.


      Path A: Iceland, Bulgaria/Israel/Romania*, Wales/Slovakia/Republic of Ireland/Northern Ireland**
      Path B: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Wales/Slovakia/Republic of Ireland/Northern Ireland**
      Path C: Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Bulgaria/Israel/Romania*
      Path D: Georgia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Belarus

    3. Tickled_Pink


      The Nations League really screwed with my understanding of how the play offs worked. Heck, until this week I didn't even realise there were playoffs. But Wales needed to beat Hungary whatever happened, because Slovakia weren't likely to drop points against Azerbaijan, were they?

      Anyway, this is all academic now.

      Wales 2 Hungary 0 

      FUCK YEAH!!!

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