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  1. Hmmm ... £50 for the new Star Wars game or £15 for a month's Origin Premium account, including the new Star Wars game?

    1. Flojomojo


      Depends how fast you are. I am slow at games, so buying outright makes sense. 


      Jedi Fallen Order is not getting great reviews, plus it's EA, so if you can wait til January, you can probably buy it to keep for £20 at that time. 

    2. Tickled_Pink


      I'm reasonably fast. I typically finish games within a week - certainly no more than 2. Depends on how much time I have.

      I have EA Access so it'll turn up on that eventually. But fancy a go on it now. I'm not overly stoked about it because it looks too much like the earlier Star Wars games with Jedis as the lead. They were fairly underwhelming.

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