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  1. Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney are in talks to invest £2million in Wrexham FC. 😲

    1. cybercylon


      They have been talking about this on the Grumpy Pundits radio show on Sirius XM. Wonder what their plan is. Apparently this started from an old tweet by someone local? 

    2. cybercylon
    3. Tickled_Pink


      @cybercylon I don't think it started from the Tweet. It was probably just a coincidence - then again, why the hell have they chosen Wrexham of all teams? The Tweets were just a couple of girls tweeting to each other about how one girl wished it was Reynolds instead of some 40+ year old male she'd just had to do a nude life drawing of. I've been to the Racecourse a couple of times. Back around 1980 to watch a league match (got the signatures of most players but then lost them) and then a couple of years later to watch an international match with my high school. It's sad how much they've struggled in the past 15 years.

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