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  1. I will look forward to seeing you guys there! What games will you have to sell there?
  2. I still haven't received my SGM from the first batch and have not received any emails saying it.was sent or status. Can you let me know what is going on please. Thanks, Jason
  3. If he just wanted $80 I would have given him that... Why didn't you say so?
  4. vayu013


    Paid for pippols and baseball box! Thanks for making such great games!
  5. Paid for moon patrol and Mr. chin, to the correct account this time...
  6. How about selling the new version at $200? Value of the original release stays high but it will be available for those who want to pay the premium. I know this would stink but at least it would be there for purchase.
  7. I ordered my sgm from the first batch in July/ August of 2012. I was contacted about shipping earlier but elected to wait for the better nameplate. I no longer need the better nameplate and would be just fine with the 'bad' nameplate.
  8. I would love to get my sgm, I still think we will receive them, just knowing what is going on would be great. I have purchased all the SGM games (even Rollerball ) to support the scene and would like to see it continue to flourish and have all this put behind. In my opinion all would be forgiven if we would hear what is going on from Eduardo and get our paid for sgm's.
  9. Do any of the homebrew developers or anyone else have the ability to get in contact with Eduardo? One email to someone saying the second run is shipping in April doesn't make any sense to me when there are a good amount of first runs which have not been shipped yet.
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